Where is Ricky Relosa now

Jungle camp 2016: Day 10 in the BILD live ticker

Jungle Camp 2016: Day 10 in the live ticker

  1. It was nice!

    Day 10 is done. Ricky is out. Sophia and Thorsten (accidentally) made out. Ingo ate a lot of toast. The editors unfortunately (still) no pizza. Tomorrow it goes on! Good night y'all!

  2. It's bang on Saturday!

    Exclusive insider information from the editorial team: The closing party of Ingo's jungle show can do something. So right. There's more with BILDplus.

  3. No Maren Gilzer for Ingo!

    Because he just doesn't understand women. Oh, Ingo ...

  4. Tomorrow guest on Ingo's show

    Martin Kesici, Sarah Dingens, Mola Adebisi and Tanja Schumann

  5. The first conspiracy theories come into play

  6. The jungle crown beckons ...

    But who can put them on? Brigitte? The legatinator? Menderes? The wheat is slowly separating from the chaff.

  7. The show must go on

    The jungle show speculates: What does Ricky do after the jungle? Ingo's wish: First a new hairstyle! Yes, please!

  8. The Oscars are everywhere

  9. Pssst!

    Noooooiiiiinnnn !!! Who is going to yell at the people in the camp now .. oh, Thorsten is still there. #ibes

    - Manniac (@manniac) January 24, 2016
  10. He said it!

    The lesson of the 10th day in the jungle: Listen to Ingo Wohlfeil! He said Ricky was leaving and Ricky was leaving. Maybe he also knows the lottery numbers?

  11. Goodbye Ricky!

    Maybe he just yelled too much, too often, too loudly at the audience? Just an idea ...

  12. Ricky is out!

    And Nathalie is already further as a wobbly candidate

  13. Who has to go

    Ricky or Nathalie?

  14. Jürgen and Brigitte are also on!

  15. Kasalla!

    Of course, the legacy remains in the camp. We need a leader after all! "Milski, YEEEES", he happily turns to Jürgen.

  16. Helena and Menderes are also safely on!

  17. So, decision is pending!

    First good news: Sophia stays in the camp.

  18. Where are the breasts? Where are the penises?

    Nina wants more bare skin in the jungle. Is the anniversary camp too prudish?

  19. +++ EIL +++

    Unfortunately we have to cancel the live ticker at this point. We collapsed starved at the square ... #nopizzafurdiekollegen

  20. And Helena just like that

  21. Division of labor with Thorsten

  22. Smooch !!!!

    Thorsten and Sophia kiss. More like accidentally. Sophia worried: "But not that it will be cut as if I wanted it." Nope, but we can write it that way, if you like, Sophia. #lying press

  23. KASALLA!

    Thorsten pisses Nathalie's sloth-like way: “She is 19 years old. It has to offer itself. But she always goes away, she's down by the lake and shaves her pussy. "

  24. Legacy vs. Sophia

    The legatee is pissed because Wollersheim doesn't do enough for him. And he tells her that quite clearly.

  25. Sophia and Nathalie go swimming ...

    ... and colleague Dana wishes: "Can they touch each other, please ?!" That is certainly the same for many male viewers ...

  26. Respect, Jürgen!

    If the legatee calls you a "hot guy", then you've just made it in life.

  27. Daniel Hartwig about Ricky

    We cannot contradict that.

    Ricky is the person who drinks espresso to come down.


    Woop Woop! The new jungle dream team has completely cleared away. But Ricky just screamed at Jürgen perfectly ... uh, motivated.

  29. Everyone, please close your eyes ...

    When you watch it looks like dirty action. If you're not watching, it sounds like dirty talk. # ComeOnBaby # ibes

    - Manniac (@manniac) January 24, 2016
  30. We wonder...

    ... is Ricky hoarse afterwards or Jürgen deaf?

  31. We guessed it!

    Ricky only unwraps so quickly because he hopes to find a banana somewhere. #IBES

    - Frida Kelle (@sina_paperwings) January 24, 2016
  32. "Yeah, I have a number!"

    Does Ricky react like that after a successful flirt in the disco? #justasking

  33. "Come on, BABY! Chackaaaa! Just get in! "

    Ricky is fully in his cheering element again. Runs with him! And of course with Jürgen too!

  34. He just wants to motivate

    Will Ricky say again afterwards that he only whispered? “NEXT!”; “ONE MORE!”; "SIMPLY PURE!" (We don't comment on the last sentence ...)

  35. Was there an intern at work?

    But the gifts are not exactly lovingly wrapped, dear RTL team.

  36. The first jungle camper in 2017?

    Dear RTL colleagues: Ingo would like to go into the jungle. Because he wants to lose a few pounds. #danngibunsdiepizza

  37. Hopefully Ingo is bringing us pizza right now

    There is no other way to explain the little interruption in the show. #we are waiting #alwayshungry

  38. Oops!

    Small breakdown in Ingo's jungle show. We take care!

  39. We have to agree with our dear colleagues

  40. Here new family relationships are revealed

  41. It's time for DR. BOB!

  42. +++ EIL +++

    Has Brigidde been kidding us all the time and sending Double Justin to camp?

  43. The "old event calendar"

    The test: Ricky is allowed to unwrap presents. Jürgen has to climb and find stars. We think: too easy a task for Ricky!

  44. Cannibalism in the camp?

    "When Ricky comes back without a star, we put a large saucepan on and throw it in," says Thorsten Legat. And you don't joke with a legacy.

  45. "I choose my black brother"

    Jürgen was allowed to choose whether to take Nathalie or Ricky to the exam. His choice falls on male support.

  46. The campers choose ...

    ... the roommate who has to take the exam. Jürgen nominates himself. Has to prove himself against the Legatinator, or what?

  47. Jenny back at the Versace ... And with her husband

    Don't worry, Jenny! You can't get rid of Steffen that quickly.

  48. Helena only has ONE question for Jenny, who is preparing her move:

    "Eeeeey, can we have your cigarettes then ????"

  49. Banana-Banana-Bananaaaaaa!

    The Minions can understand Ricky. (And maybe still have a place free)

  50. Banana Gate, part 34.

    A request from BILD: Ricky, howl softly!

  51. Things we don't want to know - from Helena

    We have very ugly pictures running through our heads ... Where is the next wall?

    The first cigarette in the morning is like half an orgasm.

  52. There are the glow sticks!

    How relish the ladies can suddenly draw on the cigarette. Their call was finally heard and the dear RTL production came by with the daily ration (5 cigarettes per celebrity). It works!

  53. Smoking heads, addicted celebs

    What's going on in there? No cigarettes for Brigitte and Jenny! And that's why the two blondes are not amused at all.

  54. Legacy dice

    These dice! We want. We need. ASAP!

  55. Banana gate

    Now Ricky knows how Ossis felt ...

  56. Very big emotional outburst with Helena

    Ricky, my stuff is on fire.

  57. Ricky wants to make up

    Because it allegedly takes him very badly that Helena still ignores him so badly. Unfortunately, the other campers don't believe him at all ...


    Day 10 begins at camp. GET UP YOUR PISSER!

  59. Ricky is just the better woman

    Colleague Dana analyzes Ricky: "He has more mood swings than a woman during her period."

  60. A testicular cheek!

    Carsten is still a little offended that Nina had all the testicles in the bag so quickly. He must go to detention for animal body parts.

  61. Have pity!

    The toughest jungle test ever for us was the testicle quiz in Ingo's jungle show. #blind

  62. Anyone still hungry?

    We somehow not anymore. Too many hairy balls in one go. #urgs

  63. Man, Carsten!

    Nina rocks the testicle quiz, Carsten takes off. Probably isn't sad about it.

  64. Nina, the queen of the testicles

    Miss Queer has already guessed correctly three animal balls in a row. Someone is in their element there!

  65. FYI

    By the way, Ingo comes from Lower Saxony ...

  66. Testicle quiz with Ingo!

    Nina is already very excited, Spengemann is scared: It is now a matter of assigning various testicles to the corresponding animal ...

  67. Penis talk

    Somehow Ingo, Nina and Carsten keep coming up with the subject of the penis. You may find this article interesting ...

  68. "The jungle camp lived through Helena"

    FINALLY our Rasta bride has a fan. Namely Nina. She is blown away: “She made us laugh for so many days. She is an Asi bride. But a wonderful Asian bride! "

  69. "I took off my hat to Larissa"

    So Nina Queer. "At least she put on her show and was entertaining." She thinks all the other models from the camp are terrible. "They don't do anything!"

  70. Nina about Heidi's top models

    They're all fuckers!

  71. No photo for Nathalie today?

    According to Ingo, it's going to meet our cute little model mouse today. After Nathalie was a wobbly candidate yesterday, things really don't look good for her today.

  72. Jenny made herself thin

    Seven kilos are off.

  73. It continues with Geizhals-Milski

    Several celebrities have already chatted with Ingo that Jürgen is a very stingy pig. Nina Queer isn't exactly his fan either: “For me it has sex appeal like a kettle! And furrows in the face, you can plant bulbs in there. "

  74. Oha!

    Nina explains that she needs 100 euros a day. Because: “I can't get out like that. And I'm mostly drunk. ”Great.

  75. Declaration of love from Bert

    Sophia is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

  76. Pocket money for Wollersheim

    "I don't always need that much." Sweet, Bert! And frugal. #50 Euros

  77. Now live on the phone: Bert Wollersheim, Sophia's husband

    "I'm the only person who has flown to Australia for a coffee"

  78. Editing to Ingo!


  79. Noms!

    Where Angelina is supposed to be sitting, two pizzas are now bursting. We. want. also! #nom nom nom

  80. Legacy becomes king!

    At least that's what Jenny Elvers says. She believes that Thorsten will bite through and win.

  81. The jungle news

    Not to be missed: Daniel Cremer reports what is happening in Australia. Jenny is so thin, she can no longer sit because the bones are coming through. Sounds. Not. Well.

  82. Ingo Wohlfeil on Thorsten Legat's muscle count

  83. Really now?

    Nina about the Legatinator: “The paint is off.” Uh, we've seen worse.

  84. What do they get for it?

    Who has the coal crown on? Who is behind in the toad ranking? BILD reveals the jungle fees!

  85. "Yes, Jenny's husband drinks next to her"

    So Nina Queer about Jenny's friend Steffen van der Beeck. All three were out together before the jungle camp - and Jenny definitely didn't touch any alcohol

  86. Thin in the jungle ...

    ... out again even thinner. Jenny Elvers revealed to BILD that she only weighs 46 kilos after her stay at the camp. Give her a burger!

  87. Hot flirt?

    Nina Queer has two eyes on Carsten Spengemann. "I get all wet in my panties" when I see him.

    Ah yes ...

  88. Angelina Heger is not there today

    Unfortunately, Madame had to cancel today. Boo! But: On Thursday she comes to Ingo's show.

  89. Who has the ridicule ...

    Ingo first addresses Angelina Heger in his show. The former “Bachelor” blonde did not always have it easy with the headlines.

  90. Post from down under

    By the way, Jenny Elvers is doing brilliantly. She now has a few days of “vacation”, enjoying long showers, a hot bath and delicious food. After the days in the jungle, she was granted that too!

  91. BILD-Buschfunk: For all viewers with cell phones

    BILD top story - here's the latest jungle camp facts!

  92. Sniff, sob, howl!

    Here you can see the stories our celebrities have confessed over the years in the jungle camp!

  93. Couple party

    Testosterone double today in the test: Jürgen and Ricky go star-catching together!

  94. Good morning in the morning

    As always, we start our jungle tour with a serving of celebrity casserole from Ingo. Today miiiiiiiiiit: Carsten Spengemann, Nina Queer and Angelina Heger

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