What does Cob mean in the case of unemployment

Health insurance guaranteed even in the event of unemployment

Report to the Federal Employment Agency in the event of unemployment

Anyone who becomes unemployed must not only inform the Federal Employment Agency in good time in order to receive unemployment benefit, but also for the purpose of health insurance.

Anyone who has done this on time will automatically remain insured. The Federal Employment Agency assumes the monthly costs.

Hartz IV and statutory health insurance

If the Hartz IV recipient was already insured with a statutory health insurance company in advance, the case is very simple, he simply remains in the previous insurance and the job center pays the costs.

Incidentally, it also applies to Hartz IV that you are free to change your health insurance provider even while you are receiving it.

Hartz IV and private health insurance

If the recipient was previously privately insured, there are two options. One means renouncing your previous private status and getting insured with a statutory health insurance company. The second option offers the option of remaining with private health insurance.

For this, however, there is only a flat-rate grant from the employment agencies

  • Everything that goes beyond that must be paid for independently. This means that remaining in private insurance in the event of unemployment is clearly the more expensive option. In this case, you should think carefully about which variant is suitable for you and, above all, which one is financially viable.

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