I am an actor who can transform

Dream job actor

Dream job actor - a myth?

The gossip and rainbow press in particular like to talk about the dream job of an actor. Of course the world of artists is a very lively, funny, glittering one. But, most artists work really hard on themselves. And that for a lifetime. Arnold Schönberg once said “Art comes from having to”. Yes that's true! You have to bring this gene, this passion with you. And the desire and perseverance to keep developing. Then the question is superfluous: How do I become an actor? all by itself. Because you no longer ask and doubt, you just do it!

How can I prepare for a casting as a film actor, for example?

Every day there is a casting for film actors somewhere. Because new films are being made all the time. And the film industry is always looking for new faces. I can only recommend that you go there and show yourself. In the film you usually don't have to play big roles or transform yourself, but rather you can be yourself. Small, personal, direct in the expression. When it comes to film, less is more. But you should have a certain desire to play with texts, to learn them by heart, to speak in different moods and to repeat them until they sound completely natural. Just try it out with friends beforehand. And then go there!