Nanami and Tomoe lemon fanfiction where Naruto

Hoshis PV
"Hey Hoshi, wake up!"
I opened my eyes and saw Nanami in front of my face.
“Wow Nanami! Do you have to have your face right in front of mine every time I wake up? "
"I wouldn't have to if you wouldn't hug me ..." Nanami replied.
"What?" I asked puzzled and noticed that I was holding Nanami in my arms. I let go of her immediately.
"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" I shouted and bowed.
Nanami smiled at me. I sat up and looked around and saw Tomoe standing in the doorway.
"Good morning, Tomoe." I smiled at him.
"Tomorrow ..." he smiled back.
Wow he's smiling, he must be pretty pissed off. I had to hold back my grin.
"Wow", I heard Nanami talking, "I thought you were in a bad mood about the incident yesterday, but you seem to be in a pretty good mood."
Oh, if only Nanami only knew.
"Oh, you know to be honest ..... I'm just boiling with anger !!!!!"
"Hahahaha ...", I couldn't hold back laughing any longer.
Nanami's face was so priceless. I would love to make a video of it, but I don't have my cell phone with me at the moment. Wait a minute ... where is my cell phone?
“But nothing can be changed now.”, Tomoe said, “I will do what you command. But I want to test your divine power first. "
A large pail of water appeared out of nowhere in front of us. Why can't finished homework ?! Tomoe gave me and Nanami each a white talisman.
“So now show me what you can do. Turn this water into sake. You as the first Nanami. "
Wow Nanami was full of confidence. She wrote 'sake' on her talisman and taped it on the bucket.
"SAKE!" She called.
Kotetsu tested it and ....
"Wow! That is super delicious water! "
"Oh damn!"
"Ok, now it's your turn Hoshi."
Sake? But I want apple juice. I wrote 'apple juice' on the talisman and glued it to the bucket.
"WHAT?! I told you to turn the water into sake! "
"But I hate alcohol!"
The water turned yellow. Kotetsu tried it and ....
"Wow, it tastes great and it's no longer water."
"Let me try it!"
I tried and ... it was really apple juice!
"It's worked out!!!"
"Well, not what I wanted, but at least it turned into what Hoshi wanted ..."
"Wow that was great Hoshi!", Nanami praised me.
"Ok enough for now. I discussed breakfast. It will be ready in a few minutes. "
Tomoe left the room and Nanami began to change. I looked for my cell phone. Why do all my things always disappear?

* Timeskip *
Nanami and I ate breakfast while watching the news on TV.
"Kyaaaa !!! Oh my God! ”, Nanami suddenly started to scream and grabbed my bowl of rice from my hand.
“The pop star Kurama goes to my school! I have to go to school immediately! "
Nanami swallowed the rest of her breakfast and ran to our room. I was still eating my bowl of rice when Tomoe walked into the room.
"Huh? Where is Nanami? "
"Oh, she went to change for school because a pop star is going to school immediately ..."
I heard Nanami running out of our room again and making his way to the exit door. Tomoe stopped them, however.
"Where are you in such a hurry?" Asked Tomoe.
“It occurred to me that we are writing a very important test today. I have to go to school immediately! "
“What really ?!” Nanami exclaimed in amazement.
"Yes, but not without this.", Tomoe gave her a purple hat with cat ears.
"What?! Why should I wear something ugly ?! "
"Because of your god mark on your forehead.", Tomoe pointed to her forehead.
"Ugh, fine ..." Nanami took the hat and was about to leave.
"Stop!", Tomoe stopped her again, "What about her?" He pointed to me.
"Why, what should be with me?" I asked uninterested.
"Don't you have a school?"
"Well ... that's hard to explain ..."
"Oh right, I completely forgot you, Hoshi.", Nanami looked at me, "Maybe you can go to my school with me."
"Yey ..." sarcastic enthusiasm.
"Then take this," said Tomoe.
Tomoe pressed a headband into my hand. Like what the ninjas have from Naruto. I took the headband.
"I go to school and not to a cosplay event."
Tomoe glared at me. Well, then I'll just play ninja.

* Times kip *
I got the school uniform and even went to the same class as Nanami.
When Nanami's class arrived, I sat at the table behind her. Then the blond boy came up to us.
“Yo, Nanami. Are you going to go to school again? "
"Oh shut up ..."
"You have a nice hat there."
Nanami looked out the window and ignored him. Blondi turned to me.
"Hey, you're new here, aren't you? Are you friends with Nanami? "
"Yes I am."
"What's your name?"
"Hoshi Tasogare ...."
"What is the headband for?"
"I'm a ninja and the reason Nanami didn't go to school."
“What are you talking about?” He asks me in astonishment.
"Nanami was gone because she made a time travel into the past and brought me into this time."
"You're kidding me, aren't you?" He asks me with a grin on his face.
“Don't you believe me? Do I have to prove to you that I'm a real ninja? ”I ask him with a creepy smile on my face.
"No no! He replied and backed away.
Suddenly smoke crept into the classroom, as if from a live show, and a boy with red hair was standing in the doorway. The girls in the class all started screaming with excitement. Looks like this is Kurama ... He seems pretty cocky about putting on a show like this. Nanami no longer looked out the window, but instead, like the others, turned her gaze to Kurama. Am I the only one here who doesn't care that this guy is here? I saw Kurama approach Nanami. Oh man, I don't have a good feeling ...
"Hey, hat girl, you're in my place."
Nanami was shocked and ran out into the hallway.
"Hey you!" I yelled.
I ran to Kurama, jumped up, and pecked him with the iron piece on my headband. Then I ran after Nanami.
"Oi, Nanami.", I followed her to the girls' bathroom.
"Hey, Nanami ... are you all right?" I looked at her worriedly.
"Yes, everything is fine." Nanami wiped the tears from her face and looked at me with a smile.
"Oh, poor Nanami ... have you been pissed off by the people?"
"Hey, stupid fox! Nanami doesn't need your feigned pity! "
“It's okay, Hoshi, I'll be fine. Go to the classroom. "
"Ok ...", I reluctantly agreed with her.
I left the toilet and what do I see ...? Kurama stood at the door and waited. He had a plaster on his forehead.
"What do you want, idiot?" I glared at him with a scowl.
“I wanted to apologize to the girl. Are you her friend? "
"Yes! I am your friend and your personal ninja. If you treat Nanami like that again, I'll kill you! "
"Oi, calm down. As I said, I came here to apologize to her. "
Nanami from the toilet, she noticed Kurama.
"Oh, it's you ..."
“Look Nanami, I'm sorry. You know I'm chased by these fangirls all day and then took out my anger on you. So-"
"Are you stupid ?!"
"Yeah, stupid-, wait what ?!", wow he almost admitted that he was stupid.
“You always act so cool and great, while you're just being mean. I can understand that you're pissed off for staring at you, so I won't stare at you anymore. Come on Hoshi! ”, Nanami grabbed, my hand pulled me along.
As she pulled me away, I pointed two fingers to my eyes and then to Kurama. That 'I'm watching you' thing.

* Time skip *
We were on lunch break when the blond boy walked up to us again.
"Nanami, what do you have with you for dinner today?"
Shit, we forgot to bring something to eat. I reached into my pocket to see if I had any money with me. No, unfortunately not ... I looked at Nanami, who looked at me desperately.
"Oh it looks like you have neither food nor money with you."
I stared at him angrily.
"Momozono, please keep this life-threatening ninja away from me. You also get money from me, "
“I don't need your money! I have one myself! ”Said Nanami.
She reached into her pocket. When she pulled out her hand, she had 30,000 yen in her hand. Nanami looked just as surprised as I and the boy.
"Wow!! 30,000 YEN ?! "
Where does the money come from ?! I was sure that Nanami had no more money than I did.
"Hey, Kurama lost 30,000 yen, did anyone see it?"
It was so clear. I'll kill him for that!
"Hey, Nanami, you have exactly 30,000 yen!" The boy shouted.
I stared at him. He ran out of the classroom. The entire class looked at Nanami.
"Oh, right, I had completely forgotten that ..", said Kurama, "Nanami had no money, so I gave her the 30,000 yen ..."
Ok .. that's enough! I took the money and went to Kurama.
"Oi, Kurama," I smiled at him.
"Wh- ?!"
"We don't need your money!", I threw his money in his face, "Do you want another head nut?"
Before Kurama could answer, the door opened and ... Tomoe came into the classroom with some maids. Where the hell did he pick them up ?!
"I'm sorry it took me so long, but it took a while to organize this."
The maids carried food into the classroom. To be honest, that's way too much food!
“I went to extra lengths to make this, so I hope you enjoy it. And oh yes, "he turned to the class," Nanami and Hoshi are our beloved ladies, so please be nice to them. "
Tomoe smiled and the girls in the class blushed. Kurama, on the other hand, turned snow-white in the face. Nanami was about to cry with joy. Wow, he can be very friendly if he wants to.
"Eat now!", Tomoe hissed, well, as I said sometimes.

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