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How do you create a business plan?

For a successful start-up you first need a promising business idea. The next step is to develop a concept in order to implement it successfully. This The business concept is then put down in writing in the form of a business plan. On the one hand, you need the business plan to convince banks and public institutions of your business idea and, on the other hand, the business plan represents a kind of roadmap for the entire business start-up. You can use the business plan to check whether you have achieved the goals you have set or whether there are any changes required are.

The Creating the business plan is a complex processwhich requires careful planning and analysis of the individual aspects of your business project. The first steps in creating a business plan are a particular headache for many entrepreneurs. It is advisable to first write down the business idea in your own words. In order to plan and structure the creation process, it is also advisable to draw up a questionnaire. The list of key questions helps to cover the areas of interest of the readers. In the course of the creation process, you should work through the following key questions:

What is the exact company plan?
What is the aim of the company?
What are the benefits for the customers?
Which markets are available for the new company?
What skills do you have to run the company successfully?
What resources are used for the company?
How high is the investment requirement and what is the potential profit?
What opportunities and risks are there for the company?

Always keep that in mind when creating Investors have to make a decision based on the information provided in the business plan. It is therefore crucial that all questions that are important for investors are answered by the business plan. An initial structure of the business plan emerges from the questionnaire, which is later supplemented with additional topics. It is advisable to number the individual topics and also to sort the source material and notes according to the individual topics. Describe each topic in full. Be careful, however, that they don't wander. Although there are no precise guidelines, it is advisable to include a business plan with a Volume between 25 and 60 pages to create.

When creating the text, make sure that the text is easy to understand for the reader. Therefore, you should avoid exaggerated technical details and analyzes. Before submitting the business plan to the relevant bodies, it is advisable to submit it to these various people for review.

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