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Andeas Gabalier: girlfriend announces separation

"It wasn't love." (Ulrike von Levetzow)

With these words, presenter Silvia Schneider (37) begins on Sunday long facebook postIn which, after six years of love, she announces the separation from folk rock‘n‘Roller Andreas Gabalier (34).

"For some, it's the different socks ... crumpled up and stubbornly incompatible in the drawer at the bottom of the closet. For others, it's the open tube of toothpaste ... reproachfully on the edge of the sink. Still others snub each other too much over the glass of beer at the regulars' table with friends ... what is this flat flag next to me in my bed? ", Silvia writes in her message.

“One often hears that one look beyond measure at someone else is said to have led to loud silence on the way home. Sometimes time plays its tricks on us and changes the other person to something ... that you do - no, never in life! - would have seen before. It is really terrible when love suddenly falls somewhere else. That's always stupid. "

As BILD found out, Andreas Gabalier flew back to Austria from Hanover on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock after a TV appearance (Carmen Nebel Show), wanted to go to the common house in Graz to save his relationship. There have been rumors of separation for months, the last time the two were seen together in public in February.

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But it is too late.

“It often fails because of the time you don't want to take because it is so precious.
Jealousy can also go funny ways ... it paints real grimaces on the wall that rob you of sleep at night and create a full-blown fury in the morning.
In the case of a few partnerships, even friendship and passion are said to have been lost and brother and sister then live side by side during the day, ”writes Silvia.

"None of that was with us and yet I still have no words to describe what I would like so much. It doesn't work yet .... the language for it has not yet been invented. "

Despite the separation, Gabalier's ex wishes “that the new paths that everyone will take for themselves will only hurt for a brief moment ... that one would like to see each other again ... if only as a witness of something that once was still greet each other warmly. "

"I tell YOU, Andreas," said the 37-year-old. “That I am always just an outstretched hand away in case you need support. I like to go ahead a part of the way ... not too far ... so that you can catch up with me when nobody else is around. "

Do these lines give hope for a love comeback? Not at the moment, because Silvia Schneider ends with the words:

"... and that's it."

This is how the fans react to the Facebook message

► “Speechless. In any case, I wish you all the best for your two lives! You were a dream couple. "

▶ ︎ “I'm very sorry for you guys. For these lines, dear Silvia, I pay you my greatest respect. All the best."

▶ ︎ “And maybe one day it will still be love again. I wish it both with all my heart. "

► “What a shame, you made a good match. I wish you both all the best!"

► “You can't believe it. You were such a great showcase couple, but I wish you both a great future. "

▶ ︎ “Wow - now I have no words. Written so touchingly - all the best for your new path in life! "