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Is the word NEBENMANN allowed in Scrabble?

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Person who is to the side of someone else
Man with whom a wife has a relationship alongside her husband
someone, who (in a row, group) stands next to another, walks, sits; Neighbor
  • Word separation:
    • Ne · ben · man, Pl.1 Ne · ben · men · ner, Pl.2 Ne · ben · leu · te
  • Word form:
    • Synonyms:


    spatially adjacent
    in addition to
    in comparison with
    • Word separation:
    • Word form:
    • Synonyms:


    adult, male human
    shortened for husband
    in military, nautical and similar usage with forms like ›two men‹ number classifier
    no plural, as a salutation or like an interjection exclamation of astonishment or annoyance
    Plural 2 member of a following, following of someone
    no plural, alternatively people / people single person
    German-speaking surname, surname
    • Word separation:
      • Man, Pl.1 men, Pl.2 men
      • Man, Plural Man
    • Word form:
      • Synonyms:


      trans., sailor's language hand something from man to man