Who the hell is muhammad

"Who the hell is Lukas?

In order to follow the Western Easter tradition, the current episode of “Who the hell is Luke?” celebrated the dissolution for a particularly long time. In the end, however, one or more people can look forward to a full cup. You will also find out why singer Sandra makes Abel's heart beat a little faster and why Greta should attend an English course.

In each episode, the siblings Abel and Greta each introduce a biography of a musician. Always under the code name “Lukas”. It doesn't matter whether it is a man or a woman - Luke is always universal. The genre, epoch and decade can also be freely selected. It is only important that all important life events are mentioned at the end, but that the person is not exposed by the other after the first few minutes. If you guess the other Luke, you get one point. Guessing is expressly encouraged!

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