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Isabelle - How To Get & Rating

Learn how to get Isabelle in this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide. How to unlock, find Isabelle in Resident Services, Isabelle rating, & Isabelle singing !!

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Isabelle - How To Get

Isabelle Arrives After Resident Services Upgrade

Isabelle comes to your island after the construction of the upgraded Resident Service finishes. The construction of Resident Services starts after you've finished paying your second loan (198,999 Bells) so earn money quick to meet her ASAP!

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Isabelle - Resident Services & Rating

By talking to Isabelle in Resident Services, you can do several things. See the list of things you can do from below.

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Things To Do With Isabelle

  • Change the island tune
  • Change the island flag
  • Discuss a resident
  • Ask about the impression of your island

Changing The Island Tune

You can set a island tune by talking to Isabelle. Island Tune is the music you hear when you talk with the villagers. Watch Isabelle sing the island tune for you!

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Changing The Island Flag

You can also set the island flag by using the Custom Design. The flag will be displayed at the airport and Resident Service.

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Discuss A resident

If you don't like the way your villager dresses or talks, you can ask for Isabell's help to change them.

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Check Island Rating

As you make progress in the game, you were asked to improve the environment of the island. By talking to Isabelle, you can check the current evaluation of your island.

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