How do little blue penguins move?

Smart birds: how intelligent are penguins actually?

Nobody doubts that a penguin has a lot of charisma.

With his eye-catching appearance and personable waddling gait, he is popular with wildlife photographers and internet users all over the world. The penguin has had a growing fan base since the film “Madagascar” at the latest.

Although penguins are so popular, most people know very little about animal life. Above all, their intelligence is rarely in the foreground - are the black and white birds, for example, just as clever as corvids?

How intelligent are penguins?

Intelligence doesn't just depend on how clever a living being is, explains David Powell, head of research at the St. Louis Zoo in the United States. If you want to evaluate intelligence, it is therefore important to test those skills that “are actually important for the animal”, for example when hunting or orientation.