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Dimensions & weights: converting quantities made easy

When cooking - and much more importantly when baking - it often depends on the exact amount of ingredients so that the recipe works perfectly and tastes right.

Therefore, the ingredients should be weighed carefully before cooking and baking. This works best with a (digital) kitchen scale or with the measuring cup, which can be used to weigh liquids and basic ingredients such as flour, sugar or semolina.

We have summarized for you how you can easily convert quantities and what is behind foreign quantities so that nothing can go wrong with cooking and baking.

Conversion of Austrian quantities

1 day10 g
12.5 dag125 g
25 days250 g
50 days500 g
75 days750 g
100 dag1,000 g

Conversion of quantities from the USA

American measureGerman unit of measurement
1 tbsp. (1 tablespoon)1 large tablespoon
1 tsp. (1 teaspoon)1 teaspoon
1/3 tsp.4.93 ml
1 cup flour120 g of flour
1 cup powdered sugar120 g powdered sugar
1 cup butter225 g butter
1 cup of sugar225 grams of sugar
1 ounce28.35 g
1 pound (16 ounces)454 g

Conversion of cup dimensions (Europe)

1 cup (standard, 150ml)G
thin ingredients such as milk,
Juice, water, cream and wine
150 g
honey200 g
Cocoa powder90 g
jam200 g
Ground nuts and almonds70 g
oil120 g
powdered sugar100 g
food starch90 g
wheat flour100 g
sugar150 g

How much does an egg weigh?

1 egg sizeG
Small (S)<53 g
Medium (M)53 - 63 g
Large (L)63 - 74 g
Extra Large (XL)> 73g

How many grams fit one tablespoon?

1 tablespoonpaintedheaped
water20 g-
oil10 g-
Flour15 g25 g
sugar15 g30 g
butter15 g-
salt10 g40 g
cocoa5 g15 g
milk15 g-
semolina12 g20 g
Nuts, ground5 g12 g

How many grams can one teaspoon fit?

1 teaspoonpainted
water5 g
oil4 g
Flour3 g
sugar5 g
butter5 g
salt5 g
cocoa4 g
milk5 g
semolina4 g
Nuts, ground4 g

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