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Assessment letter: example and wording

Usually, employees have their professional activities confirmed in writing in a job reference at the end of an employment relationship. This serves as a reference for the next employer to get an idea of ​​the applicant's skills and behavior. In some cases, however, a job reference is not possible or not common: For example, if you are self-employed. A Appraisal letter is the way out to prove your qualifications and professional experience. What you should know about this ...

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Assessment letter: what is behind it?

The letter of assessment is also sometimes referred to as a reference, reference letter or recommendation letter. The function is essentially the same in all three cases:

The employee needs proof of his professional activities and the knowledge he has acquired, but a job reference is out of the question for various reasons. This can be the case if there is no entitlement to it or if a qualified job reference is based on the short duration of the employment relationship is not possible.

There are a few though subtle differences between letters of recommendation on the one hand and letters of assessment / reference letters on the other hand:

  • Letters of recommendation

    As the term suggests, this is about a specific recommendation to a specific employer. Writing is geared towards the future.

  • Appraisal letter

    The assessment disc - also called a letter of reference or reference - is written more generally. Above all, it lists retrospectively which activities you have pursued, which qualifications and knowledge you have acquired. This is of course all the more interesting for a potential employer, the closer it is to the job profile.

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The meaning and purpose of an assessment

In Germany, an application usually includes the following documents:

A letter of assessment or references are included not a mandatory part an application, but may be of interest if a job reference is missing for the reasons mentioned. Appraisal letters have become increasingly fashionable in recent years.

On the one hand, this is due to the Influence from the Anglo-American labor marketwhere job references as they exist in Germany are unknown. Thus, a letter of appraisal is particularly suitable for those who apply abroad want, because letters of assessment and recommendation have a significantly higher priority there.

On the other hand, it's up to you changing employment relationships: In contrast to permanent employees, freelancers and employees in project work have no legal right to a job reference.

Acquisition of a letter of assessment

To theirs Document skills anyway To be able to do so, they are dependent on letters of assessment. But how do you get a letter of assessment?

Based on the following interest group, it can be seen that a large number of applicants benefit from a letter of assessment, which until now has even benefited had no opportunityTo gain work experience - or at least not to the extent that a job reference would result from it:

  • Young professionals (from your trainer, lecturer or doctoral supervisor)
  • Interns (from your supervisor during the internship)
  • Trainees (from your mentor or supervisor)
  • students (from your lecturer)
  • Scholarship holders (from your professor or sponsor)
  • trainees (from her instructor)
  • student (from her teacher)
  • Volunteer (from their club)

In these cases, no employer can issue the letter of assessment, but rather the lecturer, teacher, mentor and the like. In principle it can from each person with whom you have already worked and who vouches for you with praise and benevolence.

Ideally, it is a well-known organization, for example if you would like a letter of appraisal from your voluntary work. That gives the whole thing a lot more Weight and seriousness. The best thing to do is to ensure that your exhibitor is available by telephone to provide further information to a potential employer.

So you can do the with a clear conscience Telephone number of your assessor and prevent them from receiving a call asking questions about you as a complete surprise.

Tip: It is estimated that so far only every fourth application contains a letter of appraisal - it is thus an opportunity to stand out from other applications to take off positively.

Write an assessment: formulations and special features

Because it no legal obligation for an assessment letter and the author issues it voluntarily, the recipient has to fear few hidden codes in contrast to the language of the testimony.

Most of the time, a letter of assessment is positive. Also in contrast to the job reference, the form and the content are much more flexible - but this does not mean that novels should be written. Here, too, the following applies: the spice lies in the short, that is one A4 page is usually enough.

It is up to the assessor to decide what the main focus of content is: Usually, with a few pointed sentences, the Activity, function or work performance of the person being assessed. For this purpose, free formulations are used in their own words, clichéd language is avoided.

To give the potential employer a Contact option for inquiries It is customary for the assessor to provide a telephone number or email address at which he can be reached.

With regard to the structure, it should be said that although it is not standardized, it is certain Contain core elements should:

  • Letterhead with a reference to the assessor, name of the person and name of the company / organization
  • Telephone number for the purpose of contact
  • date
  • Subject with the name of the person assessed
  • Description of the company and the position
  • Time of collaboration
  • Description of the specific tasks and the skills used
  • Qualitative assessment of work performance
  • Assessment of social behavior, collegiality, soft skills
  • Future wishes
  • signature

Sample of the letter of appraisal for a freelancer

Name of the reviewer
Zip Code Residential Address
Phone number

Assessment letter for XXX

Our company has been working with Mr / Ms. XXX as a freelance employee for many years. During this time, Mr / Ms XXX has been involved in various projects.

In the period from xx.xx.xxxx to yy.yy.yyyy, Mr. / Ms. XXX supported us as position YYY and always managed his / her tasks to my complete satisfaction and with great enthusiasm and a lot of commitment.

I got to know and appreciate him / her as an independently thinking, responsible and always reliable colleague who always remains friendly and keeps a cool head even in stressful situations.

To this day, Mr / Ms XXX enjoys an excellent reputation with his / her colleagues and customers - not least because of his / her numerous constructive suggestions for solving problems at the time.

In addition to perfect professional qualifications, Mr / Ms. XXX is characterized by optimism, friendliness and a high level of teamwork. I think he / she is ideally suited for a position as ZZZ and I recommend him / her at any time for employment in this area.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone.

With best regards

Signature of the appraisal writer

Tip: You can send this letter of assessment to us - free as always - Download as a Word template or as a PDF document:

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