Episode in which Karofsky tries to kill himself

"Storm of Love": "Franzi" tries to kill "Tim"

With “Sturm der Liebe” things get dramatic: “Franzi” tries delusively to kill “Tim”. But how did it come about and will she really murder him?

The events at the “Fürstenhof” take a strange turn. “Tim's” (Florian Frowein) life is in danger - because “Franzi” (Léa Wegmann) tries to kill him. "Franzi" is deeply hurt. "Tim" wants to expand his horse stable and destroy their vegetable patches for it.

But the "Saalfeld" son realizes how much the maid is suffering and he thinks about it. "Steffen" (Christopher Reinhardt) doesn't like that at all. After all, he and “Amelie” (Julia Gruber) wanted to use the dispute over the beds to divide the former couple forever.

“Storm of Love”: Will “Franzi” kill “Tim”?

Fearing that he will lose “Franzi” to “Tim”, “Steffen” forges a perfidious plan. Which it is you see in the video. His plan definitely works: “Franzi” is so angry with “Tim” that she cannot control her feelings and tries to run over him with a construction vehicle. Does he have to die now?

Meanwhile, “Alfons” (Sepp Schauer) is completely taken by surprise by “Hildegard's” (Antje Hagen) resignation. The former doorman accepts his wife's decision anyway. However, not everyone is happy that “Hildegard” is retiring. She especially misses “André” (Joachim Lätsch) in the kitchen and tries to persuade her to return.

He begs the cook to resume her job. Will she return to the “Fürstenhof” after all or will she and her husband say goodbye to the hotel forever? You will find out in a new episode of "Storm of Love" on Tuesday at 3:10 pm on ARD.

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