How do I get an MTRCB card

BahnCard 25: From 55.70 euros for occasional drivers

Yes, with the BahnCard 25 you can purchase a partner card for 2nd class for 36.90 euros or a partner card for 1st class for 72.90 euros. Spouses or partners who have a common place of residence with the BahnCard 25 holder receive discounted partner cards (proof by means of an original or a copy of the identity card or, for foreign BahnCard holders, an original or a copy of a registration certificate). In the case of separate residence, the registered partnership must be proven by appropriate documents (original or copy). If you have a separate residence, the partner card will be delivered to the residence of the main card holder.

36.90 euros in 2nd class
72.90 euros in 1st class

Please note that the carriage class of the partner card must not exceed the carriage class of the BahnCard 25 purchased. However, it is possible to have a partner card with a lower car class issued.

The partner card has the same validity as the purchased BahnCard 25 (main card) - this also applies to a subsequent order for the partner card.