Anaconda 1997 novamov how I met

Wikimedia / CC BY 2.0 / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Northeast Region

Three years after the last American tank was brought back to the USA from Europe, the fourth US infantry division is currently shipping an entire tank brigade to Europe in order to provide “deterrence” at the border of the nuclear-armed Russian bear. Rotating the US tank brigade between Poland and five other eastern states circumvents the 1997 NATO-Russia act, according to which NATO is not allowed to "permanently" station larger units on Russia's borders.

Anyone wondering why the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama tried in the last few weeks of his term of office to escalate East-West relations completely does not know the valid background. According to NSA reports, the nameless horror has arisen: "Russian hackers" with "connections to Russian services or the Kremlin" hatched various hacks and operated targeted information and disinformation campaigns. Although there is no evidence for these allegations, there is at least “strong evidence”.

Although the alleged evidence in a memorandum from high-ranking former US secret service veterans, including former NSA technical director William Binney, is described as unfounded after a detailed analysis (see memorandum "Allegations of Hacking Election Are Baseless"), the leading media are guaranteed to spread ours fakenews-free and DIN-ISO-certified truth press the said clues as if they were proven facts (see also Telepolis: "Russian hackers are the new dog-has-eaten-my-homework").

President-elect Trump also revealed in a tweet from last week what he thinks of the US intelligence information:

>>The "Intelligence" briefing on so-called "Russian hacking" was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange! <<(@realDonaldTrump Jan 3, 2017)

If one studies the report of the US secret services published three days after Trump's tweet about the alleged Russian hacking activities (see original document on, then one finds on page 23 of the PDF document a roaring explanation of what the US services under "lower Understand, medium and high “probability or information source quality. Even the highest quality level "High Confidence" experiences a drastic relativization by the US services themselves:

“High confidence in a judgment does not imply that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; such judgments might be wrong. "
("A high probability of an assessment does not mean that the assessment is a fact or a certainty; such assessments could be incorrect.")

In view of such statements one is reminded of a scene from John le Carré's Cold War epic “The Russia House”, in which a US chief agent embodied by Roy Scheider comes to the conclusion after reading through long expert reports on the truthfulness of secret information from a Russian dissident: “ There is really no toilet deep enough for expert reports! "

Despite the thin soup of evidence, the US is now sending an armada of military equipment directly to the gates of Russia. The fact that the increasing density of military equipment and maneuvers along the Russian state border - be it due to human or technical failure - could quickly develop into a real conflict is accepted with a shrug. In general, they are offensive on the western side. The naming of the NATO maneuvers taking place on the Russian border arouses historical dreams and primal fears in the Russian bear. One of the most recent NATO maneuvers on the Russian border before the current “Atlantic Resolve” was called “Anaconda”, so it was named after the world's largest strangler that literally wraps itself around the Russian bear. It is not yet clear to what extent the atomically equipped bear will keep its nerves in the face of this strangling snake that rears up in front of it.

In an interview with Spiegel, Kremlin advisor Sergei Karaganov said in no uncertain terms what an escalation in the current NATO saber rattle would mean for Germany: It would run into the open knife. Russia would not be ready to get involved in skirmishes on its own territory, but would simply evaporate us at the push of a button (see mirror):

"Russia will never fight on its own territory again (...) In the event of a crisis, these weapons will be destroyed (...) If NATO starts an aggression - against a nuclear power like us - it will be punished."

Karaganov describes the “talk” that Russia wants to attack the Baltic States as “idiotic”. When reading the interview, it is particularly thought-provoking that Russia has apparently already given up hope of cooperation with Central Europe and especially with Germany. According to Karaganov, Europe will “no longer be a model for Russia” for the next few decades. So even if there is no “hot” conflict that military experts are currently warning about, the willing adherence to transatlantic lobbying policies for Europe has already resulted in potentially irreparable freezing damage. The goal, which by Denkpanzer generals such as STRATFOR boss George Friedman, has now quite openly described as the main strategic concern of US foreign policy since 1871, seems to have been achieved in reality: a friendship between Europe and Russia - i.e. the emergence of a cultural and economic power compared to which the USA would appear like a fracked, decadent field of popcorn - to prevent (source: Chicago Council on Global Affairs / see short version via Youtube). - No, this is not a conspiracy theory of a psychopathic weirdo, but the statement of one of the most influential US strategists and political scientist, who not only trained commanders of the US armed forces himself, but also his think tank organization, according to the New York Times, over 4,000 companies, people and Advises governments, including the US State Department, Monsanto, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin and Bank of America.

Although our DIN-ISO-certified quality media otherwise eagerly log every digestive disorder of every C-celebrity, they look to the side with such transatlantic confessions. As far as I know, Willy Wimmer was the only one who discussed it publicly. Otherwise Friedman's statements only circulated in the alternative media. And from this year on, they're fake news.

Since the cynical US global strategies, of which Friedman is in reality only a measly exponent, were neither discussed in the press nor in the German or European Parliament, ghostly scenes are now taking place on European soil in which Willy Brandt would turn around in his grave: One Tinny anaconda made up of 900 wagons with a total of 14 kilometers in length, loaded with heavy US military equipment, meanders from the North Sea coast of Bremerhaven across Germany towards the Russian border.

The anaconda is escorted by diligent German military personnel. The eyes of a logistics general shown in the video above shine proudly during the interview that he and the German man trained in “his school” are allowed to help install the detonator in the large powder keg on which we are all sitting. The goal formulated by Willy Brandt in the SPD's Berlin basic program of December 20, 1989, to dissolve NATO as a relic of the Cold War and to replace it with a European peace order ("Peace must emanate from German soil") seems forgotten.

When looking at the scenes and interviews in the video above, the words attributed to former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger inevitably come to mind: "Military personnel are stupid, stupid cattle that are used as pawns in foreign policy."

Personally, the graphic work of Francisco de Goya with the title “The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters” imposes itself on me (I will come back to the bats in it in a moment).

Goya - "The sleep of reason gives birth to monsters" (PD)

In our strictly scientific, glaciated world, the double-blind study is the unanimous standard. No one should be surprised if our leading politicians and journalists are currently in double-blind mode. While people are extremely outraged about (alleged) Russian opinion-making and see this as reason enough to go on a breakneck course of confrontation with a neighboring nuclear power in addition to the establishment of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth, one deliberately ignores what Snowden has shown us in the form of indubitable documents:

That US intelligence agencies manipulate public opinion and sabotage governments on a global scale. As we have already reported (see “Sex, Lies and Videos”), the English-language “Five Eyes” alliance operates a cyber department called JTRIG / Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, whose training program is - sic! - “The Art of Deception” (Die Art of betrayal / cheating). According to its own statement on the presentation slide leaked by Snowden, JTRIG has committed itself to the following 4 "D’s" (source: The Intercept):

The 4 D’s: Deny / Disrupt / Degrade / Deceive

(Slander / split / humiliate / mislead)

JTRIG's portfolio of activities includes campaigns on defamation, character assassination and sabotage of business relationships, sexual compromise as well as detailed strategies for controlling opinions and manipulating Internet forums and social media (Glenn Greenwald: "... these agencies are attempting to control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse"). JTRIG's own strategy paper, the logo of which is adorned with a black spider, is dedicated to the topic of “Things that pull a group apart” (How to split a group).

(Facsimile of the non-public domain JTRIG logo)

In other words: JTRIG is working on nothing less than a total sabotage of democracy, the rule of law and civil society. For our DIN-ISO-certified quality journalists, however, as I said - uninteresting. To drum to fight against Russian phantoms and pseudo-dangers, the existence of which has not yet been secured - even the most toothless desk tigers develop a vehement fighting spirit again and are ready to send our children to the front.

Nor is it indignant that the US secret services themselves boasted that they had manipulated the election results in Russia and helped Yeltsin to victory (see the 1996 time cover shown in the dog-eats-homework article linked above). British and US secret services are the good guys and the Russians are the bad guys - every child in our generation that grew up with James Bond knows that.



In order not to get stuck in the sterile scrambling of political drawers from East-West, NATO-Russia, etc., it is advisable to take a bird's eye view from time to time. One can ask oneself what drives adult people to risk such useless, breakneck conflicts and even a nuclear holocaust for reasons that are hackneyed.

But we don't look away from sheer madness for nothing and prefer to celebrate Goya's sleep of reason. The answer to this question is even more unpleasant for our society than looking into JTRIG cellars woven into poison spider webs and into the faces of amoral transatlanticists like George Friedman. Because the simple and poignant cause of all conflicts is: Most people today do not have a real one content and not a real one relationship (to fellow human beings, nature and oneself).

Whereby relationship can only flourish where people have a content. Lack of relationship and conflicts always arise when there is no content. And such a lack of content prevails today in practically all areas of life. Viktor Frankl therefore calls our time an epoch of a crisis of meaning and an existential vacuum. In a very readable analysis (see the following pages), the philosopher Matthias Burchardt also comes to the conclusion that our current, economic-technocratic orientation is basically “deeply nihilistic and therefore incapable of producing a meaningful figure”. It makes us “inmates of an apolitical, technocratic-economist subordinate factory and enforced dictatorship” and would ultimately end in nothing other than a barbaric “fight of everyone against everyone”.

Even what is taught to us in school, university and advertising as content and goals worth striving for (e.g. Industry 4.0., Free competition and hedonistic fun and profit maximization) are in reality no content at all, just hollow phrases - which ultimately also people who is dedicated to them, will be left behind as a hollow, burned-out shell. So it is not already a real, sustainable content when my goal is to develop a neat home and a stately SUV for myself / my family, but always has something to do with the common good, always points beyond the petty, egoistic sphere - what as incidentally also mentioned the condition of real happiness or real human satisfaction (probably the best-kept secret in the world). It is precisely through this orientation towards the outside world or the common good that the individual personality is strengthened, while it weakens itself more and more and ultimately remains in burnout if it only takes care of petty, egoistic concerns and one's own disgrace.

So you have to clearly distinguish between real, humane content and pseudo-content artificially generated by commercial interests. The former have the power to connect people and even in deep conflict situations to bring about an edifying upward direction (see e.g. Martin Luther King with the content of equality and justice or Gandhi with the content of peacefulness and freedom). So if we manage to formulate real, substantial content again, then a thoroughly constructive future is open to us, the current black plumes of smoke could quickly evaporate again. The fact that I heard about the founding of a “Humanist Peace Party” at the beginning of this year may give hope (see interview with Daniele Ganser and Paula P’Cay).

While real content has a great unifying power, pseudo-content definitely has a divisive effect, widening the social gap and threatening to tear our society apart. It is not for nothing that Pier Paolo Pasolini described the mindless consumerism of our time as “the greatest fascism”. As long as one is founded in genuine, humane content and can express it authentically, there is no danger. Without content, however, i.e. with a vacuum inside, the person constantly fluctuates between the extremes of irrational self-overestimation on the one hand and self-abandonment on the other. And if it is no longer correct inside, then the war begins outside. As a result, one projects one's own deficit or one's inability to relate to any number of enemy images and scapegoats. With particular aggressiveness, people, civil movements or areas of life are then attacked where there are still remnants of real, humane content. One would like to roll them down as if with a big roller, because people who have committed themselves to a nihilistic, mendacious lifestyle devoid of any sustainability or responsibility cannot bear it when other people dare to publicly formulate a true, ethical or moral content . Hence the steamroller campaigns against peace activists, alternative thinkers and alternative media. From the point of view of the nihilists, they are “conspiracy theorists” and spread “fake news” and “pseudoscientific gurgles”. Such as Christian Felber, the pioneer of the economy for the common good, who was recently led by the head of the GWUP / GfK / skeptic movement DrDr. Ulrich Berger and a group of over 100 other academically accredited “scientists” were attacked (see report by Norbert Häring). The "scientists" (see also an essay by Noam Chomsky: "The watchdogs of the power elite") have finally achieved that the topic of the economy of the common good is deleted from a textbook and thus from the consciousness of our subsequent generation. - Sufficient reason for deletion: "Unscientific" and Felber's lack of reputation or publication in the scientific community. The sabotage of alternative approaches is that simple today: the designation as "pseudoscience" - the favorite word of the GWUP double-zero agent DrDr. Ulrich Berger - is sufficient today to exclude unpopular people just as much as the mere accusation of being a “heretic” or “witch” in the times of the Middle Ages. Whereby, as Daniele Ganser states in the above interview, when witches in the Middle Ages already all women were burned who possessed too much knowledge, while the patriarchy and the Grand Inquisitors proclaimed the sole claim to knowledge and thus to power for themselves.

What stands in the sky like a huge signature - similar to the black bat cloud visible in Goya's Sleep of Reason etching - for 2017 and also for the coming years is the ambition to exclude or respectively exclude all deviants and alternative thinkers from the public dialogue. to render harmless. In order to pave the way for the complete utilization of our environmental and human resources, it is necessary to finally drive spirit and soul out of people and to establish a purely scientistic worldview.

The snipers used to sabotage holistic alternative approaches do not only come from the ranks of amoral intelligence brigades such as the JTRIG, but come in increasing numbers from the ranks of civil society itself. Here, for example, those students, journalists and voluntary hate bloggers who join the GWUP / skeptic movement meet join and fight for a "secular world" (for the swarm intelligence of the skeptic movement, which is currently spreading epidemically in the media, and its horror clown events, see news mirror: "Liebe, Tod und Gwup" as well as "About GWUP-Pastafaris, the new Aluhut-Inquisition and neoliberals Assholes like me "), today the role that was called" useful idiots "in the Cold War of the 80s (= the time in which the US think tank and atheist association" Thinktanks Committee for Skeptical Inquiry / CSI "also the GWUP / skeptic movement has transplanted to Europe) - although we are lukewarm t Mikhail Gorbachev are back in the Cold War today. When Daniele Ganser speaks in the interview mentioned above that today we have "fully arrived at the information war", then he probably means the same thing.

- Whereby it is essential that the new Cold War initially aims to conquer our heads and hearts (quote from the press release of the British military / see Spiegel: “Britain's army is building a new brigade. The 1,500 soldiers who will be stationed in the Hermitage in southern England from April should not shoot, but tweet. The task of the 77th Brigade is warfare in the information age ... In the future, the social media brigade should help "win the hearts and minds of the people", as it is called in military language. ")

It would be a big mistake to believe that the ongoing Cold War is only for the Russians. No, it applies to all of us and our heads and hearts are themselves the battlefield. And this struggle is not decided in a political or military field either, the events taking place in these external areas are already only the ultimate consequence of the victories and defeats or manipulations that have taken place in our individual minds and hearts. On the other hand, the fight for our future will be decided on an ideological or ideological level. And at this level, bombs and grenades are already flying around our ears, we are doggedly lying, twisted, hypocritical, defamed and the truth as well as the dignity of other people are murdered.

So two options are open to us today (see the brilliant essay by the Eifel philosopher: “Love, Death and Gwup”). We want to continue to sleep Goya's sleep of reason and have fun with GWUP horror clowns, who in reality don't entertain us, but just indoctrinate us with their technocratic-nihilic worldview of scientism and finally want to drive mind and soul out of people? - Wonderful, then naked madness will continue to triumph and advance from victory to victory. The human being robbed of his dignity will then be subjected to complete economic exploitation and will have to live in a world in which every human being will be the other human being, as postulated by Thomas Hobbes.

If, on the other hand, we pull ourselves together and don't let our minds and soul be taken away, but instead find new standards of value in Viktor Frankl's “noetic and specifically human dimension of being human”, then madness will melt away like a snowman in spring. The content on which our mind and soul catch fire is individually different and can never be prescribed. In one case it may be Rilke, in the other Schopenhauer, Goethe or Hermann Hesse. The fact is, however, that we as Europeans have a great spiritual and spiritual treasure with our poets and thinkers, which is why we were only recently referred to as the 'people of poets and thinkers'. This humanities treasure, on which we are sitting in Central Europe, has enough ignition power and potential to create a humanistic-oriented society that can also provide impetus to other countries and continents and help to build a sustainable structure. Then people will no longer hate us abroad, but will be grateful to us. A new era of understanding and cooperation could set in, in which people no longer serve the economy as they do now, but in which the economy serves people - the economy of the common good. Imagine what fruitful projects we could achieve in the world with just 600 billion dollars that are wasted annually by the Pentagon for useless and breakneck anaconda actions, as soon as we wake up from Goya's sleep and wake up again to our senses. We could make the whole world bloom, revitalize all slums, eliminate misery and even give ourselves a free basic income.

Do you notice how you can already smell fresh air and breathe deeply if you only imagine such possibilities once?

The neoliberal economic directive or the transatlantic fracking principle (“put in poison, get out money”), according to which the profit of one is always based on the cost of circumcision or exploitation of another - basically the harsh colonialist self-image - would then, however, have none Existed longer and would lose all legitimacy. This is precisely the real reason why the neoliberal transatlantic apologists, of whom the aforementioned George Friedman is actually just a small, sad exponent, have been using unbelievable energy, billions in lobbying and military maneuvers for over 100 years to undermine Europe's potential to keep the lid on (referred to by George Friedmann as the agonizing "German question" that most worried US think tank strategists in history). In reality, it is not so much the German ingenuity that the strategists of the Grand Canyon fear about Germany, but rather the aforementioned cultural treasure, the way of thinking of Goethe & Co., which is deeply eerie to the Atlantic think tank generals like a bat the sun. Because the bat knows that it can only be successful in the twilight, in this it feels comfortable and it also has some highly developed echo sounder organs to find its way perfectly in dark surroundings and to fly the most daring hunting maneuvers. Perhaps not entirely without reason, therefore, in the Land of the Free, of all things, the Batman was elevated to an icon, which even the young children emulate.

Although critical alertness is outweighed with gold today, it also seems important not to be too disturbed by the escalating madness in the coming year, but to use the opportunities to develop creative and humane content.

As long as our politicians (see: "What we need today like a hole in the knee:" down-to-earth "politicians in mole's clothing and AFX parties") are not willing to rethink the standards of human existence, but instead take the supposedly no-alternative escape to the front , although the yawning abyss of the technocratic Grand Canyon waits there, the cards for our future are of course bad. In particular, it is bad for our fate when we politically and ideologically unite with that world power that is completely committed to technocratization and has largely got rid of human-moral categories, although the market-radical ("neoliberal") economy itself is convinced of its own Apologists doomed. Of course, we have the free choice today to join this path down into the Grand Canyon, because at first it seems more effortless, while the ascent to a humane, meaningful way of thinking and living is much more difficult. To follow the former path, we only need to let the tail wind carry us. If we choose the latter route, on the other hand, we will have to laboriously, grip by grip and step by step, work our way through glaciated rock regions like a mountaineer before we finally break through the clouds to the sunlight. So it is natural that many citizens prefer the political option of “supervised dawning” (Peter Sloterdijk) and thus the downhill gear instead of tackling the mountain tour.

However, the comfort at the fateful crossroads we find ourselves at today is a fatal guide. Because if we do not free ourselves from the anaconda's stranglehold in time, mountains of corpses will pile up, and not only in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. For many today it is still almost unimaginable, but the annual Oktoberfest will then be canceled, as will the broadcasting deadline for Dieter Bohlen's DSDS show and our soccer fans will also stay at home due to the lack of green grass. Because the supposedly comfortable sleep of reason will give birth to monsters like in Goya's painting shown above.

But we don't want to start the New Year with apocalyptic visions. It's not all evening yet. A meaningful, content-rich and relational life is always possible. And the best time to start is always now. To conclude, therefore, an encouraging statement by Viktor Frankl:

"Every person has their" will to meaning ", as I call them, that is, the deeply inherent need to find meaning in their life, or perhaps better said in every single life situation - and to go and fulfill it."

With this in mind, I wish all readers of the news mirror for 2017 that, despite all the tensions, they can take some profound steps towards exploring this meaning - which is always an individual and at the same time oriented towards fellow human beings. Then each and every one of us has a de-escalating and peacemaking effect, the dog can no longer eat up our homework and the anaconda has to go back to the basket.