Hydrozol cream for thrush during pregnancy

Candles for thrush during pregnancy - what should I remember?

Thrush is not the most pleasant disease during pregnancy, but still it is necessary to get rid of it immediately after the doctor makes this diagnosis. The main symptoms of the appearance of thrush are tooth, burning, discharge of a greenish or yellowish tinge, often with an unpleasant odor. Precise determination of the disease can be obtained only after studying a smear from the vagina.

There are many modern drugs that will help get rid of the disease, but you should remember: minimal harm, and even better, its complete absence of the fruit that a drug can bring - an indispensable condition.

Why candles from thrush during pregnancy are better than tablets?

When taking tablets, you cannot immediately influence the focus of the disease. Only after its complete dissolution are the beneficial components of the blood transferred to the infected area. At the same time, everyone knows the harmful effects of tablets on the kidneys and liver, as well as on other organs of life. During pregnancy, the organism of the future mother can be weakened, as she gives her baby all the useful and important substances that should develop properly. When one of the organs receives too much dose of a harmful drug, its activity becomes less active. Processes that were previously carried out without complications are slowed down. Such a phenomenon can cause the mother's disease, which is also harmful to the developing fetus.

How to choose candles from thrush during pregnancy

The most effective drugs are those that contain only natural components in their composition. There can be a number of herbs that help get rid of thrush.

Treatment often lasts around 10 days. After bathing at night, you should put a candle. This will allow the infection to be completely cured and the child will be completely safe.

Consultation with a doctor will determine the optimal type of medication that will suit you. It is necessary to carefully follow the instructions received.

After the course of treatment, it is necessary to pass a test that will show whether the future mother completely got rid of the disease.

Candles from thrush during pregnancy

Pimafucin is one of the most effective drugs that pregnant women are often prescribed. It contains a substance like natamycin. It is harmless to the child and mother, a component that can completely cure the fungus and give a positive result in a short time.

Less known, but no less effective, is a drug called Betadine. Its components not only affect the microflora of the vagina, but also make it possible to neutralize the fungus without any consequences.

The drug Polyinax is stronger but less safe. It can affect the microflora and is also a local antibiotic. As for its use during pregnancy - it is not the best option, as its introduction into the body can cause some pregnancy disorders. It is best to consult a doctor in advance, and if there is no other way out, full observation will be carried out during treatment at the highest level when using these candles.

Why is it necessary to treat thrush during pregnancy?

Treatment of this disease should be mandatory as it can promote fetal development and problems can arise during pregnancy itself. Fungus that affects the vagina is very dangerous for the baby. And no matter what time the disease was treated, you have to approach it very responsibly.

Candles for thrush during pregnancy: what should I remember?

After the doctor confirms the diagnosis of "candidiasis" and the appointment of suitable candles, you should immediately go to the nearest pharmacy and buy this drug. The sooner treatment starts, the sooner you will be sure that the child is completely safe.

Different medications can be prescribed depending on the trimester of pregnancy. This is why you shouldn't just rely on the advice of a friend or a friend. Only an experienced doctor can accurately determine the optimal composition of the candles.

Do not delay treatment for "sweat" and it is just as important to follow the instructions carefully. After bathing or showering, before going to bed, put a candle. In the process, try not to use ordinary or liquid soap as a hygiene agent, but special preparations that do not break the microflora of the uterus. They are also sold in pharmacies. In addition to being used during candidiasis, this compound is also great for daily use during and after pregnancy.

Candles for thrush during pregnancy should be used every day for a period of time. If you missed at least a day, the fungus can stay on the walls of the vagina longer.

Try to follow all of the above tips and then soon get rid of an unpleasant disease. So you and your little miracle can enjoy a pleasant pastime together again.