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Shays's rebellion

  • Shays's rebellion - (1786-87) Uprising in western Massachusetts. In a period of economic depression and land seizures for debt collection, several hundred farmers led by Daniel Shays (1747? –1825), who had served as a captain in the Revolutionary army, marched on the… Universalium

  • Shays' rebellion - Was an armed uprising in Central and Western Massachusetts from 1786 to 1787. The rebels, led by Daniel Shays and known as Shaysites (Regulators), were mostly poor farmers angered by crushing debt and taxes. Failure to repay such debts often…… Wikipedia

  • Shays, Daniel - Shays (shāz), Daniel. 1747? 1825. American Revolutionary soldier and insurrectionist who with a band of armed men raided a government arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts, to protest the state legislature s indifference to the economic plight of ... Universalium

  • Shays, Daniel - ▪ United States officer born c. 1747, Hopkinton, Massachusetts? [U.S.] died September 29, 1825, Sparta, New York American officer (1775–80) in the American Revolution and a leader of Shays s Rebellion (1786–87). Born to parents of…… Universalium

  • rebellion - / ri bel yeuhn /, n. 1. open, organized, and armed resistance to one s government or ruler. 2. Resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition. 3. the act of rebelling. [1300 50; ME rebellioun < of="">< l="" rebellion="" (s.="" of="" rebellio),…="" …=""  ="">

  • Shays' rebellion - (The Daniel Shays Rebellion) was an armed uprising by former Revolutionary War soldiers and peasants that took place in West Massachusetts in 1786 and 1787. The insurgents, by Daniel Shays…… German Wikipedia

  • Shays' rebellion - [ʃeɪz rɪ beljən], in western Massachusetts 1786/87 an uprising led by Daniel Shays (* 1747, ✝ 1825) of indebted farmers who suspend debt payments, make foreclosures more difficult and tax breaks…… Universal encyclopedia

  • Shays - is the family name of the following people: Christopher Shays (* 1945), US American politician Daniel Shays (1741–1825), US American soldier, farmer and revolutionary (Shays ’rebellion) See also: Shay… German Wikipedia

  • Shays - [shāz] Daniel 1747? 1825; At the. Revolutionary soldier: leader of an insurrection (Shays Rebellion) in W Mass. (1786 87) in reaction to high land taxes… English World dictionary

  • Shay's rebellion - The following important information is missing in this article or section: Too little information about the uprising itself, I would advise using the English article as a basis. You can help Wikipedia by researching it and ... ... German Wikipedia

  • Rebellion de Shays - Révolte de Shays La révolte de Shays (Shays Rebellion) est un soulèvement armé dans l ouest du Massachusetts from 1786 to January 1787 [1]. The révolte de Shays intervient dans un context économique troublé par l’inflation et la dévaluation du…… Wikipédia en Français