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The Global Deep State: A New World Order - Presented by COVID-19

“We live in a psychotic world. The madmen are in power. ”- Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle

For better or worse, COVID-19 has changed the way we deal with the world.

It also redraws the boundaries (and our freedoms) and changes the playing field faster than we can keep up.

Because of the US government's deeply rooted, and in some cases extremely secret, alliances with foreign countries and global corporations, it has become increasingly apparent that we have entered a New World Order - a global world order - made up of international government agencies and corporations.

This powerful international cabal - let's call it the Global Deep State - is just as real as the United States' corporate, militarized, and industrialized deep state. And that poses just as great, if not greater, danger to our rights as individuals under the Constitution.

Over the past few decades we have moved closer and closer to this global world order, but COVID-19, which has brought about an even closer intertwining of government and corporate interests, has taken this transformation to extremes.

Fascism has become a global threat.

It remains unclear whether the American Deep State ("a national security apparatus that controls even the elected leaders who fictitiously run it") is subordinate to the Global Deep State, or whether the Global Deep State merely empowers the American Deep State. However, it cannot be denied that they are tightly and symbiotically woven together.

Consider the extent to which our lives and freedoms are affected by this international convergence of state and for-profit corporate interests in the surveillance state, the military-industrial complex, the private prison industry, the intelligence sector, the security sector, the technology sector, the telecommunications sector, the transportation sector, the

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