How to make a plain jacket smaller

Shrink PDF

Shrink PDFs - how does it work?

Drag the PDF file into the highlighted field, wait until the PDF file is reduced in size and save the PDF on your computer. You don't need to install any programs for this.

Safe PDF file shrinking

One hour after PDF compression, all files are deleted from our server. Nobody can access your data and your privacy is protected.

All systems supported

Shrink PDF on Mac, Windows or Linux? No problem at all, because Smallpdf works on all operating systems and browsers, as you can downsize your PDF online. Cool right?

Perfect quality

With PDF compression, the PDF is reduced to 144 dpi. Thus, the PDF size has been reduced to the perfect quality to be sent by e-mail or uploaded to the Internet.

Super easy

The file limit is 5GB. Even with large PDFs, our compression tool only takes a few seconds.

In the cloud

PDF compression takes place in the cloud. This means that your own computer is not used while we are compressing your PDF.