How to import Excel data in rats

Importing Excel data into Project

If you started your project in Excel but need to manage more complex schedules, resource sharing, and tracking, you are probably ready to move your data into Project. To do this, use the project import wizard. Just follow the steps to import the data into a new or existing project and the wizard will automatically map it to the appropriate project fields.

  1. In Project, click file > New.

  2. Click on the side New on New from Excel workbook.

  3. Click in the field to open on the arrow next to it XML format, and choose Excel workbook or Excel 97-2003 workbook (if your project data is saved in an older file format).

  4. Find and select the workbook you want to import and click to open.

  5. First click the Import wizard on Further, and then follow the remaining steps to complete the import process.

    • In step 2, create a completely new schema or select an available predefined schema that matches your data and click Further.

    • In step 3, import your data into a new project or the project you have opened and click Further.

    • In step 4, select the type of information you are importing so that the wizard can map the data from Excel to Project and click Further.

    • In step 5, review the mapped fields, make adjustments as needed, and click Further.

    • In the last step, click Save schemeif you want to reuse it, then click Complete.

More information on importing and exporting project data

  • If you often start your projects in Excel, try one of the Project templates available in Excel. They are designed to use the appropriate fields to make it easier to map Excel to Project. In Excel, click file > New, and then choose a project template like this Microsoft Project task list out.

  • Conversely, you can also export data from Project to Excel in order to carry out data analysis and create visually sophisticated reports.