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I wish to thank Brian Tiemann for including this script in his outstanding site and I hope you'll all have fun with it.

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    The occupation

  1. The endless circle
  2. Mufasa visits Scar
  3. Rafiki malts Simba
  4. This is our kingdom
  5. Scar Tricks Simba Out
  6. Simba gets a bath
  7. Down at the waterhole
  8. Elephant cemetery
  9. Simba gets a lesson
  10. Be ready
  11. The herd is in a panic
  12. Scar's speech
  13. Buzzards
  14. Hakuna Matata - It Means "Don't Worry"
  15. Zazu sings
  16. Under the starry sky
  17. Simba? He is alive!
  18. The lion is sleeping tonight
  19. Can it really be love
  20. Mufasa's spirit
  21. The King Has Returned
  22. Simba runs through the desert
  23. A desolate land
  24. Timon dances the hula
  25. Simba faces Scar


The occupation

In alphabetical order: (Links to English descriptions only):

BanzaiMale hyena. Most furious of the hyenas. His specialty is quick responses to criticism. Shenzi and Ed get pretty upset. (Frank Lenart)
ChakaSimba's and Nala's son. He completes the circle.
EdThe stupidest hyena. Characterized by warts on his tongue. Too stupid or too clueless to lie at the right time. (Jim Cummings)
MufasaCurrent King of the Consecrated Land. Well-built lion. Thick mane. Brown eyes. Big kitten. Mufasa is the father of Simba and the older brother of Scar. (Wolfgang Kühne)
NalaFriend and consort of Simba. She can pin him down in a fight. As adults, they fall in love with each other, following a tradition that they rejected in their youth.
(Magdalena Turba / Alexandra Wilcke)
PumbaaWell-padded warthog and friend of Timon. It's slow, but when he understands something it's amazing what he can do. Has a digestive problem. (Rainer Basedow)
RafikiA mandrill (baboon breed) who plays the role of the mysterious medicine man. Outwardly he looks like he's crazy, but in reality he's very wise. (Joachim Kemmer)
SarabiSimba's mother. Wife of Mufasa. Leader of the lionesses. (Rita Engelmann)
SarafinaNala's mother. Sarabi's girlfriend. (???)
ScarYounger brother of Mufasa. Simba's uncle. Bony features. Flat, matt black mane. Because he's so weak and thin, he's conspiracy to try to become king. Its claws are always partially extended. A vertical scar runs through his left eye, presumably responsible for his name. (Thomas Fritsch)
ShenziFemale part of the hyena trio. Feels like a leader. Probably the smartest hyena. She can handle Scar best. Usually comparatively calm. (Hella out of her mind)
SimbaMufasa's son. Future king of the consecrated land. In the beginning a young, later an adult. Brown eyes. When fully grown, he is not as well built as his father, which is probably due to the fact that he only fed on insects when he was growing up ... Timon's and Pumbaa's friend.
(Jonathan Julius Jellinek / Frank Lorenz Engel)
(Vocals: Manuel Straube / Cusch Jung)
TimonAn ejected meerkat; Friend of Pumbaa. Very independent. Speak very quickly (like a used car salesman). Standing approximately 6 inches tall. (Ilja Richter)
ZazuThe king's loyal servant. A hornbill. It's a bird with a big beak. (Eberhard Prüter)

The script

{Memory of Frank Wells, black screen}

{Sounds from the African savannah}

{Walt Disney Castle on a blue background}

{Black screen appears. "Walt Disney Pictures Presents"}

[1st scene: The Eternal Circle]

{A lion's roar in the background calls the animals to King's Rock to attend the ceremony.}


[ MS: singer
HS: background vocals
WS: singer (leading)

{Sunrise over the African savannah, opening song of "The Eternal Circle".}

MS:Nants ingonyama bagithi baba[There comes a lion]
HS:Sithi uhhmm ingonyama[Oh yes it's a lion]

{Recordings of different animals. They raise their heads and look at the sunrise: rhinos, antelopes, a cheetah, monkeys, storks ...}

MS:Nants ingonyama bagithi baba[There comes a lion]
HS:Sithi uhhmm ingonyama
[Oh yes it's a lion}
MS:Siyo Nqoba[We will conquer]
Ingonyama nengw 'enamabala
[Here is a lion and a tiger]
{is repeated 5 times}
Ingonyama nengw 'enamabala (Se-to-kwa!)
Ingonyama nengw 'enamabala (Asana)
{is repeated 1 time}

{We see different African animals. You hike to the Königsfelsen. As the singer starts, we see a giraffe step into the sunlight with her boy. The camera pans and shows all the animals wandering to the Königsfelsen. The two giraffes join in.}

[Text from "The Eternal Circle"]

WS:The experience begins from birth
When we turn to the sun
There is more to see than you can ever see
To do more, to understand so much more

{The camera switches to elephants, zebras, ants, birds, storks, etc ...}

WS:Life here is a miracle
Everything new, everything endless and wide
And the sun moves quietly
Your golden circle
Leads young and old into eternity

{On "And in the Eternal Circle" the camera shows the King's Rock from a great distance. All the animals have gathered there. Mufasa stands at the top of the King's Rock. Zazu comes into the picture from the left and flies in the direction of Mufasa. The camera follows Zazu from behind.}

WS:And in the Eternal Circle
Our life turns

{Zazu bows to Mufasa. Mufasa smiles at him and nods.}

WS:The law of nature
We are consecrated

{Rafiki, the mandrill appears. He walks between a number of animals. The animals bow. Then he climbs up to Mufasa on the King's Rock.}

WS:We are all part
This universe

{Rafiki and Mufasa hug.}

WS:And the life
An eternal circle

{The background singing becomes quieter. The singer suspends. A pan flute continues to play solo.}

{Mufasa leads Rafiki to Sarabi. She holds Simba in her paws.}

{Rafiki breaks a large, round fruit. He rubs the juice of the fruit on Simba's forehead - a ceremonial crown. Then he takes some sand from the ground and sprinkles it over Simba's forehead. Simba sneezes. Finally he takes Simba and climbs up to the top of the King's Rock. Mufasa and Sarabi follow him. With a crescendo in the music and the re-enactment of the chorus, Rafiki holds Simba up for the crowd to see.}

{The crowd starts howling, stamping, etc ...}

WS:Our life turns
The law of nature {The camera pans around Simba in a close-up}
We are consecrated

{The clouds part. A ray of sun falls on Rafiki and Simba.}

{The crowd bows one by one.}

{The camera slowly moves away from the King's Rock. Now she shows the ceremony as a panoramic view.}

WS:And the life
An eternal circle

{A loud drumbeat (fff). At the same time the picture changes to a black screen with the title "The Lion King" in blood-red capital letters.}

[Scene 2: Mufasa visits Scar]

{A mouse comes out of its hole beeping, black background}

{The background is faded in.}

{The mouse is cleaning itself. She starts to sniff, gets scared. Suddenly a large lion's paw slams onto the mouse.}

{Use of the Scar theme (dissonant, slow).}

{The camera switches to Scar. He holds the squeaking and wriggling mouse in his paw. Scar plays with the mouse like a cat and speaks to her.}

Scar:The world is so unfair, isn't it? To me too - because, I ... will never be king. Hehe {exhales easily} And you ... will never see the sun rise again. {laughs with his mouth closed. Will the mouse sit on its tongue} ... Adieu ...
Zazu:{Interrupts him} Didn't your mother teach you not to play with food?
Scar:{Light sigh. The mouse is under his paw.} What do you want you here?
Zazu:I am to announce that King Mufasa is on his way here. {bows} ... So hopefully can you explain why you missed the ceremony this morning?

{The mouse escapes Scar}

{On "FEAR", Scar bends down and shows Zazu his teeth.}

Zazu:{Very worried} No, Scar, please don't look at me like that ... {Zazu is trying to escape} HELP!

{Scar pounces on the bird and catches it in its mouth.}

Mufasa:{Almost immediately and off camera} Scar! ...
Scar:{With your mouth full} Mm-hmm?
Mufasa: Spit it out.
Zazu:{From Scar's Mouth} Perfect Timing, Your Majesty.

{Scar spits the bird out. Zazu is covered in saliva all over.}

Zazu:{Disgusted} Eeeeehh.
Scar:{Overjoyed with sarcasm} Look there! My big brother deigns to condescend and mingle with the ranks.
Mufasa:By the way, Sarabi and I missed you at the ceremony.
Scar:{Pretending to be amazed} Was that about today? Oh how uncouth from me.

{He turns and scratches a rock wall with his claws. Zazu hunched over at the sound.}

Scar:{Admires his claws} ... I must have forgotten that.
Zazu:Well, well, you've been missing a lot lately. As the king's brother you had actually in the first line to stand!

{Scar clicks his teeth. Zazu, who flew close to Scar's face, takes cover behind Mufasa's front paw. Scar bends down to speak to him.}

{Scar turns and wants to go}

Mufasa:{Warning} Don't you dare turn your back on me.
Scar:{Looks back} Oh, no, Mufasa. Better take care that you me don't turn your back.
Mufasa:{Roars and leaps in front of Scar; shows his teeth for the first time} Should one threat be?
Scar:Brother, please. Not even in the dream I could challenge you
Zazu:What a pity! Why not?
Scar:{Looks at Zazu} Well, I got the lion's share of the intelligence distribution. But when it comes to brute force goes {looks at Mufasa} ... I'm afraid I've been endowed with the wrong genes.

{Scar goes into the open savannah}

{Mufasa laughs}

{Mufasa and Zazu go back to King's Rock.}

[3rd scene: Rafiki malts Simba]

{The music starts playing again. At first only one African flute plays - "This country" - but then the choir and the whole orchestra join it. We see a rainy storm gently sweeping across the savannah. The multiplane camera approaches Rafiki's baobab tree. The picture changes to the inside of the tree, where Rafiki paints a picture on the wall with his hands. We can see that he has just finished a lion cub.}

Rafiki:{Mumbles something to himself using the word "Simba"} Hmmm ... Ah heh heh heh heh heh ... {draws the ceremonial crown} Simba.

{The subject ends in a decrescendo. The screen slowly goes black, only the image of the lion cub remains and is finally faded out by the king's rock in the early morning.}

[Scene 4: This is our kingdom]

{You can see Simba running to the top of the King's Rock. He takes a deep breath of the fresh morning air. Then he runs back into the cave and jumps over several lionesses. He accidentally jumps on a couple of them.}

Simba:Father! Father! Come on, papa, we have to go. Wake up!
Some lionesses:Uff!
Simba:'Sorry! ... oops.

{Simba tries to wake Mufasa}

Simba:Father. Father? Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, etc.
Sarabi:{Woke up from Simba's "papa" s, sleepy} Your son woke up.
Mufasa:{Also sleepy} Before sunrise, it's YOUR son.
Simba:Father? Father! Come on dad! {pulls on Mufasa's ear.} Papa-- eeh!

{He slips on Mufasa's ear and crashes into something outside the camera. Then he comes running back into the picture and gives Mufasa a headbutt. Mufasa looks sleepily at his son.}

Simba:You got it to me promised!
Mufasa:{Notices his son's impatience} All right, all right. I'm awake, i'm awake
Simba:Yes a!

{Mufasa yawns a well-received lion yawn. Mufasa and Sarabi follow Simba out of the cave. Simba hugs Sarabi's front paw; she nudges him and stays in front of the entrance to the cave. Sarabi looks after them with a loving expression on their faces. Mufasa and Simba are on the highest point of the King's Rock. The rising sun impressively illuminates the summit.}

{The camera pans around her; from a back to a front view.}

Mufasa:The reign of a king rises and sets like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun of my reign will also set and rise again with you as the new king.
Simba:Then heard me all that?
Mufasa:Yes. Everything.
Simba:Everything that the light touches. {Simba looks around. He sees the rugged canyon to the north} And what about the shady land over there?
Mufasa:That is beyond our limit. You must never go there, Simba.
Simba:But I thought a king can do anything he wants.
Mufasa:Oh, there's more to being king than getting your way.

{Mufasa makes his way down}

Simba:{Amazed} Still more?
Mufasa:{Laughs to himself} Simba ...

{The camera flips over. Mufasa and Simba run across the savannah.}

Mufasa:Everything you see lives together in a delicate balance.As a king, you have to have a flair for it and respect all creatures - from the tiny ant to the graceful antelope.
Simba:But we do eat the antelopes.
Mufasa:Sure Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies turn to grass. And the antelopes eat the grass. And so we are all one ... in the Eternal Circle of Life.

{Mufasa and Simba look towards a river in the background. Giraffes and several gazelles run along the river bank.}

{Zazu keeps talking. Simba's and Mufasa's conversation is in the foreground.}

Mufasa:{Not interested} Really?

{Simba is not interested in Zazu's talk. He pounces on a grasshopper, but just misses it.}

Zazu:{Goes on without realizing that Mufasa is not listening to him} ... And the giraffes are snooty, as always ... No, and them To flywho are upset again ...
Mufasa:{To Simba} What are you doing, my boy?
Simba:{Looks at his empty paws in disappointment} Stalking at me.
Mufasa:Let an old professional show you how to do it.
Zazu:... the insects think they can turn a mosquito into an elephant ...
Mufasa:Zazu, please turn around.
Zazu:Yes, your highness. {Turns around and continues immediately} The leopards are lovesick, but how do I always say ...
Mufasa:{Whispers} Stay close to the ground.
Zazu:You don't kiss leopards ...
Simba:{Whispers} Yeah, exactly. Stay close to the ground. Yeah yeah
Zazu:{Realizes something is wrong} What is going on here?
Mufasa:A stalking exercise.
Zazu:Oh, how nice. Stalking. {Understands} Stalking!?! {Turns to Mufasa} Oh no, Your Highness, you can't be serious ...

{Mufasa signals Zazu to turn around again.}

Zazu:I also stay nothing at all saved.
Mufasa:{Still whispers} And now I don't want to hear a sound.
Zazu:What are you telling him, Mufasa? {Looking around, worried-- Simba and Mufasa seem to have disappeared.} Mufasa? Simba?

{Simba pounces on Zazu and pulls him to the ground. Zazu remains speechless on the floor.}

Mufasa:Ha ha ha ha ha. That was very good. Ha ha ha ...

{A pocket rat appears under Zazu.}

Pocket rat:Zazu!
Zazu:{Upset} Yes?
Pocket rat:{Salutes} Your Excellency. A message from the underground.
Mufasa:{To Simba} So, next time--
Zazu:{Interrupts the two; with urgency and excited} Your Highness! Hyenas! In the consecrated land!
Mufasa:{Serious} Zazu, take Simba home.
Simba:But I want to come with you, papa!
Mufasa:{Almost} No, Simba.

{Mufasa runs off in full gallop.}

{Simba and Zazu walk back across the savannah to King's Rock.}

[Scene 5: Scar tricking Simba off]

{The camera jumps to Scar on his ledge. He sees an old bone lying on the ground and kicks it over the edge of the ledge.}

{Simba arrives}

Simba:Hey Uncle Scar! You know what?!
Scar:I know I play guessing games loathe.
Simba:I'll be King of the Consecrated Land one day.
Scar:{Sarcastic} Uuuiiii great.
Simba:{Looking over the edge of the ledge} My papa just showed me the whole kingdom; {greedy} and one day I'll rule üüüber everything. Heh heh.
Scar:Yes. Forgive me if i go before joy don't jump in the air. I've got it in the cross, you know.

{Scar falls on her side.}

Simba:Hey Uncle Scar! If I'm king ... then what are you?
Scar:The bad uncle !?
Simba:Heh heh. You are so weird.
Scar: Oblique is not an expression at all. ... So, your father showed you the whole kingdom.
Simba:Every corner.
Scar:But definitely not the northern border and what is hidden behind the hills.
Simba:{Disappointed} No, not them ... he forbade me.
Scar:And with that he has perfectly Law. It is much too dangerous. Only the bravest lions dare to go there.
Simba: I am brave too! What's out there--
Scar:{Interrupts him} As sorry as I am, Simba, me may it don't tell you.
Simba:Why not?
Scar:Simba, Simba, I just don't want anything to happen to you, you're my favorite little nephew.

{Scar rubs and pats Simba's head}

Simba:Well, of course, I'm your only nephew too.
Scar: Precisely for this reason you should be touched with velvet paws ... A young prince has no business in an elephant cemetery ... {Feels surprise} Huups!
Simba:{Enthusiastic} An elephant What? Cool.
Scar:{Feigns dismay} Oh no, i Chatterbox... Well, sooner or later you would have you found in anyway, they're a SO clever Boy ... {brings Simba closer} Hoach, do me a favor - promise me that you will keep away, of this terrible Place.
Simba:{Considered} No Problem.
Scar:This is a good boy. Come on, go play now. And don't forget ... that's our little secret.

{Simba leaves the rock. Scar walks away with a wicked smile. Menacing music.}

[Scene 6: Simba gets a bath]

{Simba runs down the slope to the lower part of King's Rock. He runs towards two lionesses (Sarabi and Sarafina). Sarafina is giving Nala a bath. The music is relaxed, almost jazz-like. The pan flute is conducting.}

Simba:Hello Nala.
Nala:Hello Simba.
Simba:{Whispers} Come with me. Because I know a really great place.
Nala:{Between clenched teeth} Simba! You can see that I'm taking a bath.
Sarabi:And now it's your turn too.

{Simba tries (too late) to escape; Sarabi bends down and snaps him with her mouth. She gives the wriggling lion cub a bath.}

Simba:Mummy! ... Mom, you mess up my mane.

{Sarabi smiles.}

Simba:Enough, I'm clean now. Can we finally go?
Nala:Where are you going this time? If it's stupid, I'd rather stay here.
Simba:No. It's really cool.
Sarabi:And where should this be cool Place?
Simba:Oh. {thinks} so ... down by the waterhole.
Nala:At the Water hole? Why is the water hole so cool all of a sudden?
Simba:{Whispers} I'll show you when we're THERE.
Nala:{Whispers} Oh. {Normal} Um ... Mom, can I go with Simba?
Sarafina:Hmm ... what do you mean, Sarabi?
Nala and Simba:{Wide, forced grin} Pleaseee!
Sarabi: So for me ...

{Nala and Simba are jumping around happily}

Simba:Yes a!
Sarabi:... But only if Zazu accompanies you.

{Simba and Nala freeze in shock}

Simba:No. But not Zazu.

[7th scene: Down at the waterhole]

{The camera is at a slight angle over Simba and Nala. You run towards the waterhole. Zazu flies high above them.}

Zazu:Pace, pace. The sooner we reach the waterhole, the sooner we can go back.

{The picture flips. The camera is now directly behind the two lions}

{The camera moves to a position just above Zazu. We hear Simba and Nala whispering}

Simba:{Whispers} Look out ... -
Zazu:{Flies down} Oh what a lovely couple. {He lands right in front of you} Two small blossoms in the savannah that unfold romantically. Become your parents excited his ... since you're as good as engaged anyway ...
Zazu:Engaged. Made for one another. {Simba and Nala look at each other skeptically} I promise one another.
Nala:Do you mean ...?
Zazu:Someday you both will marry!
Simba:I can't marry her. We are Friends.
Nala:Yes. That's not possible.
Zazu: Well, I don't want you guys having fun spoil, my little lovebirds, but you have no choice. It's from generation ...

{Simba mimics Zazu during these last words}

Zazu:... to generation Tradition.
Simba:Well, am I first of all, she becomes king right away abolished.
Zazu:Not while I'm with you

{Introductory music part of "I want to be king right now"}

Simba:Then you are fired.
Zazu:Hmmm ... you would like to have, but only that one king has the right to do so. {Nudges Simba on the nose}
Nala:But he is the one future King.
Simba:Yes. {Paws Zazu with his paw} So you have to do what I tell you.
Zazu:I still need to nothing at all to do. And if you keep acting like this, I fear you will become a particularly unfortunate king.
Simba:Hmmh. I can see that all different.

{Whole song, the colors become wild and gaudy. The background suddenly becomes unreal. Light colored cartoon style.}

Simba:As a king I would be super strong
A real big beast

{Simba pushes Zazu up a fallen tree trunk. Zazu falls behind the trunk and gets stuck in a hole. He frees himself with a soft pop of champagne cork.}

Zazu:Now as a king you would still be pretty bald
You are missing your hair

{Where Simba's mane would be, Zazu pulls a hair out of him}

{Simba is getting a mane of leaves}

{Climbs up a tree trunk}

Simba:Until then, I'll carry my nose up
And practice my ROAR

{At "ROAR" he yells at Zazu loudly. Zazu falls scared into a puddle of mud}

Zazu:{Dries off on what appears to be a hanging towel} You are far too small to impress

{The camera moves back; the "towel" turns out to be the ear of a fat, red elephant. The elephant hits Zazu away with its trunk like a golf club. The bird hops like a stone over a shallow pond; the two lions follow him immediately.}

Simba:Oh, I want to be king right now!
Zazu:{Speaks} You have a long way to go, little prince, if you do now think...

{In this stanza, Zazu speaks to one of the two lions after each line. Simba and Nala are sitting to the left and right of Zazu. If he turns around to speak to one, the other makes Zazu grimace.}

Simba:Never ever "do this"
Zazu:[When I said this, I -]
Nala: Never ever "do that"
Zazu:[What I meant was ...]
Simba:Never ever "stop it"
Zazu:[You don't seem to understand that ...]
Simba and Nala:Never ever "listen"
Zazu:[N / A now listen!]
Simba:Always free, at full speed

{Simba and Nala are now riding on bouquets}

Zazu:[That is out of the question at all ...]
Simba:Free, and only in my own way!
Zazu:{Flies ahead of them and turns to talk to them. But he's not paying attention to what's in front of him.}
I think you do not understand me
Now finally listen

{Flies into a rhinoceros}

{Zazu lands on a branch}

Zazu:And if the royal family develops like that
I want out!
Get out of everything, out of Africa
I'd rather emigrate ... Aaah!

{The camera moves back. Only now can you see that Zazu is sitting on a tree trunk that is being driven towards a waterfall. The tree trunk disappears behind the edge. Zazu yells in surprise, but he quickly reappears and flies towards the camera.}

Zazu:Your father would never forgive such a thing
Simba:Oh, I want to be king right now!

{Simba and Nala walk through a zebra corridor. The zebras stand still attentively; when Zazu follows Simba and Nala, they all turn and lift their tails; Zazu covers himself with one of his wings to protect himself.}

{Nala and Simba dance under a moving herd of elephants. The African flute leads a short, purely instrumental sequence. Zazu flies around looking for her. Simba is sitting on a giraffe's head.}

Simba:Everyone looks to the left, and ...
Everyone looks to the right, and ...

{The herd tramples over Zazu. Zazu screams.}

{Simba hops up a ladder made of giraffe heads}

Simba:Everyone looks at me, and ...
Look to my future!

{Slides down a giraffe's neck and stands in a theatrical pose}

{The choir of hippos, anteaters, antelopes, giraffes, etc. forms a pyramid with Simba and Nala on top}

Simba & Choir:Oh, I want to be king right now!
Oh, I want to be king right now!
Oh, I want to be ... king now at the same time!

{The pyramid collapses. All that remains is the rhinoceros. It sits on Zazu.}

[8th scene: Elephant cemetery]

{The camera switches to Simba and Nala. They run away from Zazu laughing.}

Simba:Fantastic, it worked!
Nala:Now we are rid of him.
Simba:{Arrogant} Because I am a genius.
Nala:Wait a minute, you genius, I'm still here too.
Simba:Yes but I was the leader.
Nala:Not true!
Simba:Oh yes? ...Rrarr!

{Simba jumps at Nala; they fight playfully. Nala ends up pegging Simba with her front paws, creating a thud.}

{Nala turns around with a smile and her head held high. Simba waits a moment and starts it up again. In their scramble, they roll down a short slope. She pegs Simba back in the same position. This time with a different sound.}

Nala:Nailed down again.

{A geyser erupts, making a loud noise. The camera moves back. We see a gloomy cemetery full of elephant skeletons. Eerie music.}

Simba:We are there. This is the cemetery.

{Simba and Nala look over the tusk of a large elephant skull. You see a place strewn with bones. The camera moves closer to the gloomy landscape.}

Simba and Nala:Wow!
Nala:This is really scary.
Simba:Yeah ... really cool.
Nala:{Enjoy your disobedience} We could get into real trouble.
Simba:{Enjoys it too} I know, heh heh.
Nala:{Looks at the skull} I want to know if the brains are still inside.
Simba:{Walks up to the skull} There's only one thing you can do to find out. Come along. We plunge into adventure.

{Simba approaches the skull. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Zazu emerges, flapping his wings with a sharp, protesting "Wrong!" in front of him.

{Simba went closer to the skull}

Simba:Danger? Hah! I am not afraid of danger. Do you hear me danger, I'll laugh in your face. Ha ha ha ha!

{In response to Simba's confident laugh, a loud laugh comes from inside the skull. Simba runs back and hides behind Nala and Zazu. Three hyenas emerge from the mouth and eyes of the skull.}

Shenzi:Well, nana, Banzai, what do we have there?
Banzai:Hmm I don't know, Shenzi. uh ... what do you mean, Ed?
Ed:{Laughs crazy}

{They circle Simba, Nala, and Zazu.}

Banzai:Yes, I was just thinking the same thing. But these three are pretty bold!
Zazu:But only by mistake, I can assure you of that. A minor navigation flaw. Eh heh heh ...
Shenzi:Oh oh, wait a minute, just a moment ... I know you. {moves face close to the camera} You are Mufasa's smaller Air kiss.
Zazu:Madam, I'm kidding, I'm his caretaker and steward.
Banzai:{Looks at Simba} Then you are you so...?
Simba:The future king.
Shenzi:And what do we do with little kings who leave their kingdom, huh?
Simba:Puh. You can't do anything to me.
Zazu:Uh ... in theory they could. We're up her Country.
Simba:But Zazu! You told me they were nothing but drooling dirty, stupid scavengers.
Zazu:{Secretly to Simba, to the side} Say-lefag don't-be-stupid-be-stupid ...
Banzai:Who should be "stupid-lefumm" here ?? !!?
Zazu:{Hasty and worried} Geez, yeah oh just see the sun. {tries to get Simba and Nala to leave} We have to go home!
Shenzi:{Catches her} In a hurry? We would animal be happy if you stay to eat.
Banzai:Yes! Because we like you ... to eat!
Shenzi:No, no, no, wait, wait, I know one too! ... How about snapdragon salad ?! Ha! Well what?

{The hyenas laugh out loud. Ed jumps up and starts gesturing wildly.}

Shenzi:What Ed? What is it?
Banzai:{Look where Ed is pointing} Did we want the food raw?
Shenzi:Clear. How so?
Banzai:Because it's just breaking through!

{The camera shows Simba and Nala running away; after a bit they stop. Zazu flies after them. We see a hyena catch him with her paw in flight.}

Nala:Did we take them off?
Simba:I think so. Where's Zazu?

{The camera flips over. The hyenas sit with Zazu in front of a seething crater. Banzai is holding Zazu.}

{The hyenas laugh hysterically}

Simba:{Close to the hyenas now} Hey! Why don't you look for someone who can defend yourself?
Shenzi:How... you?

{Shenzi jumps to Nala and Simba and just misses them with her bite. Simba and Nala run away. Suddenly the three hyenas appear in front of them. They poke their heads through the steam from an active methane crater.}

Shenzi, Banzai, Ed:BUU! {Laugh}

{The hyenas chase Nala and Simba up the elephant skull. At the top both slide down the spine of the skeleton. At the end of the spine they fly out in a high arc and land on a slope full of bones.}

{Simba turns around. Horrified, he sees that Nala is sliding backwards down the slope. The hyenas are getting closer.}

{Simba bravely runs back and scratches Shenzi's cheek. While Shenzi is distracted, Nala escapes. Shenzi growls angrily; the hyenas pursue the lions and corner them in a cave.}

Banzai:{Enter the cave, sneering} Puss, puss, puss, puss.

{Simba tries to roar. We hear a pretty immature, cute roar.}

{Simba opens his mouth to roar again. Instead we hear the roar of a fully grown lion.}

Shenzi, Banzai, Ed:Huh ?!

{Mufasa attacks the hyenas from the left. He drives them around until they are all submissive under him.}

Shenzi:Oh please please We surrender.
Banzai:Hey, ouch. Ouch. Stop it.
Mufasa:{Half Roar} Quiet!
Banzai:Oh, we're definitely calm now.
Shenzi:Calm down. We already regret it.
Mufasa:Dare never again getting too close to my son ...
Shenzi:Oh that is ... that is your Son?!?
Banzai:Oh, your son!
Shenzi:Have you strapped that
Banzai:No ... how, me? I had no idea about it. Do you?
Shenzi:No! Not a trace.
Shenzi and Banzai:Ed?
Ed:{Nods stupid}

{Mufasa roars}

{They disappear with a sound of gunshots. Zazu lands in front of Mufasa and gives him a "That will be a lesson to them" nod ... but then he becomes very small under Mufasa's angry look.}

Simba:{Approaching his father} Dad, I ...
Mufasa:You don't obey me and you do it on purpose.
Simba:I'm ... sorry.
Mufasa:{Strictly} Let's go home.

{All four leave the cemetery. Simba and Nala are ashamed; they run after Mufasa with bowed heads.}

Nala: {Whispers} Well, I found you very brave.

{The camera pans up one wall of the cave. It shows a horrific picture of Scar. He stands on a ledge and looks angrily after them.}

[Scene 9: Simba is taught a lesson]

{The camera switches to the open savannah. Simba and Nala are still walking after Mufasa with their heads bowed. Zazu flies between Mufasa and the lions.}

Mufasa:{Still strict} Zazu!
Zazu:{Flies forward and lands in front of Mufasa} Yes, Your Highness?
Mufasa:{Strictly} Take Nala home. I need one for my son lesson To give.

{The camera shows Simba and Nala. Simba crouches lower in the grass, as if trying to hide. Zazu comes flying to them.}

Zazu:Come on, Nala. Simba ... {puts his wings on Simba's shoulders, sighs} Good luck.

{Zazu and Nala are going home. The camera shows Simba in the foreground. Mufasa sits in the background. He doesn't look at his son.}

Mufasa:{Calls sternly; without looking at Simba} Simba!

{Simba turns slowly and walks towards his father. Ominously sad music. Simba steps into a depression in the ground. He looks down and sees his father's footprint. Simba's front paw fits easily into the imprint of Mufasa's palm. Simba realizes how small and young he is compared to his father. He looks up again and bravely walks on.}

{Mufasa thinks quietly for a few seconds without looking at his son. Then he finally turns to face him.}

Mufasa:Simba, you have me deeply disappointed.
Simba:{Very quiet and sad} I know.
Mufasa:{Continues} You could be dead. You don't obey me and you do it on purpose. And what's more, you've put Nala in danger!
Simba:{Close to crying, broken voice} I just wanted to be brave like you.
Mufasa:I'm only brave when I have to be. Simba ... to be brave you don't always have to put yourself in danger.
Simba:But you have never afraid of something.
Mufasa:Today I was scared.
Simba:{Doubtful and surprised} Honestly?
Mufasa:Yes ... {bends down to Simba} I could have lost you.
Simba:Oh. {Slightly lit} So even kings get scared, huh?
Simba:{Whispers conspiratorially} But you know what?
Mufasa:{Whispers back} What?
Simba:I think these hyenas were even more scared.
Mufasa:{Soft laughs} Because nobody wants to mess with your papa. Come here you

{Mufasa grabs Simba and gives him a headbutt.}

Simba:Oh no no no no ... Aaagh! Errrggh!

{The music gets louder. For a moment, Mufasa and Simba playfully fight.}

Simba:Hah! Got you!

{Mufasa is lying on the floor. Simba lies on his head.}

Simba:We are cumples, right?
Mufasa:{Laughs amiably} Right.
Simba:We stay too always together right?
Mufasa:{Sits up; Simba is on his shoulder now} Simba ... my father entrusted me with something very important ... Look up at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from there.
Simba:{Awesome} Really?
Mufasa:Yes ... And when you feel lonely, always remember that these kings will show you the way ... And so do I.

[10th scene: Be ready]

{The camera switches from the starry sky to the hyena cave. She slowly drives into the cave from above. We hear Banzai's voice. The camera switches over again. Banzai and Ed are sitting on the floor.}

Banzai:Oh man, that stupid Mufasa! I won't be able to sit for a week! {We see several scratches on Banzai's bottom}
Banzai:It's not weird Ed.
Ed:{Tries to stop; but bursts out laughing}
Banzai:Keep your mouth shut!
Ed:{Can not stop laughing}

{Banzai attacks Ed. They fight.}

Shenzi:{From a higher rock} Stop the nonsense now!

{Banzai stops. Ed continues. He bites his own leg.}

Banzai: He started it!
Shenzi:Just look at you. {comes down} No wonder we're drooling at the bottom of the food chain.
Banzai:{Drool hangs out of his mouth} Oh man, I hate drooling.
Shenzi:Well If it weren't for those stupid lions, they would we run the business here.
Banzai:Yes. Man i hate Lions.
Shenzi:So ostentatious.
Banzai:And hairy.
Shenzi:And stinky.
Banzai:And, man, are they ...
Shenzi and Banzai:Ugly! {Laughter}
Scar:{He lies on a raised ledge} Oh, we lions aren't that bad either.
Banzai:Ohh {Relieved} Oh, Scar, it's just you.
Shenzi:We were afraid someone might do it important be.
Banzai:Yes. Mufasa, for example.
Banzai:That is n more powerful Lion.
Shenzi:You said it. I tremble already when I hear his name.
Shenzi:{Shivers} Ooooh. ... say it again.
Banzai:Mufasa. Mufasa! Mufasa!
Shenzi:{Starts laughing hysterically} ...Oooh! That tingles.
Scar: I am of Idiots surround.
Banzai:Well, you Scar, you are one of us. I mean, you're a buddy.
Scar:{Sarcastic} Adorable.
Shenzi:Ahh. I like that. He may not be king, but he behaves anyway so posh.
Banzai:Yes. Hey hey hey Scar. Do you have something to eat? Hm? Fressi, Fressi, Fressi?
Scar:Actually, you didn't deserve it. {Holds up a club of zebra.} I practically gave you these lion cubs as a present. But not even the you have been able to eliminate. {Drops the club, softly "be ready" intro}
Shenzi:{Chews with her mouth full} You know, Scar, it wasn't like her alone there were.
Banzai:Yes. What should we have done-- {swallows} kill Mufasa?

{The hyenas pause. You look up at Scar questioningly and in amazement.}

{Scar jumps down to the hyenas in three leaps.}

{Scar walks calmly towards the camera. Vapors shoot up left and right.}

{Scar walks slowly around Ed. Ed chews the rest of the zebra leg.}

Scar:{Whole song} I know the narrowness of hyenas
Is definitely everything but small
I just want to mention it by the way
I don't just speak lion Latin
The blunt visages ??? {indistinct}
The upper floors are empty

{At 'just mention', Scar angrily knocks the bone away; Ed is immediately attentive and stands at attention like a soldier}

{Scar waves his paw in front of Ed's eyes; Ed's tongue rolls out}

{Shenzi and Banzai are sitting on a ledge behind Scar; they giggle. On "ignorance" Scar turns around and jumps over to them. Shenzi and Banzai startle and fall backwards onto two geysers. The geysers erupt and the two hyenas fly high in the air.}

{In the next verse, Scar struts theatrically over a ledge.}

Scar:Be ready for the time of your life
Be ready for the greatest of the coups
The golden era
Creeps closer and closer
Shenzi:And what's in it for us?
Scar:{Grabs Shenzi's cheek} I'm not going to leave you out

{Shenzi rubs her cheek}

Scar:You stupid critters
You are sure of the reward
On the day when law triumphs
And finally freed me from bondage
Be ready!

{Scar jumps to Ed, who is chewing the bone again. This time he kicks Ed down the rock.}

{The three hyenas land in a pile of bones and sink into it; they reappear, each with a different skull on their head.}


Banzai:Yes, be ready. Hahaha ... we're always ready, hehe. ...For what?
Scar:For the death of the king.
Banzai:How so? Is he ill?

{Scar grabs Banzai by the throat}

Scar:No, you zero - we'll kill him. And Simba too.

{Drops banzai back on the ground}

Shenzi:Great idea! Who needs a king?
Shenzi (and then Banzai):{Shenzi and Ed dance around Banzai while singing} Nobody! Nobody! La-la-la-la-la-laa!
Scar:Idiots! It becomes give a king!
Banzai:But you have, uh ...
Scar:I will be king! ... Stick with me {triumphant grin} and you will never go hungry again!
Shenzi and Banzai:Yes! Class! Long live the king!

{There are suddenly hundreds of hyenas in the cave.}

All hyenas:Long live the king! Long live the king!

{Back in the song again}

{Scar's army of hyenas marches in formation across the cave floor.}

Hyenas:{Like soldiers}
Yes, we will soon be subjects.
A king that everyone loves.
Scar:I must, however, give a serious warning
That there are still duties for you

{Moves one of his claws across his neck}

Scar:There's so much to loot in the future
I get most of it anyway
Nevertheless, I may remind you politely
There is no crumb without me!

{Jumps from his rock throne to the ground and approaches a hyena; the ground under the hyena opens and she falls down screaming.}

{In the next verse, the hyenas dance around wildly. They jump over rock pillars and shake animal skeletons. One even plays a skeleton xylophone. Scar rides up on a rock pillar in the sky.}

{The lyrics in brackets are sung by the hyenas}

Scar:Be ready for the coup of the century
Be ready for the most devilish pact
(Oooh ... La! La! La!) {Wiggle your buttocks}
I've been planning it for years
(Now there's food!)
Despite all the dangers
(??? Hard to understand)
Cunning dogged
(Such fun)
Without a conscience
(So ​​much food)
Born as a king
(Aaaaaaah ...)
Chosen to be the ruler
(... aaaaaaah ...)
I shine in all my glory
(... aaaaaaah!)
My teeth are as bright as my envy
Be ready!
Hyenas: Our teeth are as bright as his envy
All (even Ed): Be ready!

{The camera moves back. A large, pointed rock protrudes from the ground. There are hyenas on the rock and Scar on the top. The large, crescent-shaped moon shines in the background. Scar and the hyenas laugh badly. The picture fades out with a roll of the drum. Black screen. The panorama of the next scene is faded in when the orchestra hits.}

[11th scene: The herd is in a panic]

{The camera shows a panoramic view of a large canyon. The shadows of the passing clouds glide gently over the landscape.}

Scar:You wait here. Your father has one wonderful Surprise for you.

{The camera flips over. Scar and Simba are down in the canyon. You are walking towards a nearby rock. There is a small tree on the rock.}

Simba:Great. What is it?
Scar:If i give it to you say wouldn't it be surprise more is not it?
Simba: But I can pretend would i surprised.
Scar:Ho ho ho. You are such a naughty Brat.
Simba:{Props his front paws on Scar's chest} Oh, please, Uncle Scar.
Scar:No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. This only affects you and your papi. You know ... some kind of father-son ... story.

{You can tell by the look on Simba's face that he is annoyed by Scar's uncooperative behavior. But he quickly gets over it.}

Scar:Well I'll get him now. {Scar wants to go}
Simba:{Jumps down the rock} I'll come with you.
Scar:{Loud, snappy tone of voice; in Simba's face} No! {regained composure} Eeh heh heh. No. {Scar pushes Simba back onto the rock} You stay here on the rock. We don't want you to be like that Mishap happens, like the other day with the Hyenas...
Simba:{Shocked} You heard about it?
Scar:Simba who has Not heard of it.
Simba:{Quiet and embarrassed} Really?
Scar:Oh yeah. Lucky Papi was there to save you, huh? {visibly amused; he puts a paw on Simba's shoulder} Oh ... and right below us ... We still have some work to do on our sweet little roar. Hmm?
Simba:Oh ... alright ...

{Scar pats Simba roughly on the head, then walks away.}

Simba:Hey Uncle Scar. Is it a nice surprise?
Scar:{Looks over his shoulder} Simba, she's for to die beautiful.

{The camera slowly pans up the walls of the canyon, away from Simba and Scar. Over the edge of the ravine we see a very large herd of wildebeest grazing on a wide plain; Using computer animation, the camera pans to a higher angle and shows the size of the herd. The camera shows the hyenas. They're hiding under a ledge.}

{The camera switches to Scar. He appears on a rock within sight of the hyenas.}

Shenzi:There he is ... {makes an angry, almost funny face} so go.

{The camera jumps back to Simba. He's still lying on the rock.}

Simba:Little roar. Püehh!

{A lizard walks past Simba. He yells at her.}

{The lizard does not react. Simba jumps off the rock and tries again.}

{No reaction. On the third try, Simba goes even closer and takes a deep breath.}

{The lizard scurries out of the picture. Simba's roar echoes through the gorge. Simba perks up her ears to enjoy the echo. The echo quickly faded away. But now you can hear a low rumble. Simba looks down and sees a few small stones bounce. Use of the very dark and eerie "Zum Die Schön" music. We see the herd come running over the edge of the ravine. The dramatic multi-layer camera approaches Simba's horrified face. Simba turns and runs away from the herd.}

{Change of camera to the edge of the canyon. The hyenas snap at the wildebeest and chase them down the gorge. The camera jumps to Mufasa and Zazu. You're near the gorge.}

Zazu:Look, Your Highness. The herd is on the move.

{Scar shows up. He seems out of breath.}

Scar:Mufasa. Mufasa, the herd. She is in a panic. In the canyon. Simba is down there!

{The camera switches back to Simba. He runs right in front of the herd. When she finally catches up with him, he climbs a dead tree. Zazu flies ahead of Mufasa and Scar, down into the gorge. He spots Simba on his tree.}

Simba:{Struggling to cling to the tree} Zazu! Help me!!
Zazu:Your father will be with you in a moment! Hold on!
Simba:{Loses footing} Hurry up!

{Mufasa and Scar jump over a few rocks deeper into the gorge. Zazu flies back to Mufasa and Scar. He shows you where Simba is.}

Zazu:There! There! On the tree!
Mufasa:Hold on, Simba!

{A wildebeest rams Simba's tree in the ravine. The tree is almost falling apart.}

{Mufasa jumps into the maddening herd and walks with it.}

Zazu:Oh Scar, this is awful. What should we do? What shall we to do? Hah ... I have to get help, I'll do that, I have to help - uff!

{Scar hits Zazu against a rock wall. Zazu falls to the ground, unconscious. Mufasa runs with the herd to just behind Simba's tree. He darts around a couple of wildebeest and runs towards the herd towards Simba. A wildebeest rams Mufasa from the front and throws him to the ground. Another wildebeest runs into Simba's tree. The tree breaks and Simba flies high through the air. Mufasa jumps up and catches Simba in the air with his mouth. Scar is walking restlessly along a ledge. He watches Mufasa and Simba with a gloomy look. His shadow mysteriously comes from the gorge (!). Mufasa is hit again by a wildebeest and unfortunately Simba falls out of his mouth. Simba gets up and dodges a couple of wildebeest. Mufasa comes running with the herd and catches Simba. He jumps to a nearby rock and sets Simba down on it. Simba is safe, but Mufasa is hit by a wildebeest and dragged into the frenzied herd.}

{Simba looks down in horror. He cannot find his father in the herd speeding by. At the last second, Mufasa jumps out of the herd. Simba watches as his father tries to climb a rocky slope. Simba turns and tries to climb further. Outside of Simba's view, Mufasa reaches a point under a ledge from where he cannot climb any further. His claws slip off and his hind paws cannot hold on to. Scar is standing on the ledge above him.}

{Scar looks down contemptuously. Suddenly he hits his claws in Mufasa's front paws. Mufasa roars; mainly from the sudden pain caused by Scar's claws, but no doubt also from the sudden realization. When he realizes Scar's intention, he gets a horrified expression.}

{Scar throws his brother back into the ravine. Mufasa falls back first. The camera follows Mufasa downstairs. First she is under him, then she passes over him. The herd can be seen racing by under Mufasa.}

{The camera suddenly switches to Simba and moves towards him. Simba sees his father hit the ground. No sound and no recording of the impact. Mufasa's and Simba's screams mix.}

{The herd goes by. The air is full of dust. Simba runs down into the canyon. Mufasa is nowhere to be seen.}

{We hear a noise}

{We see a single wildebeest running by, the cause of the smell. The wildebeest runs around a tree trunk and down the ravine. Next to the tree trunk is Mufasa. He doesn't move or breathe. Simba approaches his father. Very sad music. Again we realize how small Simba really is.}

Simba:{Hopeful} Papa? ... get up, papa. {He rubs against Mufasa's head. The head rolled back into the same position} You have to get up. {He puts both front paws on Mufasa's head and squeezes} Papa. Let's go home {He pulls on Mufasa's ear. Again the head rolls back into the same position. Simba goes away a bit, afraid.} HIIIILFEEE! Is there anybody? {His voice echoes off the walls of the canyon.} Someone ... {softly, sadly} Help.

{He cries. Simba turns to his father. He gets under Mufasa's paw so that his father hugs him. Short break.}

{Scar approaches slowly through the dusty air.}

Scar:Simba. ...What have you done?
Simba:{Jumps back, crying} The herd took me by surprise ... and ... and he wanted to save me ... it all happened so quickly, I ... I didn't want this to happen.
Scar:{Hugs Simba, still aloof} But no. Of course you didn't want that. Nobody, you know ... nobody want, {brings Simba closer; Simba hides his face in Scar's front paw} for such things to happen. ... But the king is dead. {Looks at Simba with mocking regret) And if so you had not been, he would still be alive. {Simba is down, he believes his guilt. Another idea from Scar.} Oh! What will your mother say about that?
Simba:{Sniffs} What should I do now?
Scar:Run away, Simba. Run... run far away and never come back.

{Simba runs away blind and broken. Short break for the audience to take a deep breath. The music stops. The three hyenas appear behind Scar.}

{The hyenas start running