How to make braciole with egg

Do eggs make you fat?

Eggs are a incredibly versatile food and are served daily by many people: as a breakfast egg, in a cake or even in a salad. Every German eats around 230 eggs every year!

This is precisely why figure-conscious people ask themselves: Are eggs allowed during a diet? Maybe even eggs do thick or fat? Or can you lose weight with them? We'll take a close look at the nutritional values ​​of eggs for you and clarify how you can stay slim with eggs!

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How many calories is there in an egg?

Eggs contain a lot of protein and are therefore real Powerhouses: Protein helps build muscle and is therefore important for nutrition, among other things. of athletes. In addition, protein keeps you full for a long time and thus protects against hunger pangs. However, eggs are also quite high in fat, which increases their calorie content. There are hardly any carbohydrates in the egg. When consumed in moderation, eggs definitely do not make you fat!

Nutritional values ​​of a medium-sized egg (55 g)
protein6.5 g
carbohydrates0.8 g
fat5.1 g

You can treat yourself to the breakfast egg without any problems, without having to worry about gaining weight!

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Here's how you can lose weight with eggs!

  1. Lean scrambled eggs: Do as the Americans do and leave out the yolks when making scrambled eggs. A scrambled egg made from 4 proteins contains only 88 calories (instead of 328 calories with 4 whole eggs). This is because the egg yolk contains the fat portion.
  2. Fried egg without fat: Fried eggs can also be fat free Prepare: To do this, simply heat some mineral water in the pan and fry the egg as normal. A non-stick pan is best so that nothing burns. Just give it a try!
  3. Eggs for dinner: Those who do without carbohydrates for dinner from time to time lose weight. An egg dish (e.g. with mushrooms, tofu or chicken) is a filling meal and contains hardly any carbohydrates.
  4. Eggs for breakfast accelerate fat loss: Those who eat eggs for breakfast every day lose weight faster - researchers were able to prove this in a study. So treat yourself to a delicious omelette for breakfast on a regular basis!

Conclusion: do eggs make you fat?

  • Eggs alone won't make you fat!
  • Eggs are good as part of a diet to fill you up
  • Just grab it at breakfast to stimulate your fat loss!
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