What does Bakayarou Konoyarou Ja texts do

Aaaaah. Stick. Especially with Seanchoi, Sanchui ... with this one Cthuluh blogger seen that the Blog-O-Quest still exists. Farmhand is responsible for her this month, and he has searched her cutting edge. It revolves around Corona. Cheers.

1) In total, has the influence of Corona on your hobby role play been negative, irrelevant or even positive?

Hmmmmmmmm. As well ... as. It has become more complicated for my house group, especially since it wasn't easy before because a new citizen welcomed the sun (so now I don't like "negative" and would like to replace it with "more complicated"). We switched to online, and that works quite well, although I would like to say: I understand why the little one is in micro-proximity, I wouldn't handle it any other way. On the other hand, when a yearling like this fully discharges himself into the microphone with his larynx, this is not necessarily easy for people with tinnitus like me with hypertension.

In this respect: more complicated. But we have had that more often in 20 years of group history, we can get it under control.

It is positive that I have put down my aversion to online RSP and am in another group, and thankfully as a player. Fun fact: We don't actually know each other personally, only through the SL, and that's an interesting situation.