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Garden furniture with a vintage look: You have these options

One thing is certain: the next gardening season is sure to come. And if you don't just want to work in your garden, you also want to see beautiful garden furniture that underlines your individual taste. The design of the garden does not stop with the lawn and the plants. You want to sit comfortably, feel good, live in your garden and on your terrace in summer. And just like in your living room, the furniture you sit on and on should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. Spending a lot of money on expensive garden accessories is one way. The more interesting alternative, however, is to get creative yourself.

Nostalgic chic for your garden

Garden furniture with a so-called vintage look is a new trend. This is actually a fashion term that stands for items of clothing that are either actually old and out of style, or items that look used. Often one speaks of "shabby chic", that is, "shabby chic". This means that you can give your furniture, be it new or used, an old-looking appearance. This can give your garden a dreamy, nostalgic and traditional look. You can prepare very different types of old furniture so that they match each other and have a uniform style. But you can also go the opposite way and process an originally uniform set of furniture so differently that it looks colorful and individual.