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You forgot the placeholder for the bmi (and the line terminator): System.out.printf ("Your BMI is% f \ n", bmi) ;. Here's the formatting syntax guide for your reference. How to Write a BMI Calculator in Java. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It is a measure of body mass based on height and weight of an individual. Using the range of BMI, individuals are classified as underweight, normal or overweight. Its value is in a specific range for a healthy individual. The following table shows the. Java program to calculate and display the Body Mass Index (BMI) of a user. 22 min - Uploaded by DJ OamenHow to Create BMI Calculator in Java Net Beans Using If Statement, Tab Control, jTextBox. 5 min - Uploaded by Joey HarborIn this video I show how to write a simple BMI calculator using java. Java exercises and solution: Write a Java program that print computing body mass index (BMI). Helene Martin, CSE 142 // This structured program computes one person's body mass index and // displays their weight status. // goal: demonstrate good decomposition and use of returns. // See chapter 4 case study for more details. // In particular, the "procedural design heuristics" section is excellent (p283) import java.util. nextDouble () ;. System.out.print ("Enter height in inches:") ;. double height = input.nextDouble () ;. double weightInKilogram = weight * KILOGRAMS_PER_POUND ;. double heightInMeters = height * METERS_PER_INCH ;. double bmi = weightInKilogram /. (heightInMeters * heightInMeters) ;. System.out.printf ("Your Body Mass. BMI Calculator: Help with output from BMI Calculator. We have three variables (all doubles): m (meters), kg (kilograms) and bmi (body mass index). We read in values ​​for m and kg, but bmi's value comes not from the human but as the result of a calculation. On line 14 we compute the mass divided by the square of the height and store the result into bmi. And then we print it out. Where Can I deploy my war file * BMI-Calculator - Java program calculates a persons Body Mass Index from user input of height and weight . How to make a BMI Calculator using Java. Today I am going to use Java to make a command line application called BMI Calculator which measures BMI (Body Mass Index). I have already post a tutorial to make a BMI calculator in Javascript. BMI : According to Wikipedia The BMI is an attempt to quantify the amount of. In this tutorial, you are going to learn you how to create a Body Mass Index Calculator for Android. This tutorial is. First step for the application is to define a layout letting users to enter weight and height values ​​to calculate the BMI index. Besides, we. Now, we can write the Java code in our Main Activity:. public class BMI {. public static scanner sc ;. public static void main (String args) {. sc = new scanner ( ;. int weight ;. double height ;. System.out.println ("This is a metric BMI calculator."); System.out.println ("Please enter your weight in kilograms:") ;. weight = sc.nextInt () ;. System.out.println ("Please enter your height in. BMI is an measure of your body fat. To calculate your BMI simply enter your height in cm and your weight in kg. The interpretation of the BMI results is as follows: UNDERWEIGHT: BMI =< 18.5="" normal="" weight:.="" java="" bmi="" calculator="" -="" posted="" in="" tech="" help:="" for="" a="" school="" assignment,="" we="" had="" to="" make="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" in="" java.="" i've="" gotten="" the="" gui="" down,="" but="" for="" some="" reason,="" when="" i="" press="" the="" calculate="" button,="" i="" get="" errors="" about="" 'unknown="" source'.="" i've="" tried="" google,="" but="" nothing="" came="" up="" that="" could="" help="" me.="" i've="" spent="" a="" long.="" java:="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi).="" bmi="" window.="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" program="" is="" in="" one="" file.="" sometimes="" the="" main="" program="" is="" put="" in="" a="" different="" file,="" but="" it's="" common="" to="" put="" it="" in="" the="" same="" class="" as="" the="" jframe="" subclass.="" the="" bmi="" calculator.="" 1="" 2="" 3="" 4="" 5="" 6="" 7="" 8="" 9="" 10="" 11="" 12="" 13="" 14="" 15="" 16="" 17="" 18="" 19="" 20="" 21="" 22="" 23="" 24="" 25="" 26="" 27="" 28="" 29="" 30="" 31="" 32="" 33="" 34.="" import=""*;="" import="" java.lang.*;="" class="" bmicalc="" {="" public="" static="" void="" main(string="" args)="" throws="" ioexception="" {="" float="" h,="" w,="" bmi;="" try="" {="" bufferedreader="" br="new" bufferedreader(new="" inputstreamreader(;="" system.out.println("enter="" the="" weight(in="" kgs):");="" w="Float.parseFloat(br.readLine());" system.out.println("enter="" the.="" phoneky="" -="" free="" bmi="" calculator="" java="" app,="" download="" app="" to="" your="" mobile.="" bmi="" calculator="" java="" free="" download.="" java="" tank="" calculator="" this="" is="" basically="" a="" calculator="" coded="" in="" java="" supporting="" scientific="" functions="" such="" as="" gamma,...="" i="" would="" have="" rather="" designed="" a="" different="" project,="" because="" i="" find="" the="" bmi="" to="" be="" an="" unreliable="" and="" bothersome="" concept.="" however="" this="" was="" my="" first="" assignment="" for="" my="" object="" oriented="" programming="" class="" so="" i="" had="" no="" choice.="" here="" are="" the="" following="" specs="" for="" the="" program.="" i="" created="" a="" java="" bmi="" calculator="" that="" accepts.="" ok.="" so="" there="" is="" instruction..="" i="" started="" writing="" code="" but="" i="" don't="" get="" this="" part.="" class="" healthprofile="" java="" code:="" import="" javax.swing.joptionpane;="" public.="" download="" free="" mobile="" phone="" application="" bmi="" calculator="" java.="" tons="" of="" other="" applications="" are="" available="" in="" category="" at="""" -="" 438.="" powerful="" and="" simple="" online="" compiler,="" ide,="" interpreter,="" and="" repl.="" code,="" compile,="" and="" run="" code="" in="" javascript,="" python,="" ruby,="" java,="" node.js,="" go,="" scheme,="" c,="" c#,="" c++,="" lua,="" coffeescript="" and="" much="" more.and="" more="" programming="" languages.="" hey="" guy's,.="" long="" time="" no="" seen.="" today="" i="" want="" to="" share="" with="" you="" java="" helper="" class="" that="" i="" have="" designed="" for="" one="" of="" the="" projects="" i="" am="" working="" on.="" this="" class="" will="" be="" useful="" for="" you,="" if="" your="" application="" works="" with="" height="" and="" weight="" conversions,="" also="" if="" you="" need="" to="" calculate="" body="" mass="" index.="" my="" helper="" class="" has.="" java="" ·="" gameboy="" ·="" directx.="" bmi="" calculator.="" it="" has="" been="" a="" really="" long="" while="" since="" we="" did="" much="" programming.="" so="" i="" got="" a="" new="" phone="" finally="" and="" downloaded="" the="" android="" sdk="" ,="" six="" months="" later="" i="" had="" written="" an="" application="" for="" it,="" and="" another="" six="" or="" so="" months="" later="" i="" have="" finally="" posted="" it="" online.="" what="" is="" it?="" it="" is="" a="" body="" mass="" index.="" download="" free="" bmi="" calculator="" .="" from="" section:="" java="" mobile="" software="" free="" &="" category:="" free="" mobile="" softwares.="" filetype:="" symbian="" s40="" software="" &="" size:="" 6.08="" kb.="" in="" this="" post="" we="" will="" see="" how="" can="" we="" create="" our="" first="" android="" application="" bmi="" calculator="" using="" simple="" xml="" and="" java="" coding.="" you="" can="" run="" it="" in="" mobile="" devices="" and.="" bmi="" calculator="" with="" java.="" the="" homeworks="" brief="" looks="" like:="" make="" a="" personbmi="" class!="" there="" is="" name,="" weight="" (all="" in="" kg),="" height="" (real,="" in="" meter)="" datas.="" it="" must="" have="" a="" constructor="" which="" got="" the="" values="" than="" inicialise="" them.="" it="" must="" have="" a="" method,="" which="" outputs="" the="" bmi="" (bmi="weight/(heightxheight)." it="" must="" have="" a="" method="" which.="" all="" in="" java="" please.="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" calculator="" program:="" bmi="" is="" an="" important="" indicator="" of="" one's="" health.="" following="" formula="" is="" used="" in="" calculating="" bmi.="" write="" a="" program="" that="" asks="" the="" user="" to="" input="" weight="" in="" pounds="" and="" height="" (feet="" and="" inches)="" and="" then="" calculate="" the="" bmi.="" formula="" for="" the="" bmi:="" bmi="" (lbs/in^2)="(weight" in.="" java="" bmi="" calculator="" java="" desktop="" application="" java="" application="" example="" java="" profiling="" tools="" java="" gui="" programming="" java="" gui="" example="" java="" gui="" swing="" bmi="" java="" calculator="" desktop="" java="" application="" gui="" java="" swing="" programming="" gui="" java.="" bmi="" calculator="" in="" java.="" a.="" java="" program="" for="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" is="" commonly="" used="" by="" health="" and="" nutrition="" professionals="" to="" estimate="" human="" body="" fat="" in="" populations.="" it="" is="" computed="" by="" taking="" the="" individual's="" weight="" (mass)="" in="" kilograms="" and="" dividing="" it="" by="" the="" square="" of="" their="" height="" in="" meters.="" write="" a="" java.="" if="" you="" want="" a="" quick="" way="" to="" check="" if="" you're="" under="" or="" overweight="" then="" install="" body="" mass="" index="" on="" your="" phone.="" this="" free="" app="" calculates="" your="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" instantly.="" all="" you="" need="" to="" do="" is="" enter="" your="" height="" and="" weight="" and="" click="" 'calculate'="" from="" the="" options="" menu.="" besides="" giving="" you="" the="" bmi="" figure,="" the="" program="" will="" display.="" hi="" everybody="" this="" is="" my="" first="" post="" (of="" many,="" i="" hope)="" and="" i'll="" start="" by="" saying="" that="" i="" am="" an="" absolute="" beginner="" with="" any="" programming="" language,="" so="" please="" talk="" to="" me="" like="" the="" baby="" that="" i="" am.="" i'm="" writing="" this="" bmi="" calculator="" mainly="" to="" try="" to="" teach="" myself="" a="" bit="" of="" code,="" and="" so="" far="" i="" have="" got="" far="" enough="" to="" have="" a="" working.="" javascript="" source="" code:="" body="" mass="" index="" calculator.="" import="" java.awt.*;="" import="" java.awt.event.*;="" import="" javax.swing.*;="" public="" class="" bmigui="" {="" private="" int="" width="300;" private="" int="" height="120;" private="" jframe="" frame;="" private="" jpanel="" panel;="" private="" jlabel="" heightlabel,="" weightlabel,="" bmilabel,="" resultlabel;="" private="" jtextfield="" height,="" weight;="" private="" jbutton="" calculate;.="" this="" pin="" was="" discovered="" by="" mint="" code.="" discover="" (and="" save!)="" your="" own="" pins="" on="" pinterest.="" calculatebmi.settext("calculate="" bmi");="" calculatebmi.addactionlistener(new="" java.awt.event.actionlistener()="" {="" public="" void="" actionperformed(java.awt.event.actionevent="" evt)="" {="" calculatebmiactionperformed(evt);="" }="" });="" feetlable.settext("in="" feet");="" poundslable.settext("in="" pounds");="" headerbmi.settext("bmi="" calculator");="" sexlable.="" hi="" all,="" i="" need="" to="" calculate="" bmi="" (take="" 'weight'="" and="" divide="" by="" 'height'="" twice)="" and="" show="" in="" the="" advice="" textbox="" with="" the="" result.="" i="" had="" added="" in="" the="" numberformatexception="" to="" check="" for="" user="" input="" but="" i="" have="" problem="" with="" the="" lines="" after="" it.="" please="" advise="" how="" can="" i="" eliminate="" the="" error.="" appreciate="" the="" help.="" thanks.="" import.="" since="" body="" mass="" index="" is:="" (weight="" in="" kilograms)="" (height="" in="" meters)^2.="" we="" will="" need="" to="" convert="" to="" metric="" units.="" design="" document:="" bmicalculator.="" the="" pow="" method="" is="" used="" in="" the="" calculation="" of="" the="" bmi.="" this="" class="" is="" from="" java.lang.="" math.="" an="" outputbox="" object="" is="" used="" to="" display="" a="" description="" of="" the="" program,="" the="" input="" values,="" and.="" named="" bmi="" calculator="" ideal="" weight,="" this="" application="" is="" available="" in="" both="" versions="" on="" the="" google="" play="" store="" :="" bmi="" calculator="" -="" ideal="" weight.="" bmi="" calculator="" pro="" lets="" you="" to="" calculate="" your="" body="" mass="" index="" and="" ideal="""" java="" code.="" now,="" we="" can="" write="" the="" java="" code="" in="" our="" main="" activity="" :.="" this="" tutorial="" is="" ideal="" for="" beginners="" that="" want="" to="" discover="" how="" to="" create="" a="" first="" application.="" you="" can="" discover="" the="" tutorial="" in="" video="" on="" youtube="" :="""Jaipz7Pg5zw" create="" a="" body="" mass="" index="" calculator="" for="" android="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" or="" quetelet="" index="" is="" a="" value="" derived="" from.="" free="" download="" of="" bmi="" calculator="" app="" for="" java.="" easily="" download="" this="" bmi="" calculator="" jar="" fast.="" write="" a="" program="" that="" calculates="" and="" displays="" a="" person's="" bmi.="" bmi="" calculator="" in="" java.="" this="" problem="" can="" be="" found="" in="" the="" named="" '="" learn="" java="" the="" hard="" way="" (second="" edition)="" '.="" import="" java.util.scanner;.="" public="" class="" bmicalculator="" {="" public="" static="" void="" main(="" string="" args="" )="" {="" scanner="" keyboard="new" scanner(;="" double="" m,="" kg,="" bmi;.="" system.out.print(="" “your="" height="" in="" m:.="" 2.33.="" (body="" mass="" index="" calculator)="" we="" introduced="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" calculator="" in="" exercise="" 1.10.="" the="" formulas="" for="" calculating="" bmi="" are.="" 069equ01.jpg.="" or.="" 069equ02.jpg.="" create="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" that="" reads="" the="" user's="" weight="" in="" pounds="" and="" height="" in="" inches="" (or,="" if="" you="" prefer,="" the="" user's="" weight="" in="" kilograms.="" in="" this="" tutorial,="" we="" will="" learn="" how="" to="" calculate="" bmi="" or="" body="" mass="" index="" by="" taking="" weight="" in="" pounds,height="" in="" inches="" and="" weight="" in="" kilogram,="" height="" in="" meters.="" so="" i'm="" taking="" an="" intro="" class="" to="" java="" and="" my="" assignment="" is="" to="" calculate="" the="" users="" bmi="" using="" (weight="" heightxheight)="" )="" x="" 703.="" i="" am="" mostly="" confused...="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" is="" a="" height/weight="" ratio="" that="" applies="" to="" both="" men="" and="" women.="" it="" is="" calculated="" by="" dividing="" weight="" in="" kilograms="" by="" height="" in="" meters="" squared.="" this="" healing="" heart="" bmi="" calculator="" uses="" pounds,="" feet="" and="" inches="" and="" converts="" them="" to="" metric.="" the="" medical="" profession="" is="" gradually="" adopting="" bmi="" instead="" of="" old.="" if="" you="" have="" a="" web="" site="" related="" to="" health="" or="" dieting,="" or="" you="" just="" want="" to="" provide="" more="" useful="" features="" on="" your="" web="" site,="" you="" can="" provide="" a="" bmi="" calculator.="" this="" article="" shows="" you="" how="" to="" code="" a="" java="" script="" bmi="" calculator="" for="" your="" web="" site.="" bmi="" calculator="" free="" 2.02.="" try="" the="" bmi="" (body="" mass="" index)="" calculator="" to="" find="" out="" enter="" your="" name,gender,weight="" &="" height="" in="" the="" application="" the="" application="" calculates="" &="" tells="" you="" if="" you="" are="" normal,under="" or="" overweight.="" platforms:="" java.="" categories:="" healthcare="" &="" medicine.="" sponsored="" links:="" download="" directly="" from.="" hey="" guy's,="" long="" time="" no="" seen.="" today="" i="" want="" to="" share="" with="" you="" java="" helper="" class="" that="" i="" have="" designed="" for="" one="" of="" the="" projects="" i="" am="" working="" on.="" this="" class="" will="" be="" useful="" for="" you,="" if="" your="" application="" works="" with="" height="" and="" weight="" conversions,="" also="" if="" you="" need="" to="" calculate="" body="" mass="" index.="" my…="" resource="" files.="" there="" are="" 1="" image="" files="" in="" android-bmi-calculator.="" the="" names="" of="" the="" image="" files="" are="" listed="" as="" follows.="" bmi.png.="" the="" following="" screenshort="" is="" generated="" from="" the="" image="" listed="" above.="" null.="" java="" source="" files.="" android-bmi-calculator="" has="" the="" following="" java="" source="" files.="""" com.bmi.bmi_calc_act.="" application="" name="" &="" version:="" bmi="" calculator="" 1.0="" android="" version:="" 4.4.4="" date="" reported:="" 2015-08-17.="" android="" sdk="" built="" for="" x86.="" e/androidruntime(24441):="" fatal="" exception:="" main="" e/androidruntime(24441):="" process:="" com.zola.bmi,="" pid:="" 24441="" e/androidruntime(24441):="" java.lang.illegalstateexception:="" could="" not="" execute.="" the="" easiest="" way="" to="" learn="" the="" basics="" of="" java="" and="" android="" development="" is="" to="" dive="" head="" first="" into="" coding,="" of="" course="" you'll="" need="" some="" basic="" understanding="" of="" java,="" or="" programming="" in="" general.="" in="" this="" article="" i'm="" going="" to="" guide="" you="" through="" making="" a="" simple="" app="" which="" can="" calculate="" your="" body="" mass="" index.="" this="" is="" the="" live="" code="" sandbox="" for="" beginning="" java="" programming:="" the="" object-oriented="" approach="" chapter="" 2.="" this="" example="" uses="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" to="" demonstrate="" the="" java="" language="" structure.="" click="" “view="" project”="" to="" run="" the="" example="" in="" your="" browser="" or="" edit="" the="" code="" and="" then="" click="" “view="" project”="" to="" run="" it="" with="" your.="" objectives="" understand="" how="" to="" use="" the="" java="" foundation="" classes="" (jfc)="" to="" create="" graphical="" user="" interfaces.="" lab="" assignment="" this="" lab="" assignment="" will="" ask="" you="" to="" write="" a="" program="" using="" the="" java="" foundation="" classes.="" exercise="" 1="" create="" a="" new="" project="" named="" bmicalculator="" create="" a="" gui="" application="" where="" the="" user="" enters="" a="" height.="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" calculator="" is="" an="" indicator="" of="" obesity.="" this="" application="" helps="" user="" to="" asses="" the="" probable="" risk="" of="" diseases="" like="" heart="" disease,="" diabetes="" etc.="" bmi="" will="" be="" calculated="" based="" on="" values="" of="" weight="" &="" height="" entered="" by="" user.="" it="" also="" provides="" relevant.="" min.="" required="" java="" version:="" cldc-1.1.="" category:="" health.="" price.="" writing="" code="" for="" your="" app="" after="" designing="" the="" ui,="" we="" have="" to="" write="" a="" small="" piece="" of="" code,="" that="" trigger="" bmi="" calculation="" when="" user="" click="" the="" "calculate"="" button.="" this="" is="" written="" in="" the="" src/"" file.="" check="" the="" below="" code="" and="" make="" sure="" you="" understand.="" programming="" language="" such="" as="" java.="" we="" will="" look="" also="" at="" this="" stepwise="" refinement="" process.="" a="" personalized="" bmi="" calculator.="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" lets="" us="" determine="" how="" much="" weight="" we="" should="" lose="" or="" gain="" to="" be="" in="" the="" range="" of="" acceptable="" bmis.="" however,="" the="" bmi="" calculator="" we="" coded="" in="" the="" last="" chapter="" is="" a="" general="" purpose="" one.="" this="" tutorial="" shows="" you="" how="" to="" get="" started="" with="" android="" programming.="" the="" goal="" for="" the="" tutorial="" is="" to="" create="" a="" simple="" bmi="" calculator.="" in="" this="" project="" we="" will="" use="" text="" fields="" edittext="" ,="" simple="" mathematics="" and="" update="" of="" textview="" .="" you="" will="" need="" android="" studio="" and="" java="" development="" kit="" installed="" on="" your="" computer.="" these="" can="" be.="" author:="" graham="" mitchell;="" filename:="""" bmi="" calculator.="" (this="" assignment="" was="" suggested="" by="" joel="" h="" in="" 2012.)="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" is="" commonly="" used="" by="" health="" and="" nutrition="" professionals="" to="" estimate="" human="" body="" fat="" in="" populations.="" it="" is="" computed="" by="" taking="" the="" individual's="" weight="" (mass)="" in="" kilograms="" and.="" in="" pounds="" and="" returns="" the="" bmi="" using="" the="" formula:="" weight="" *="" 703="" height2="" the="""" bmi="" code="" could="" someone="" help="" me="" with="" this="" heightininches(="" )="" takes="" 2="" integer="" parameters,="" feet="" and="" inches="" which="" represents="" someone?s="" height.="" bmi="" calculator,="" bmi="" calculator="" iphone,="" bmi="" calculator="" iphone="" now="" calculate="" bmi,="" body="" mass="" index,="" in="" your="" program.="" bmi="" is="" calculated="" by="" dividing="" weight="" in="" kilograms="" by="" height="" squared;="" in="" other="" words,="" divide="" weight="" by="" height="" and="" then="" divide="" by="" height="" again.="" modify="" the="" program="" so="" that="" it="" produces="" the="" following="" output,="" which="" should="" updated="" appropriately="" if="" you="" change="" the="" values="" of="" the.="" bmi="" calculator,="" free="" and="" safe="" download.="" bmi="" calculator="" latest="" version:="" work="" out="" your="" body="" mass="" index.="" bmi="" calculator="" is="" a="" good,="" free="" software="" also="" available="" for="" android="" and="" palm="" os,="" being="" part="" of="" the...="" description:="" this="" calculator="" calculates="" your="" body="" mass="" based="" on="" the="" inputted="" weight="" and="" height,="" plus="" gives="" you="" a="" word="" or="" two="" on="" your="" health!="" example:="" enter="" your="" weight="" in="" kilograms="" and="" your="" height="" in="" centimeters="" in="" the="" form="" below="" and="" press="" the="" "let's="" see"="" button="" (please="" read="" disclaimer="" below="" before="" using="" this="" form).="" download="" bmi="" calculator="" (320x240)="" nokia="" c3="" java="" app="" to="" your="" mobile="" for="" free,="" in="" jar,="" uploaded="" by="" nareshmigital="" in="" health="" &="" fitness.="" bmi="" calculator="" (320x240).jar="" download="" and="" free="" nokia="" c3="" java="" apps="" downloads="" like="" bmi="" calculator="" (320x240)="" &="" send="" to="" your="" mobile.="" use="" this="" script="" to="" calculate="" your="" bmi="" (body="" mass="" index).="" measurements="" are="" computed="" using="" the="" metric="" system.="" a="" perfect="" addition="" for="" a="" health="" web="" site.="" gui="" development="" with="" the="" netbeans="" ide="" -="" posted="" in="" java="" tutorials:="" making="" a="" gui="" with="" netbeanslots="" of="" people="" learn="" to="" make="" a="" gui="" program="" by="" handwriting="" the="" code.="" this="" can="" be.="" our="" program="" will="" prompt="" for="" the="" patient's="" height="" and="" weight,="" calculate="" the="" bmi="" and="" display="" a="" message="" from="" the="" table="" below.="" calculate="" bmi.="" bmi="weight/(height" *="" height).="" •="" output="" bmi.="" component="" 4/unit="" 5-3.="" health="" it="" workforce="" curriculum.="" version="" 2.0/spring="" 2011.="" 17="" import="" java.util.*;="" import="" package="" for="" keyboard="" input="" public="" class="" calcbmi="" start="" of="" class="" and="" program.="" {="" public="" static="" void="" main(string="" args)="" main.="" {="" double="" bmi,="" weight,="" height;.="" added="" on="" :="" 22.7.2013.="" added="" by="" :="" downloaded="" :="" 759="" times.="" file="" comments.="" tags="" :="" download="" bmi="" calculator.jar="" free="" games,="" apps,="" 3gp="" videos,="",="",="" mobile="" downloads="" ,="" download="" bmi="" calculator.jar="" free,="" download="" application/java-archive="" free.="" implementing="" test="" using="" selenium="" webdriver.="" i="" am="" using="" a="" sample="" bmi="" calculator="" app="" developed="" with="" native="" ios="" sdk="" for="" this="" example.="" bmi="" calculator="" app.="" build="" the="" app="" using="" xcodebuild="" command="" (in="" this="" example="" the="" bmicalc="" app)="" xcodebuild="" -sdk="" iphonesimulator6.1.="" i="" am="" using="" maven="" to="" setup="" a="" java="" project="" for="" this="" test.="" this="" code="" will="" calculate="" bmi="" &="" will="" tell="" whether="" you="" are="" underweight,normal="" or="" overweight.="" how="" to="" use="" this="" code.="" 1.create="" new="" project="" 2.copy="" java="" code="" to="" .java="" file="" 3.copy="" layout="" code="" to="" xml="" under="" layout="" 4.copy="" menu="" code="" to="" xml="" under="" menu="" greetings="" to="" all="" experts,="" i="" am="" a="" newbie="" here="" in="" java="" oop="" and="" is="" struggling="" in="" practicing="" how="" to="" code.="" not="" only="" in="" java,="" but="" in="" many="" other="" programming="" languages,="" there="" is="" usually="" an="" “event="" loop,”="" which="" is="" a="" background="" task="" that="" constantly="" checks="" for="" any="" new="" event="" and="" responds="" accordingly.="" this="" type="" of="" program="" is="" said.="" creating.="" a.="" bmi.="" calculator.="" in="" this="" try="" it="" out,="" you="" create="" a="" graphical="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" calculator.="" i="" need="" to="" create="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" and="" i="" know="" there="" is="" a="" forum="" before,="" but="" i="" need="" to="" use="" 'if'="" statements="" for="" the="" status="" but="" i="" cant="" get="" it="" to="" work.="" the="" formula="" is="" to="" calculate="" bmi:="" weight="" (in="" kg)="" height="" (in="" meters)^2="" or="" weight="" (in="" lbs.)="" *703/="" height="" in="" inches="" ^="" 2="" these="" are="" the="" categories:="" class="" bmi="" extends="" jframe="" {.="" create="" button="" and="" add="" action="" listener.="" jbutton="" bmibutton="new" jbutton(="" "compute="" bmi"="" );.="" bmibutton.addactionlistener(="" new="" bmilistener());..="" here="" is="" a="" java="" class="" to="" calculate="" the="" volume="" of="" box.="" class="" box="" {="" double="" width;="" double="" height;="" double="" depth;="" this="" is="" the="" con.="" bmi="" calculator="" project="" -="" 10="" points.="" create="" a="" bmi="" (body="" mass="" index)="" calculator,="" that="" will="" display="" the="" persons="" bmi="" index="" and="" also="" a="" determination="" if="" the="" person="" is="" overweight,="" underweight,="" obese="" or="" normal.="" use="" this="" for="" reference="" on="" the="" calculations.="" you="" can="" use="" the="" math="" class="" to="" square.="" your="" finished="" project="" will="" look="" a="" bit="" like.="" calculate="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" from="" height="" and="" weight="" var="" height="Number(%filltext:name=m:default=1.64:width=5%);//" meters="" var="" weight="Number(%filltext:name=kg:default=57.5:width=5%);//" kilograms="" "body="" mass="" index="" for="" subject="" "="" +="" height.tofixed(2)="" +="" "m="" tall="" weighing="" "="" +.="" easiest:="" intermediate:="" challenging:="" case="" project="" 11–1:="" bmi="" calculator="" app="" requirements="" document="" application="" title:="" purpose:="" algorithms:="" 1.="" 2.="" 3.="" 4.="" 5.="" conditions:="" 1.="" the="" body="" mass="" index="" is="" displayed="" to="" one-tenth="" of="" a="" decimal="" body="" mass="" index="" (bmi)="" calculator="" app="" a="" body="" mass="" index="" calculator="" app="" computes="" your="" bmi.="" files="""" and="""" contain="" skeletons="" for="" a="" program="" that="" uses="" a="" gui="" to="" let="" the="" user="" compute="" their="" bmi.="" this="" is="" similar="" to="" the="" fahrenheit="" program="" in="" listings="" 4.12="" and="" 4.13="" of="" the="" text.="" fill="" in="" the="" code="" as="" indicated="" by="" the="" comments="" and="" compile="" and="" run="" this="" program;="" you="" should="" see="" the="" bmi="" calculator="" displayed.="" public="" class="" bmi="" extends="" jframe="" implements="" actionlistener{="" jtextfield="" txtfeet="new" jtextfield("6");="" jtextfield="" txtinches="new" jtextfield("0");="" jtextfield="" txtpounds="new" jtextfield("180");="" jlabel="" lblbmi="new" jlabel("0");="" jlabel="" lblstatus="new" jlabel("");="" jbutton="" btncalc="new" jbutton("calculate");="" public="" static="" void.="" 4="" ❘="" chapter="" 1="" a="" general="" introduction="" to="" programming="" flowchart="" symbol="" meaning="" a="" diamond="" indicates="" a="" object-oriented="" programming:="" a="" sneak="" preview="" ❘="" 5="" easily="" track="" bugs="" down="" and="" correct="" 6="" ❘="" chapter="" 1="" a="" general="" introduction="" to="" programming="" public="" void="" calculate(){="" bmi="" principles="" of="" software="" testing.="" this="" is="" fairly="" uncomplicated="" and="" novice="" php="" code,="" but="" it's="" a="" php="" bmi="" (body="" mass="" index)="" calculator.="" if="" anyone="" would="" like="" to="" modify="" it="" and="" give="" it="" fancy="" bells="" and....="" a="" guide="" to="" modern="" java="" web="" development="" with="" crafter="" cms.="" crafter="" software.="" empowering="" digital="" innovation="" at="" homeaway.="" nodesource.="" is="" it="" possible="" to="" use="" calculator="" functionality="" in="" storyline?="" thanks.="" this="" program="" uses="" largely="" the="" same="" code="" as="" we="" used="" in="" the="" array="" of="" objects="" +="" name="" field="" but="" instead="" of="" just="" displaying="" the="" data="" this="" program="" uses="" the="" data="" to="" calculate="" the="" users="" bmi.="" here's="" the="" full="" code.="" below="" it="" i="" will="" explain="" new="" code="" from="" the="" array="" of="" objects="" example="" explained="" previously.="" package…="" cheng's="" example="" is="" a="" calculator="" that,="" given="" a="" user's="" height="" and="" weight,="" calculates="" the="" individual's="" body="" mass="" index="" and="" then="" makes="" a="" comment="" (usually="" light-hearted)="" about="" the="" implications="" of="" the="" calculated="" index.="" the="" comments="" range="" from="" "umm_you="" are="" obese,="" want="" some="" liposuction?"="" to="" "you="" are="" starving.="" go="" find="" some.="" you="" can="" create="" a="" bmi="" calculator="" using="" javascript.="" the="" formula="" for="" bmi(body="" mass="" index)="" is="" as="" follows:="" bmi="weight/(height)^2." where="" weight="" is="" in="" kg="" and="" height="" in="" cm.="" in="" the="" html="" page,="" you="" can="" create="" three="" text="" box="" using="" the="" tag="" to="" accept="" the="" user="" inputs="" for="" name,="" height="" and="" weight.="" in="" the="" javascript.="" note:="" if="" a="" red="" "java="" enabled"="" does="" not="" appear="" at="" right="" between="" the="" arrows="" --=""> , you MUST change your browser settings to enable Java / JavaScript in order to use this calculator. Drop down to: .. Risk Chart .. BMI Table .. BMI Calculator about the Body Mass Index BEFORE using the table or calculator.