How do shrimp skimmers work

Cal Aqua Labs Black Earth Premium

I decided on this soil because I couldn't find any testimonials and wanted to try something new.

I have been using the soil since January 16, 2016, in a 47 liter tank.

In this basin I used about 5 liters of Black Earth.

As with my previous Help soil, I really like the multi-grain size. Here you can sieve the soil with the help of a bonsai sieve, and thus obtain a finer soil as a top layer.

Another advantage is that the soil does not get dusty.

But here I can only refer to the Help Soil again,

which had a lot of dust in the bag.

I can't say 100% whether this is always the case with Help Soil, I bought 3 bags in a period of 4 months and they all had soil dust in the bag.

Let's get to the water values.

I can't say much here because the pool has only been standing for 10 days.

I only used osmosis water, which is prepared with Duradrakon GH + and Preis Mineral Salt.

The basin was started with the following parameters.

GH - 7th

KH - 0

No3 - 15 mg / l

Po4 - 0.8 mg / l

K - 6 mg / l

Fe - none

so far I have not been able to determine that the soil has any nutrients,

pulls out of the water column.

Po4 can be detected for approx. 3 days, refer again here to the Help Soil

which at the beginning swallowed 2mg / l Po4 daily.

If the pool runs longer I will bring an update here.