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by Sylvi February 5, 2011

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Chaosweib recorded a nice blog stick on her blog and now passed it on to me. Everyone has to find out which song was on the 1st place in the charts on their birthday. Well, I was born on a hot August day in 1967 (au crap, outed 😉) and am therefore a real Leo. But which song was being rumbled up and down on the radios that day?

How do I find out which song was in the charts on my birthday?

  1. Go to http://www.nr1finder.de/ and click on the song research on date, there you enter your birthday and then on search click
  2. Now it appears underneath which song your song is - the song was always on the radio when you were born
  3. copy the song and the number of weeks it has been on the charts into your blog post
  4. Next, go up and find your song and post that in your post as well
  5. You are welcome to write whether you even know the song
  6. Finished!
  7. A day is always passed on, but I set the maximum number to 5 more people so that it remains clearer
  8. Have fun!

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the song, even though I started with the title A Whiter Shade Of Pale of Procol Harum couldn't start anything. But at the first sounds I felt a déjà vu and all of a sudden I saw LSD-smoking Woodstockers dancing around naked in a meadow after taking drugs - oh well, what a cliché 😀

No, I think it's really very nice and I also think I can remember that many years later I still swum at class parties afterwards.
The song was two weeks long - from August 5th to 18th, 1967 it was number 1 in the charts.

Now I would like to pass this blog stick on to 5 bloggers and hope you have just as much fun finding out which is your birthday song:


fit and happy


Miki caught in the net


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