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How to grow a chair in a garden bed: An English designer bred a new type of furniture

It is believed that anything grown in the garden without chemicals is the best: vegetables, fruits, herbs. What about furniture? Today we tell you about a farm where furniture grows. The designer Gavin Monroe created an unusual garden. He has already learned to grow chairs, tables and lamps.

How the idea of ​​a furniture farm came about

For several decades, Gavin had an image in his head of a bonsai tree growing in his parents' garden: it was incredibly similar to a chair. Even then he suspected that the growth of trees could be controlled.

All of this turned into a nice idea at one point: why do you have to wait a long time for the plant to mature and make some furniture out of it to get a shape? But nature itself can create a unique pattern according to the scheme sketched out by man.

This thought gave impetus to the organization of the first furniture farm. Gavin began planting trees, mostly oak, ash, and willow. After the tree has grown a little, Monroe places it in a special shape, a frame that regulates the growth of the plant and gives the shape that the designer needs.

How many years does a chair grow?

A generation of chairs grows in 4-8 years. At the same time others are growing and everyone needs to be looked after. It's quite difficult, but the design team is always happy with the result. The result of their work can already be seen in various museums in Europe. Environmentally friendly and durable chairs are also bought by common green art connoisseurs.

And Gavin doesn't stop there, he has big plans for his still small farm. Monroe plans to add at least 400 chairs, tables and lampshades.

A lot of emphasis is placed on green technologies in his garden. All frames can be recycled, the soil is fertilized including with tea bags.

Do you think such furniture is worth the titanic effort? Or do you have to manufacture furniture according to the usual algorithm?

Source: travelask

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