What happened to Magnum Pi Dogs Zeus

A hard-on in front of my cousin

What happened to me my cousin saw my great friend.
I only wore boxers because I was home alone.
I was bored so I read a little newspaper and then lay down I put the newspaper on my boxer shorts and fell asleep I didn't notice my cousin visiting when she saw me with the newspaper she thought nothing but she saw one Arch and lifted the newspaper what she saw underneath!
My penis was too stiff and came out through the opening of the boxer.
I woke up and saw that my cousin was quickly putting the newspaper out of it.
I was very calm and packed up my penis. :-(
She just said guys.
She is 18, I'm 18 too.
Fortunately, I don't have a small penis, they say whoever does fitness gets a smaller penis. I've been doing fitness for 2 years.
But not a small penis

... when I was 16 my sister (17) had a friend with her to stay the night. In the evening I went to my room and wanted to get it really cool, which I did, I just couldn't have guessed that my sister and her friend (18) had set up a camera. They then watched that video all night.
Well) -:

What does the length have to do with the topic here? I think that's totally uninteresting for the topic of the thread.

That was clearly embarrassing. How long is yours

Embarrassing how old are you?

Something similar happened to me once ... my little sister slept in my room with me .. I had to get up earlier than she because I had to go to work. I had the morning latte, probably know all men;) ... in any case, I got up, turned on the light and wanted to change ... I just had my shorts down, because she wakes up ... she really looks up my thing .. and asks: "why is it?" xD