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Process and background of the TEDDY study

The TEDDY study examines the environmental causes of type 1 diabetes in children. Scientists suspect that in addition to the inherited diabetes risk genes, the environment can also cause type 1 diabetes. In order to be able to research these environmental influences in more detail, the Institute for Diabetes Research is looking for infants who have diabetes risk genes.

In order to find these children for the study, the Institute for Diabetes Research offers an initial examination for newborns free of charge in order to determine the individual risk of diabetes. To do this, the obstetrician draws around two milliliters of umbilical cord blood shortly after delivery. This process is routine work and can be carried out by any obstetrician. The blood is then sent to the Institute for Diabetes Research with the parents' declaration of consent. The result is available after about six to eight weeks. The examination can be made up to three months after the birth. In this case, the pediatrician wins the blood with a small prick in the heel. If a newborn has diabetes risk genes, the Institute for Diabetes Research offers close follow-up examinations. The child is regularly checked for antibodies, the harbingers of type 1 diabetes.

In this way, the disease cannot develop slowly; if it does develop, insulin therapy can be started immediately. In addition, stool samples are examined and data on diet and lifestyle are collected in order to identify every possible trigger for type 1 diabetes. Trained study supervisors take care of the participating families.

Take part too! So far, 16,794 children have been successfully examined in Germany. Give your baby this precaution too.

Interested parties can contact the Institute for Diabetes Research, K├Âlner Platz 1, 80804 Munich, Tel. 0800 33 83 339 or email: [email protected]

More information is available at

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