What is the net social profit

The buch7 principle - simply doing good!

We support social, cultural or ecological projects with 75% of our profit.

What does "75% of our profit" mean?

Based on the sales price of the article, all costs must first be covered. We donate 75% of the resulting profit. Find out more about our cost structure and how much can be effectively donated!

Which projects are funded?

There is no fixed grid and no formal requirements for our funding: the project only has to have added social value and pursue predominantly altruistic purposes. We are happy to receive informal suggestions for projects to be supported at any time. We select these very carefully so that we can be sure that the funds will be used exactly for the intended purpose. A general distribution of the subsidies, e.g. through a customer agreement, would be very attractive, but we have made the experience that it is precisely the projects that are not so "audience-effective" where financial support is often particularly necessary. That is why we like to go to the "trouble" of searching intensively for the best funding projects.

How can you make the most of donations?

Read here how you can easily make the most donations possible!

Our other services at a glance


  • The prices of German books are fixed by the fixed book price. As a result, they cost just as much with us as with the other dealers.
  • We deliver completely free of charge within Germany! For delivery to other countries see here.


  • Our logistics partners now have around 900,000 titles in stock that can be sent immediately, as well as around 1.5 million e-books that can be accessed. Another 7.5 million items can be procured through international bulk deliveries with different delivery times. And there are more and more - thousands of new items are added every day.
  • In addition to German books, our range also includes large quantities of foreign books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, video cassettes, music cassettes, calendars, maps, ...


  • Our order processing is now largely automated. This means that your orders will be sent to our logistics partners, for example, in the shortest possible time. In the event of any problems of any kind, our customer service team receives a message so that they can be resolved immediately.
  • We aim to offer our customers excellent service. That is why we are constantly trying to improve our shop even further.

And what do you get out of it?

buch7.de is a powerful online shop with many available articles, short delivery times, comparable prices and the right service. In addition, we offer you our special bonus: With every purchase you support charitable projects. The profit lies not only with buch7.de, but at least as much with many social projects that could not be realized without such support. You too have shared our idealism and helped shape a better world a little!

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