What does flexin mean on Instagram

Flex & flexen: meaning in the net language

When browsing the net, one comes across expressions whose meaning is unclear at first glance. For example, one often reads the expression “flex” or “flexen” on Twitter.

Flexes and other terms: We explain network jargon

What does this "flexing" mean? The term can not only be read online, but has also found its way into youth language in the "real" world.

What do "flex" and "flexen" mean?

The term comes from the English. "To flex" and translated in German means "to bend". However, there is no unambiguous meaning of the expression, but must be deduced from the respective context.

  • When a bodybuilder "flexes", he stands in front of the mirror and sets his own Muscles on display.
  • Also general Specify can be called that. For example, someone who wears expensive, sumptuous clothes flexes.
  • In rap jargon, "flexen" also refers to rapping changing speed or pronunciation. In addition, a rapper also "flexes" when he "destroys" others with his rap style.
  • The term “flex” is also used in rap songs for cocaine or other drugs.
  • "Flex" is the name of a well-known electric tool that can be used to grind objects.
  • “Flexing” with someone, “flexing away” or “flexing through” someone can also mean that one has sexual intercourse with him or her.

That means "Flex"

The term is also used in the tech field. Behind “Amazon Flex”, for example, is the project in which private individuals instead of parcel service providers deliver. “Flex” here means “flexible”, “adaptable”. Vodafone offers the "GigaCube Flex" tariff, in which you only have to pay when you use the device you have booked. Here the fees are adjusted to the actual usage. Fitbit has a fitness bracelet called "Flex":

Do you know any other meanings of "Flex"? Have you read the term and do you get stuck with the presented translations? Have you come across other terms on the Internet whose meaning is unclear? Post it in our comments!

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