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General information about Die Linke

Die Linke is a German party with a left-wing political orientation and a focus on feminist-socialist issues. It was created in 2007 through the merger of the left party PDS and a split from the SPD. The group chairmen are Amira Mohamed Ali and Dietmar Bartsch.

Third strongest force in the Bundestag: The Left Party as opposition
In its current composition, the Left has only seen three federal elections. In 2009 she achieved a good result with 11.9 percent of the second vote. Although it was only enough for 8.6 percent of the second votes and four direct seats in 2013, the party was the third strongest force in the Bundestag ahead of the Greens. In 2017, the result improved slightly by 9.2 percent.

What the Left Party stands for: the election manifesto
In the opposition, the Left Party primarily pursues the issue of social justice and the strengthening of the welfare state. Her election program includes:

  • Combating poverty in Germany
  • Climate protection
  • Job creation
  • Securing pensions
  • Raising the minimum wage level
  • Guarantee of a minimum pension
  • Introduction of a tax on the wealthy for incomes of EUR 260,000 or more
  • disarmament
  • Introduction of a new system for health insurance companies

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