Proofing frozen croissants wholesale


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Professional results in your own kitchen

Foldable proofer with electronic temperature control that provides constant and precise heat.
Experienced cooks know that even temperature control is important for the production of sourdough, yeast dough, yoghurt and also probiotic foods. Professional bakeries therefore work with fermentation ovens and fermentation devices in order to obtain an optimal fermentation temperature. You can now get the same result at home.

Prepare bread dough like a pro.
Set the ideal constant fermentation temperature at the push of a button and watch the dough grow. Consistently good results can be achieved effortlessly for sourdough, whole-grain bread or gluten-free bread.

A temperature that is good for many types of bread is 27C. With this setting on the proofer you will achieve good results with most types of bread. Sourdough works in a range of 21-30C. Temperatures around 30C promote the acidity in the sourdough (acetic acid bacteria), while lower temperatures (21-24C) favor the yeast and create a milder taste. Commercial yeast is vigorous and thrives in a wide range of temperatures. For a good balance between taste development and yeast activity in lean dough, a temperature between 24-26C should be selected. Sweet dough and croissants often contain butter and work well in warm temperatures (but below the melting point of butter). We recommend 27C for these doughs or 29C when they come out of the fridge. Rye breads have a weaker gluten and higher enzyme activity than wheat breads. A setting of 27-30C will shorten fermentation time and help limit enzyme activity. Cold dough often needs an additional hour for every 500g in the proofer or more, frozen dough should be thawed in the refrigerator before proofing. Are you in a hurry? Use lukewarm (38C) water for your dough, then ferment at 30-32C. Temperatures above 32C can have a negative effect on yeast dough. If dough is to be cooked overnight, the setting in the proofer should not be above 21-22C.chocolate Enjoy how easily and reliably chocolate is melted. Ideal for decorating, dipping or warming up a block to make chocolate rolls. Butter and buttermilk homemade. Thanks to perfect and constant temperature control, the cream separates from the milk and can be easily processed further. Decide for yourself how the result should taste Kombucha Make this sparkling delicious probiotic tea at home. Precise temperature control, even over several days, ensures the best results. Also ideal for other fermented foods and drinks such as kefir and tempeh. yogurt Use your own jars to make any amount of creamy yogurt. Also suitable for yoghurt made from goat milk or vegan made from soy or coconut milk. The Brod & Taylor Proofer can be stowed away to save space and can be set up ready for use in a few simple steps. The supplied aluminum water bowl ensures the right climate at temperatures of approx. 21 ° C to 49 ° C.

Both the 7 L bowl of the ankarsrum and the 3 L, 4.28 L, 4.83 L and the 6.9 L bowls of the KitchenAid Artisan fit in the fermentation chamber with the lid closed.

Used as a yoghurt maker, you can make up to 8 liters at a time in your own glass containers.

The fermentation machine makes melting chocolate - otherwise a challenge even for experienced dessert chefs - so easy that you achieve excellent results with every use.