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My Mazda 2 no longer opens

Can you no longer open your Mazda 2? And it's really embarrassing because without a car it's not easy to get to work, drive the little ones to school, go shopping ... even more so if the opening fluctuates you risk getting stuck in your vehicle and it is more problematic. If you have an accident the doors will not be locked and you will be stuck in your Mazda 2. In this case, it can be risky. That is why in this article we are going to explain to you where the problem opening your Mazda 2 came from so that we can then figure out how to fix it.

You should know that today, almost all Mazda 2s have central locking. And it turns out to be very practical in everyday life, but also safer for your car. But if the device is broken, it means that your Mazda 2 is completely closed, suddenly it becomes annoying.

Note that if the problem only occurs on one door of your Mazda 2, then we have previously written a tutorial that will show you how to fix the problem. So do not hesitate to consult it for more information.

In this article we will start with a paragraph about How does central locking work in a Mazda 2?because it is important to know the mechanisms if you want to properly fix them later. Finally, we'll show you How to open your Mazda 2 if it is blocked.

1-how does central locking work in a Mazda 2?

1.1-what is the purpose of central locking on Mazda 2?

The central locking takes place via an electrical device that is assigned to a mechanical system. Indeed, a single manipulation by the user should activate the electrical device. This will activate the mechanical system to open or close the door lock on your Mazda 2.

As a result, the problem could originate with the fuses if they are blown preventing the electrical device from being activated. There is also the possibility that one of the mechanisms is blocking and thus blocking the entire device.

1.2-How to use the shutter on Mazda 2?

Central locking of your Mazda 2 is done in different ways.

  • You can use the key to remotely lock your Mazda 2. This is very useful for remotely ensuring that your Mazda 2 is properly locked.
  • Otherwise there is also an inside control to lock your vehicle from the inside. Especially when you are waiting in your vehicle. This type of locking prevents people from opening your Mazda 2 from the outside. However, people inside can open and deactivate the central locking.
  • On some models you will also find automatic door locking while driving. This prevents the car from being jacked up.
  • Although the locks are usually removed on the latest models, you can also open your Mazda 2 by turning the key in the door locks at the front.

After you are informed, we can show you how to identify the problem and fix it.

2-how do I open your Mazda 2 if it is blocked?

2.1-identify why your Mazda 2 stops opening:

2.1.1-Mazda 2 no longer opens: mechanical problem

First, try to open your Mazda 2 with your key. If you hear an unfamiliar noise, the problem with opening is likely with the mechanism. Indeed, one or more door bars could be moved or deformed. However, if a door is found to be stuck, the system may be completely blocked.

2.1.2-Mazda 2 no longer opens: key problem

Otherwise, if you do not hear a strange sound, it is possible that the malfunction is from the button. To find out, try opening the vehicle by inserting the key into the door locks in the front. If that doesn't work, then you should also try the safe as it's included in the central locking system.

When you cannot open your Mazda 2 with the remote control but also with the lock. So the problem turns out to be more complex. It might be necessary to exchange the device in a workshop.

2.2-how to fix a Mazda 2 that no longer opens:

2.2.1 Mazda 2 stops opening: Repair a mechanical problem

If the problem turns out to be mechanical, you need to locate the blocking door (s). Once identified, you will need to remove the handle and cover from the blocking door (s) to access the mechanism. And then you can check that the bar is in its original support or that the elbow is not deformed. Then repair or replace the rod according to your problem. These repairs will not be easy for the majority. We recommend reaching out to a mechanic if you are not an experienced one.

2.2.2-Mazda 2 stops opening: fix a key problem

In this case, if the problem is with the key, the first operation to perform is to change the battery. To do this, refer to the old one to replace it with a battery of the same size or you may have wrong contacts.

And if the problem persists, it is possible to change the key in a garage. It will cost you around 40-90 euros. Note that if you need to replace a key, you will need to show your registration card to make sure the car is yours.

To complete: When your Mazda 2 stops opening, the problem turns out to be very problematic, so you need to act quickly. In this article we gave you some recommendations, but you could also have your Mazda 2 checked out by a garage, it seems safer for you.

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