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Doppelspiel (German) [edit]

Noun, n[To edit]

[2] Double playBeach volleyball (Vienna 2017)

Word separation:

Double game, plural: double game


IPA: [ˈdɔpl̩ˌʃpiːl]
Audio samples: Double play (Info)


[1] dishonest behavior to deceive the opponent
[2] Interaction between two people, for example in politics or sports


Determinative compound from the stem of the adjectivedouble and the noungame

Sense releated words:

[1] Duplicity, cheating, intrigue, misleading
[2] doubles, duos

Generic terms:

[1] Game, deception
[2] game


[1] “The Japanese ambassador in London was also suspicious and reported that the English were doing their usual thing Double play.“[1]
[1] “Diocletian made every effort to be Double play legitimize. "[2]
[1] "This Double play also leads to the fact that many social democracies today have a credibility problem because of their role in the financial and euro crisis, which prevents them from gaining a strength within the national framework that they could then play out again at the European level. "[3]
[1] “No, he also criticized Merkel's resistance to the banking union and the German one Double play in dealing with Russia: On the one hand wanting to extend the sanction against Russia, on the other hand negotiating with Russia about the doubling of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream - for Renzi that doesn't work. "[4]
[1] “You could do that with a man like Hitler Double play did not drift for long, and Beck was finally forced to come to the Berghof in early January. "[5]
[2] “The two of them, who also get along brilliantly outside the square, have meanwhile in their Double play found to such harmony that they can take on anyone. "[6]
[2] “And the Chicago Tribune thinks the art of Double play on the pianoforte could find heights through the two that she has not reached for many years. "[7]
[2] "Since neither Kerber nor Lisicki have their strengths in doubles, Rittner relies on the Nordhorn Grönefeld, who has been focusing on the Double play concentrated."[8]
[2] "Genscher, who is currently Queen Gertrud and, in the Double play with Helmut Kohl, who plays Güldenstern. "[9]
[2] "The perfect one Double play, Pass Baumgart, Keita finished, scored the third goal in the 77th minute. "[10]

Translations [edit]

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