What does Firi Ghana mean to me

Me firi Ghana (I am from Ghana)

Let's be honest a couple of years ago, it wasn't easy being African. I remember it was cool to be Jamaican, everyone wanted to be Jamaican. Being African was deemed as being rather embarassing. Our parents were different such as every Saturday we had to follow our mothers to the market to buy meat and hold those ghastly blue market bags. Or parents evening when the teacher told our folks we were misbehaving, our parents would feel no way to clap us around the ear. As the teachers watched in sheer disgust. Our parents spoke differently with thick African accents, that always pronounced our white friends names in a completely different way !! For the females, our mothers would 'style our hair' in a spider web style with thick black thread. Those were the days, I remember in the playground boys would chant cruel taunts such as 'medusa hair' and other names I would simply not like to remember !!

Thank God, there is a completely new and different generation, where the youth of today are proud to be African. It's like Africa has been put on the map again. I am not being biased, but I have noticed it seems Ghana has become the leader of this. It's cool to be from Ghana. There's an influx of Ghanaians where ever you go, whether it is music with artists such as Sway and Dizzie Rascal. Football, where the blackstars displayed amazing performances at the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Ghana independence raves etc. Patriotic Ghanaians fly the flag with so much pride.

Me firi Ghana is a brand that has interested me this past two years, an innovative brand that has caused solidarity and cohesion amongst young Ghanaians, I admire them. Me firi Ghana has simply described themselves 'as British born patriotic Ghanaians, we decided to do our part to bring about unity within the Ghanaian community and re-invest back into our country'. I was lucky to have the opportunity to model for Mefiri Ghana at one, which I enjoyed throughly, the pics are below. So check out Mefirighana.com. So please guys continue to fly the flag for Ghana :)