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Questions and tips about the Calliope mini REV2

Do you want that Bootloader / firmware for the Calliope mini REV2, you can find this file here:
This is how the file can be installed:
Disconnect the USB cable and the battery pack from the Calliope mini.
Hold down the reset button and connect the USB cable to the Calliope mini. You should now see the drive named MAINTENANCE (instead of MINI and FLASH) in the file manager.
Drag & drop the new bootloader .HEX file onto the MAINTENANCE drive and wait until the yellow status LED stops flashing. When the upgrade is complete, the Calliope mini is reset, reboots and appears again in normal drive mode with the MINI and FLASH drives.

If you use Windows 7, we recommend the following file: kl26z_calliope_if_crc.hex, as soon as the Calliope mini has restarted, you have to copy this file (selectr.hex) once to the "FLASH" drive with this version. This step does not apply to the version for current systems.