Where was the orphan filmed

Part 1/1
Genre: family, happy ending
Theme: Harry Potter
Pairing: SS / SB
Warning: I will disregard books and films
Warning: The characters don't belong to me, but to J.K Rowling. I don't make any money with it, and only borrow them for the FF.

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A little black-haired boy sat quiet, pale and far too lonely in a chair in a dimly lit corner. Children, many children happily unwrapping their presents for Easter. But nobody thought of the little black-haired man. With his beautiful green eyes and his hands folded together, still hoping that he would be noticed, he stared over at the others. He knew he would never experience anything like this. After another hour he got up and went unnoticed to his small room, which used to be a broom closet.

He didn't understand why the others ignored him and why nobody gave him anything, but it had always been like that here. Since he was first brought here because no one wanted him. He threw himself on his much too small bed and cried himself to sleep. Because tomorrow was the day again when childless married couples chose a child to let live with them, but each time the pale little boy was sent away. The educators always told him that he wasn't worth having parents. And too often he wondered why it was. Why wasn't he allowed to have parents? He had never experienced love, never felt security, never got security, he didn't even know what it all meant. Even when he asked about it, the only answer he received was a beating. But he didn't want that, he just wanted to know why that is?

The next morning the little black-haired boy woke up from his sleep and stretched as best he could in this too small bed. He crept quietly into the bathroom so as not to wake the other children, brushed his teeth thoroughly, then undressed and took a warm shower. He quickly lathered a body, then his head. It was just a scented soap because its tutor often said that it was only worth as much as the cheapest scented soap. He quickly washed the soap off his head and body and got out of the shower and dried himself off with a very small towel.
He put on his old clothes from the day before and those from the day before. He went into the abandoned kitchen and prepared his breakfast by himself. Because his tutor also told him that he was not allowed to eat at the same table as the others. When he finished breakfast, he washed his plate and knife, dried it, and put it back in its place. Because he made his way into the garden. Soon the others will get up, have breakfast, fool around and then they will get ready for school. The black-haired man smiled sadly to himself. He was never allowed to see the inside of the school. Again and again people said to him that he didn't need it and the money wasn't there for that.

The others were allowed to, they should also have parents and impress them. The black-haired man wanted too much to study and go to school, but he wasn't allowed to. He went on to the tool shed and picked up a hand rake and broken gloves. He went to his flowers. That was the only thing he had ever received, a withered bush of roses. The black-haired man smiled, yes he had managed to foster the rose bush and now they were blooming like crazy. So the little one went to the farthest corner and now look up, his facial features derailed. His rose bush, his beautiful rose bush was ...

Tears of sadness and despair ran down his eyes and cheeks. They actually cut off his beautiful red roses and so that the bush will never recover from them. The little one turned and ran to a large tree and sat under it. He wept for his little friend. His heart was so heavy. Heavy sobs shook his little body. How could they be so mean to him? What had he done that made them hate him so much? Oh, he would never forgive them for this! The black-haired man knew that very well.

~ oOo ~ oOo ~

In the late afternoon of the same day, many married couples came, including two black-haired men. Both were not exactly enthusiastic about the children and decided to take a tour of the not exactly large children's home. It didn't take long before they arrived in the garden. The slightly smaller of the two men wrinkled his nose. Broken toys were lying around everywhere and they didn't even have to look at the playground.
"Oh no god, Sev. Just take a look around. Everything is broken and nothing is usable anymore. ", Came the shaken from the little black-haired man. The latter growled and puckered his nose. It smelled terrible here and he just wanted to get away from here.
"Siri, why did you want to come back here again?" Grumbled Severus Snape at his beloved companion.
"You agreed that we would choose a child because ..." Sirius Snape fell silent and tears welled up in his eyes. Severus knew that it still bothered him not to have children. They had had many long conversations and had decided that they wanted to adopt a child.

They quickly found the children's homes and visited them all, but none of the children spoke to them. This children's home was the last of five other homes for childless parents. He quickly hugged Siri and pulled him to his body.
"Please don't cry, dearest. We will find another child that suits us. And if you want one more, we'll try again. ", He decided and his husband nodded weakly against his broad chest and breathed in his scent of herbs and forest deeply.
A quiet cry reached the two of them and Siri broke away from his husband a little.
"What is it?" Severus asked immediately. Siri pulled away from him completely and looked around the garden.
,,I do not know. I thought I heard something, "he replied.

Before Severus could ask any further questions, the director of the home came into the garden.
"Ah, here they are. I've been looking for her everywhere. I hope you like a child? "The scruffy man asked them. Siri frowned and Severus snorted softly. Have a child? No, none of them.
"I ..." Again he heard a soft sob and Siri looked around confused. The garden was empty or was it not? Sirius left the two men alone and took a few steps into the garden. He slowly turned in a circle and looked into every corner of the untidy garden, but there, under a large tree, sat a small slumped figure, his shoulders twitching from much weeping.
The other two had followed Sirius and also looked in this direction at the little misery.
"Who ... who is that?" Sirius asked, not looking away, he couldn't.
,,The? This is nobody who could be of interest to you, who is not worth paying attention to. There are many better candidates inside for her to come from. "
Sirius couldn't believe what he was hearing.
"Go on, I'll take care of this one.", He said. Sirius nodded and slowly walked towards the little black-haired man. When he finally stood in front of the tree and little boy, which he now noticed, he knelt down, but didn't touch him.

"Hey, little one! Why are you crying? ", The black-haired man asked the little one. The latter winced and looked up at the stranger with tearful eyes.
,, I ... you broke my flower. I'm always punished, never the others. ", The little one sobbed. Sirius couldn't take his eyes off his eyes. He had never seen such a beautiful color.
"I'm very sorry for you, my little one," Sirius said pityingly.
But the little one only poured his black-haired head. "No, it's not your fault.", Came the eight-year-old. "That was the bad man back there and his tutor.", He remarked when his gaze fell on the fat man. The other, taller man by the fat one broke away and came up to her.

"Siri, we should leave slowly. Otherwise we will be missed at home.", Said the stranger.
"But Sev, we can't ..."
"Siri, dearest. We didn't find anything here, so let's go. "
The man kneeling in front of him got up and walked away with the other man. Something told the boy that they couldn't go, at least not without him. But the little one couldn't open his mouth and so it happened that the two were gone before he could do anything. The fat man had disappeared inside again without paying any attention to him. The home manager quickly locked the garden door and after the other parents were gone, also the main door. Now the little one was outside alone and night fell. It got cold because it was already November and the little one wasn't wearing anything, just a thin jacket and a T-shirt underneath.
The little one pressed closer to the tree and shivered asleep in the cold.

~ oOo ~ oOo ~

In the early morning of the next day, the home was visited and asked for the director of the home. He was quickly led to him.
"We want the boy," said a black-haired man.
He nods happily and already had money signs in his eyes.
"Of course.", He said quickly and much too eagerly. "Who should it be, sir?"
“The boy from the garden. My husband fell in love with this one straight away and I want to make him happy because it's his birthday today. We had a long conversation yesterday. He didn't want the other boys, just the little one. "
The fat man turned pale. He got up quickly.
"I beg your pardon very much, but you can't adopt him," he said.
Severus raised an eyebrow. "And why not, if I may ask?"
"Because it is just not possible, that's why."
"Where is he?" He asked the fat guy in front of him.
"Not here in the house."
“If something has happened to the little one, I'll make your life a hell and believe me, you don't want that. So again, where is the little one !? ", he asked and pulled the fat man by the collar over the table to him.
“He's in the garden. Just take him with you, but don't come back afterwards and don't want the child anymore. He's not wanted here! "Spat the fat man.

Severus dropped it and made his way into the garden. He found the door locked and opened it. He went the way to the tree because inside himself told him that he could only be found there.
He quickly spotted the little one and shook his shoulder.
"Hey, little one! Come on wake up Come on little one, it's cold here. ", Severus said and shook his little shoulders a little harder. Until the little one looked at him sleepily. Now he could understand Sirius why the little one had done it so to him. The little one really had very beautiful eyes .
"Well, finally awake?" Severus had to smile. The little one looked way too cute.
"Tell me, kid, would you like to come with me? My husband, who was also here yesterday and asked you why you are crying like that, would like to have you as a son. Are you okay with that?"

The little one had to blink a bit and secretly hoped that it wasn't a dream, but reality.
"You ... you want me as your son?" The little boy said in disbelief.
“Yes, as our son. You will then be loved by both of us and will teach you everything you need in your life. So do you want to make your daddy happy and happy birthday to him? "
The little one nodded his head and threw himself around the neck of the black-haired man and wept with happiness.
“Hey, don't cry, kid. Now we're going home. "

Severus got up with the little one in his arms and together they went to the car. The little one still couldn't believe it. Now he had a daddy and they wanted him. For the black-haired man it was the happiest day of his whole life.
"Um ..." said the little one shyly. Severus looked at the little one in the rearview mirror.
,,What is it?"
"How ... what should I call you?"
“You can call me whatever you want. But tell me, do you actually have a name? "
The little one shook his head, no, he had no name. What for?
The little one thought about something.
"May I say dad to you?" Asked the little one and Severus nodded enthusiastically. Yes, it was right. He wasn't a dad, daddy or papa. But he made friends with dad.

When they finally got home, the little man was amazed. His new home was huge. It had three floors.
“I'll show you your new home together with Daddy afterwards. But first you should take a shower and then we'll go to daddy. "
No sooner said than done, half an hour later the little one was dressed with new clothes that Severus had from somewhere. Together they went to their parents' bedroom, with a nice little cake. They stood at one of the many doors and knocked softly.
"Ready, my son?" Severus asked the little one and he beamed at him. The little one nodded and together they entered the room.

,, Happy birthday, dearest, and take a look. I have a gift for you."
Siri didn't want to celebrate because he couldn't get the little one out of his head. And so he ignored what his husband said. His thoughts were far too deep.
“It looks like you have to say something. Apparently he doesn't hear me. ", He said dryly and the little one nodded. He went to Siri and when he stood in front of him, he gathered all his courage. He had the cake in his little hands and looked again at his dad, he nods to him.
"Daddy? Daddy! "The boy saw that he still didn't react and put the cake on the floor. With a lot of courage he climbed onto his daddy's lap and took his face in the little children's hands. Sirius looked perplexed at the little one and was able to do so at first don't believe who was sitting on his lap.
"Daddy, are you okay? Please do not cry. I'm here now and won't leave you anymore, dad also said that I should stay with you. ", Came the little boy. Siri couldn't believe it. Finally he had a son who was completely after his heart .
,,You I...."

"Daddy, happy birthday from daddy too, because you didn't hear him.", The boy said and hugged the tall man with his thin arms. Sirius automatically closed his arms around the small body and cried with happiness. Be gaze fell on his husband and he got up with his sweet burden and walked up to the man he loved dearly.
“Thank you Sev, thank you very much for this wonderful gift. I love you."
Severus took his husband and son in his arms and hugged his family. Yes, they had missed that, a small family.
“Not for that, dearest, not for that. But we still need a name for our son because he doesn't have one. "

"Harry. Harry Milan Snape should be his name. ", Sirius came out and little Harry beamed at her too. His dream came true, finally he had a daddy and a daddy who loved him. Yes, life was good.

~ oOo ~ oOo ~

5 years later Sirius had a son of his own and Harry had become a good, hardworking, happy boy who played a lot with his little brother. Both children grew up under the love of their parents and became successful people. Harry decided to open a children's home, where everyone had the right to family, school and, above all, love. And his little brother Elias became a sought-after man in politics and one day he was named the youngest minister.

For many years they lived happily together, well and if they haven't died, they are still alive today.

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