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How to italicize on Instagram

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Lately, your friends have been creating italicized Instagram Stories and want to know how they achieved something like this? Would you like to use an italic font for? write in the photos you post on Instagram or in the captions that accompany your posts? If you answered yes to these questions, there is no doubt: you are in the right place at the right time!

I'll explain this in the following sections how to italicize on Instagram Use of various functions of the well-known photographic social network and some ad hoc "tricks". If it is indeed possible to italicize in Stories using an official feature introduced by Instagram some time ago, then you should turn to third-party solutions for photos, bio, and post captions.

So are you still interested in learning more about the subject? Yes? Perfect! Sit down, focus on reading the following paragraphs, implement the "tips" I'm about to give you, and you will see that you will have no problem using italics on Instagram. I wish you a good read and, above all, lots of fun!

  • How to Italicize in Instagram Stories
  • How to italicize on photos posted on Instagram
  • Other ways to use italics on Instagram

How to Italicize in Instagram Stories

You go to write stories in italics on Instagram ? In this case, you will find the information in the following sections very helpful. The instructions apply only to Android and iOS, where the official application of the social network offers a "text" mode that allows you to create text stories. Windows 10 users, on the other hand, they still can't use them.


In Instagram, write stories of in italics AndroidFirst, launch the official social networking application, log into your account (if necessary) and press the icon little man is located in the lower right corner and tap the blue button (+) This is in your profile photo in the top left.

On the screen that appears, press the option Create placed on the left (the Aa button ), touch the item Tap to write (located exactly in the middle of the screen) and write the text you want to post on Instagram.

To change the font of the text, scroll right or left to see all the available fonts and select one of the italicized ones. You can also adjust the color of the font by pressing Color picker is at the top and changes the wallpaper by pressing (A) with the two stars, to highlight the text.

Once written, publish the letter by tapping the button final and then click on any of the options to share among the available ones: Your historyto post it on your Instagram story; Send toto send via Direct or to another user to saveto save it locally.

Alternatively, you can take a photo and write it in italics by pressing the button AA is located at the top right and selects one of the writing styles given above.


You want to italicize your Instagram stories iPhone ? The steps you need to follow are very similar to the ones I described for Android.

First, launch the official Instagram application on your "iPhone from", log into your account (if necessary) and tap on the icon little man is located at the bottom right and press the icon (+) placed on your profile photo (top left).

At this point, touch the item on the screen that opens Create placed on the left, press the voice Tap to write (present in the center of the screen) and write the message you want to post on the photographic social network.

Next, all you have to do is select the styles that allow you to italicize and scroll right or left between the different fonts available. After choosing one of these two styles, customize the font by changing the color using Color picker placed on top and touch (A) with the two stars to highlight the text.

After you have created your letter, publish it by pressing the button final is located in the upper right corner, then select one of the available sharing options: Your historyto post it on your Instagram story; Send toto send via Direct or to another user to saveto save it on your iPhone.

Alternatively, I suggest that you can take a photo for your story and italicize it by pressing the button AA is at the top right: The writing styles to use are those given above.

Photos posted like this in italics on Instagram

If you want Write in italics on the photos you post on Instagramyou need to rely on third-party solutions. In this case, you should use photo writing apps or online services to write pictures and then publish your edited recordings on the photo social network.

Below I list some solutions that you may find useful, and also remember that you can find other ideas in the tutorials dedicated to photo writing applications and sentence writing applications, as well as those in whom I show how to add writing to photos and how to write. on a photo.

  • Quote maker (Android / iOS): This is an application that allows you to easily add text to photos specially designed for creating pictures with quotes. There are many different fonts and styles to choose from, some of which can be added through in-app purchases starting at $ 1.19 for Android and $ 1.09 for iOS.
  • Phonto (Android / iOS) - This popular photo writing app lets you use hundreds of fonts and many formatting styles. It is free to download, but some content is only available for in-app purchases from € 1.00 for Android and € 1.09 for iOS.
  • Photor (Android / iOS / Windows-10 Mobile): In addition to writing on photos, this application also offers some useful functions for editing pictures. It's a semi-free solution: you can descargar for free, but some effects are only available through in-app purchases from € 1.09 per item.
  • ImageQuote (iOS) - is another photo writing app that is very popular with iPhone owners. ImageQuote lets you add photos using a variety of fonts and themes. Some of these can be added through in-app purchases starting at € 1.09 per item.
  • canva (Android / iOS / Online): With this popular online service, which is also available as an app for Android and iOS, you can add photos quickly, easily and in addition to writing photos (and create many other graphic "works"), all for free. However, in order to use Canva, you will need to sign up for the service using your email address or account accounts. Facebook o Google.
  • PicFont (Online) - Popular free web service that allows you to write on photos. Unlike Canva, it can be used without registration.

Other ways to use italics on Instagram

Want Write in italics on Instagram or in bio posts from your profile? Unfortunately, even in this case it is not possible to fall back on official solutions. In fact, Instagram doesn't incorporate any specific feature to format the text of the subtitles that come with your posts or bio.

The only solution you can take to step beyond the limit imposed by the photographic social network is to turn to the gods Online text formatting services or copy the received text into a specific app, then paste it into a post title, bio, or Instagram comment - not the best amenity, but it's the only way you can go now.

An online service that you can use for this is Unicode text converter (If you remember correctly, I already told you about where I write in bold on Facebook in the tutorial). To use it associated with your homepage, enter the phrase you want to post on Instagram in italics in the text box below the header Convert plain text (letters, sometimes numbers, sometimes punctuation) to dark Unicode characters. The output is completely cut and pasted text and then click the button shew.

On the website that opens, look for italic font (e.g. Math Bold Italic O Math without bold and italics ), copy and paste it into your Instagram bio, the caption of a post you want to post, or a comment. As with "Magic Art", you can format the text as you wish.

Note: Italic text generated by services such as those listed above may not display correctly on all devices and platforms. Instead of italic text, "x" could actually be displayed.