The girl who jumped through the stream of time

The story takes place in the year 311 according to the orbital calendar: mankind has colonized space and countless colonies are floating around in space. Seventeen-year-old Akiha leads a normal, relatively carefree life and her only major concern is that she has no plans for her future. By chance one day she meets the artificial intelligence "Leopard", which is in control of a space colony that suddenly appeared. Through this meeting, Akiha's life changes suddenly. Not only does Leopard seem to be pursuing a specific goal, but there are also increasing signs of a conspiracy on their home colony that seem to affect the background of the artificial intelligence. Akiha is now at the center of the events and subsequently also meets other people who are involved in the matter, such as the taciturn girl Honoka Kawai or the space police officer Itsuki Kannagi, who sees it as her job to shed light on this affair bring.

Source: aniSearch