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Who makes TCL televisions

TCL TVs who is the manufacturer

TCL offers a number of TV models on the TV market. TCL is a Chinese company specializing in electronics manufacturing. Use aggressive pricing and offer large screen televisions at an affordable price. For example, by applying new technologies in televisions, TCL 2019 produces a TV model with a QLED screen and purchases screens from Samsung. TCL is a leader in the number of televisions produced, producing approximately 30 million televisions per year. Some of the televisions will be assembled under other brands as part of the outsourcing program.

What you need to know about TCL televisions

The models of televisions manufactured by TCL vary greatly depending on the country. Although TCL mainly produces budget televisions. More modern televisions are produced for the markets of the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. There are also many budget models. For other countries, these are only television sets in the household segment. TCL does not develop its own operating system for televisions. In most cases Android is used, for US televisions are produced with the Roku TV operating system.

Quality TV TCL

As with other manufacturers, there are defective televisions. With the introduction of a new screen factory, the display quality has improved. TCL assembles other brands of televisions from its components, as well as other brands to order. Don't expect anything special from TCL: these are Hisense, Toshiba, and other Chinese TVs. The advantage is a price that is 10-40% lower than LG, Samsung, Sony.

Where are components for TCL televisions made?

TCL produces all components for televisions in its factories. Screens are manufactured in China at the China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. factory. produced. This company is part of TCL and produces screens for telephones and televisions. Production backwater systems are located in Wuhan and Shenzhen. Boards and TV cases are also made in China.

TCL TV Factory Vietnam

Vietnam has recently become very promising for the production site. So TCL has two factories, the first in Dong Nai, and produces around 500,000 televisions annually. The second plant under construction in Binh Duong, construction of the plant began in 2019 and consists of three phases. When completed, the facilities will be able to produce 3 million televisions per year. It is planned to ship the factory's televisions to the markets of Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States and Europe.

TV factory TCL Poland

The TCL plant in Poland (TCL Operations Poland Sp. O.o.) is located in the city of Zyrardows. The plant produces both TCL televisions and other brands under the outsourcing scheme. The production volume of TCL televisions and other brands is around 50/50. In 2017 it was planned to increase the number of assembled televisions to 3 million units per year. From the beginning of 2020, the plant will be able to collect around 2 million television sets annually due to its capacities. Components for televisions are supplied from China. Manufactured televisions are sold in Europe.

TCL TV Factory India

Televisions are manufactured in Tirupati for the Indian market. The capacity of the plant enables the production of 8 million screens for televisions with a size of 22 to 55 inches as well as 30 million screens for smartphones. Once the assembly lines have fully started, the facility will assemble 6 million televisions per year. Mainly for the Indian market.

TV factory Mexico TCL

TCL collects televisions in Tijuana, the capacity of the plant allows it to collect about 2 million televisions per year. North America, Central America market.

TV factory Brazil TCL

In Brazil, TCL set up a joint venture called SEMP + TCL. SEMP K previously produced Toshiba televisions. Now the factory is moving to TCL TVs for South America.

TCL TV Factory Egypt

In Egypt a joint venture for the assembly of TCL televisions. The founders of the joint venture were Elaraby Group and TCL. TCL has modernized Elaraby factories and now around 1 million televisions are assembled in Egypt annually. Televisions are supplied to the African and Middle Eastern markets.

Factory for the production of televisions TCL Russia

In Russia there are no TCL facilities for the assembly of televisions, some models are assembled according to the Telebalt company's outsourcing scheme.

TCL TV factory China

China also assembles TVs for domestic market, and some countries produce some TV models for Australia, for example.