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Solid foundation of the CCP's hard-fought ability to govern

Looking back over the past hundred years, the cause of the Communist Party (CP) of China has always been advanced by overcoming various challenges.

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, visited a memorial site dedicated to the Battle of the Xiangjiang River in the 1930s as part of the Long March. Xi honored the Red Army soldiers who died in battle.

Between October 1934 and October 1936, the Red Army, as the forerunner of the People's Liberation Army, undertook the legendary Long March, a bold military operation that laid the foundation for the eventual victory of the Communist Party of China. In the winter of 1934, after the victorious battle, the Red Army successfully crossed the Xiangjiang and broke through the pocket of the opposing Kuomintang troops, but tens of thousands of soldiers sacrificed their lives for it.

Battles like this tested the will, bravery and strength of the CCP and shone in a bright light the party's ability to overcome great challenges.

The martyrs of the revolution did not die in vain. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the CPC has led the Chinese people to ever new economic miracles and long-term social stability.

The willingness to make sacrifices continued in the years of peace. In the past eight years, the last 98.99 million people who still lived below the poverty line have been lifted from poverty. This ensured that in the most populous country on earth nobody lives in absolute poverty any more.

Countless examples of this kind of devotion reveal that the CCP has not only been extraordinarily successful in its hundred-year history, but also has a history of great dedication. The victims will never be forgotten by the party, the people and the republic.

With firm faith and consistent actions in which the people are always the focus, the CPC will continue to dedicate itself completely to the service of the people in the future, and will work tirelessly for the interests of the people in order to improve their everyday lives.

This also explains why the approval rate of the Chinese people for the party and government has been over 90 percent for years. The CPC as a ruling party is a choice of history.

Public support is the key to the party's strength and long-term confidence in its ability to govern. It is important to learn lessons from the past and to face the challenges of the future with alert mind and determination in order to face the tests of time in the new age.

The task of building a modern socialist country by the middle of the century is not a leisurely Sunday stroll through the park. It takes more than beating drums and shawms to achieve this goal. The whole party has to work even harder for this. The view of history, the spirit of daring and perseverance will be a valuable source of inspiration and enable the Party to guide the Chinese people in making new and remarkable achievements.