What are infrared heat lamps used for?

Infrared heat lamps - the lamp with a warm effect

Infrared heat lamp test 2021

What are the differences to the normal red light lamp?

If you want to buy a red light heat lamp, you can find two different types of models in the online shop - the classic red light lamp and the Red light heat lamp. In which areas are there the big differences?

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In general, a red light lamp and an infrared heat lamp have the same basic functions. Both models emit a red light that is supposed to generate heat. The classic red light lamp is often used as an infrared lamp for selective irradiation - in this case the red light lamp works against tension. Even with one cold such a red light lamp can be used. The infrared heat lamp test shows that an infrared heat lamp can have the same functions.

A red light heat lamp is often used not only as a simple red light lamp, but also as a Infrared light in the gastro area. Here the application for keeping food warm is used. Such a heat lamp is used very often, especially in large kitchens, because finished dishes are placed under the infrared light for so few minutes on the counter Heat light can stand without it getting cold - whether with pork, poultry or other dishes.

However, the field of medicine is also widespread here. A heat lamp is particularly popular with newborns in hospitals. The said ones are then located on the changing table Heat lamps with 250 watt E27so that toddlers do not get cold.

Tip: Consult your pediatrician if you want to use a red light heat lamp on your baby. This will prevent your child from getting burned. The infrared heat lamp for babies is often weaker than, for example, when you order a Philips infrared heat lamp intended for adults.

The red light heat lamp can also be used in other areas. The heat lamp is also often used in the stable to provide animals with a source of heat. Such heat lamps are particularly popular with chickens, pigs and cows. The so-called solarium will be happy too used on horses. In this case, the horse stands under a large spotlight made up of several lights and can warm up. Especially with wet or damp fur, it is extremely important that the horse does not get sick. The infrared heat lamp for animals is usually larger than if you buy a normal red light lamp. In the case of the solarium, the infrared heat lamp for animals is usually as long as the horse.

As you can see, according to the infrared heat lamp test, there are enough areas of application for a red light heat lamp. Regardless of whether medicine, Gastro or animal care - All red light heat lamps are available in the catalog and in the online shop. If you want to buy an infrared heat lamp, you should pay attention to experiences and reviews of other customers. So you will not only find the best prices, but also the personal red light heat lamps test winners of other customers.

How does a red light lamp work as a heat lamp?

As the previous lines have already shown, a red light heat lamp is a normal red light lamp that is only used in certain areas. The effect of such an infrared heat lamp is the same as you will find with normal red light.

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Type of lightAs the name suggests, the lamps emit a red light, which is off red light and Infrared light consists. The visible part is called red light and marks the red color, which should even have a positive effect on one's own mind.
Type of radiationThe infrared light, in turn, is invisible and also consists of three types of lights. So there is the IR-A light that IR-B light and the IR-C light. A combination of all three lights makes a good red light. While the IR-C light and the IR-B light include very weak rays, that is IR-A light responsible for ensuring that you feel a so-called deep warming effect. If you stand in front of a red light for just a few seconds, you will notice that the muscles are warming. This effect is achieved because infrared rays penetrate the skin. At a IR-A light the light penetrates up to 6 millimeters deep into the skin. On the one hand, this has a positive effect, on the other hand, you shouldn't be exposed to the light for too long, so that no burns can form.
filterA filter within the red light ensures that you are not only exposed to the IR-A rays. If a red light lamp is used in the medical field, the filter always works in a different way than when you use one red lightHeat lamp in the gastro area would use.

Manufacturer of infrared heat lamps

One manufacturer has already been mentioned. The Philips company produces high-quality heat lamps, which, however, do not always have low prices. In return, you get an extremely high quality with these products, which is why a Philips red light heat lamp is so popular according to the infrared heat lamp test.

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Other manufacturers in focus:

  • Osram
  • RS Pro
  • Solamagic
  • Neumärker

It is noticeable at Osram that this manufacturer not only offers complete lights, but also individual lightbulbs, which then function as red light heaters. Here you will also find the 250 watt E27 lightbulbwith infrared light.

Advantages and disadvantages of an infrared heat lamp

  • Whether in catering, in the medical sector, in animal care or simply at home: Infrared heat lamps provide pleasant warmth and thus alleviate discomfort.
  • Therefore, these devices are ideal as a heat source on cool days. But red light is also ideal for relieving pain.
  • Even so, the risk of injury is extremely low when used properly.
  • Often, infrared heat lamps are only sold as a bulb. In this case you will still need a bracket.

How is an infrared heat lamp used correctly?

In the article, you could see how that Areas of applicationan infrared heat lamp are defined. It is noticeable that the application can be very versatile - whether medicine, gastro or animals. But when is it worth buying such an infrared heat lamp? In general, this question is difficult to answer. A simple red light lamp can be ideally used as a heat lamp in the household. But who one GastroRed light lamp searches, it will usually only search if you have your own restaurant to be led. That is why the infrared heat lamp can often be found in commercial operations. So if you are looking for an infrared heat lamp for your company, you should take a look at the offers in the online shop and find your personal test winner!

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