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Survey: Many consider VW to be the most promising Tesla challenger

Volkswagen is driving the world's most extensive electromobility offensive. Several new models with significantly better value for money than before are already on the market or are about to be launched. According to a survey, many now see the company as the most promising challenger to the electric car pioneer Tesla. Despite increased efforts, other German brands have a poorer e-car image.

According to a survey by the Berlin pollster Civey for the industry newspaper Automobile week 25 percent of around 5,000 respondents recently said that Volkswagen is the manufacturer that can best keep up with Tesla when it comes to e-mobility. This puts the Wolfsburg company well ahead of the former German electric pioneer BMW (5th place), which for many years only launched new combustion engines and hybrids after the i3 small battery car introduced in 2013. Today only 15 percent of those surveyed believe that the Munich-based company can keep up with Tesla.

Opel was also considered a German e-mobility pioneer with the part-time Stromer Ampera built from 2012 to 2018 and the pure electric car Ampera-e, which has been available since 2017. After the takeover by the French PSA group, the Rüsselsheim-based company brought more e-models onto the market, but this does not seem to impress many on the home market: Only two percent (6th place) of those surveyed see Opel as a promising Tesla competitor.

Mercedes-Benz was initially reluctant to ramp up its e-mobility efforts, but is now bringing a number of modern electric cars onto the market - with this, the Swabians achieved third place in the survey with 14 percent. The Volkswagen subsidiaries Audi and Porsche follow, despite new ones attractive electric cars and confidently announced technology leadership with nine and eight percent only in the places behind.

The survey also shows that many continue to perceive Tesla as the best electric car manufacturer: Almost half of those surveyed (49%) do not trust any of the German manufacturers to be able to stand up to the US company.

However, the young survey participants have more confidence in local car companies: In the group of 18 to 29 year olds, 39 percent believe that Volkswagen can compete with Tesla - 14 percentage points more than overall. In this age group, BMW even does almost twice as good with 29 percent as when all respondents are taken into account. In contrast, Mercedes-Benz got a slightly worse rating in the age group up to 29 years and is only slightly ahead of Audi. The brand with the star can still score points with the elderly: Almost 19 percent of those over 65 consider it the most promising Tesla competitor.

Via: automobile week
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