The girl who played with the stream of fire

The girl who played with fire

HistoryDrama, Family / P16 / MaleSlash
Carlisle CullenEdward Anthony Masen CullenEsme CullenIsabella "Bella" Marie SwanJasper Whitlock HaleMary Alice "Alice" Brandon Cullen
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Chapter 2: the girl

Esme POV

A little girl sat in front of me in the shade of the trees.
I didn't know how to deal with it, but I did
decided to approach slowly and carefully with it
I didn't scare them. I was too sure that she was
could run away and even if I loose the little one
could have caught up with her against her will
do nothing. I slowly sat down in front of her and
looked into her warm brown eyes before I watch
began to speak.
"Hello Little. Why are you here
so alone outside? ”I replied.
The little one looked up and gave me a terrified look
apparently she hadn't heard me come at all. A while
she quarreled with herself and then just shrugged her shoulders
and tried to go unnoticed a piece of me
move away. I carefully wanted her to tear a tear out of her
Wipe her face, but she started screaming like a stick
louder and louder and horrified by this terrible sound,
I held my ears and didn't really know what to do now
should do. I decided to keep my distance a little
so the girl could calm down. "What's your name?
And how old are you? ”I tried again, but the little one
The girl said nothing again, just stared at me
big, tear-filled eyes, afraid that I would see her again
would come closer.

I didn't know what to do
when I remembered her doll. Slowly I held the doll out to her and
waited for a reaction on their part, which came promptly.
She reached out her hands to the doll and also when the head
was a little shattered, she hugged it tenderly and snuggled
this on her cheek. For a while I just sat quietly in front of her and
she too seemed to be getting calmer, but she looked at me in spite of it
watchful at all of this with her eyes and registered every movement,
not that I had to do any, but I wanted to
appear more human.

Finally I heard a belly rumble
and the girl looked at me expectantly. "Are you hungry?",
I tried it for the 3rd time. This time she nodded slowly. "Would like
you come with me I can make you something to eat and then
can you sleep in peace first, dear. ”I held out my hand
her out and she took it. I quickly took her on my arm and
walked towards the edge of the forest at a slow pace, always
careful not to make jerky movements,
so that she doesn't get unnecessarily frightened.

When we got to the edge of the forest
the little girl fell asleep. I sat down with her on the
Boden and took out my cell phone before I got the number of mine
Man chose. "Esme?" His lovely voice penetrated him
Listener “Yes, it's me. I found the girl and I want to
Now take her home so that she can get something to eat
and can rest. She must be terribly tired. It would be
Dear me, if you could examine it tomorrow, at least it was
in the weather out here, ”I told Carlisle. “Of course, my angel.
Where are you right now? ”He asked me and I told him the place where I was
found me. He promised to come to me soon, because his
Shift apparently came to an end.

After I hung up, I stood
carefully so that the little girl did not wake up and looked at her
take a closer look at me, maybe I found a reference to hers somewhere
Names. But first I took off my coat and wrapped her in it,
so that she doesn't freeze. As I wander my gaze over her petite body
read, my gaze caught on a locket. Opened it carefully
me it and actually. Her name was engraved on it. On the one hand
was a picture of her dead parents and on the other side
was engraved: “A piece of soul from heaven is ours. For our Isabella. "
Isabella. So that was her name. Finally I closed the locket again
and continued to look at little Isabella and before I did in my thoughts
could sink, I heard a car approaching and less than 2 minutes
later, my husband's car was in front of me. He quickly got out and closed
me in his arms, very timidly, of course, so we don't crush Isabella
would. "Sweetheart? This is Isabella, ”I told him. He just nodded knowingly
and smiled lovingly at me before he opened the car door and left her behind
closed us, just like a gentleman was.

After a while I asked
my angel whether it would not be better to let them know at home. He agreed
to me and I dialed the number on my cell phone.

Alice POV

Esme left for the hospital 2 hours ago and has not yet
returned. Where would she be? And why couldn't I see her future
see? She wasn't in La Push, was she?
I walked impatiently through the house until Emmett finally called after me
That I would drive everyone crazy if I kept running back and forth like this.
"Oh Emmett, just shut up," I hissed at him and
scurried further and further than suddenly
the most beautiful man in the world stood before me. Jasper.
As deep as I was in my thoughts, I was surprised when I suddenly ran into him. I jerked my head up, startled
and looked puzzled into his eyes. But mine
Realization was quickly forgotten again, because in his golden eyes I
of liquid gold, lost. Why did he have to be so beautiful too?

"Would you like to tell me what's going on, dearest? Your mood has never been
so indefinable, ”he said in his wonderful voice. I just shook
his head and wanted to keep walking when he held me and opened a door above
opened. “She thinks about Esme and why she hasn't returned yet
is ", came the voice of my brother. "Edward! At some point ... “, but continue
I didn't come because a phone rang and when I got the number on the
The display recognized I screamed in delight. "It's Esme!" Before anyone did anything
could reply, I already pressed to answer the call and started like a
Waterfall talking, “Oh Esme. Where are you? I'm so worried about you
and I can't see your future either. ”Finally she interrupted me
and explained everything to me: “Calm down Alice. I am fine. But listen. We bring
a human child with. So please act as humanly as possible.
She'll probably still be asleep when we get to your place,
so please be quiet. I'll explain the rest afterwards, okay? ”I was able to get through
listen to the wind of the car and just nodded, forgetting
but that she couldn't see me. "Alice?" Came her voice from the
Listener “Oh, of course. Yes, of course we will. See you soon, Esme. "
"See you soon, Alice".

Then the connection was broken and I told them
others briefly what had happened. Rosalie was upstairs in hers
Zimmer disappeared and prepared everything for the human child
so that the child could sleep somewhere. I went in
the kitchen and prepared something small to eat, naja-
Needless to say, it seemed small to me, and left
the bath water. I hoped we would do everything right.
And then we took the unmistakable sweet smell
a person's true and shortly afterwards the door opened,
first Carlisle, who stood protectively in front of Esme and behind it
our mother, who is a small, brown-haired girl in
Arm held, which carefully opened the equally brown eyes
and staring at us all.
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