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How to get along with women

Sometimes it can be difficult to get along with women, but there are ways to make things easier. If you learn some of the things that attract you, you will inherit your ability to work with you


Sometimes women can be difficult to get along with, but there are ways to make things easier. Learn some of the things that attract them, improve your ability to talk to them, and learn how to build lasting relationships for better chances of success. But don't forget that a good connection with a woman also depends on how much you have in common. So it can take a while to find someone who likes you and shares your interests. Devote yourself and don't give up!


Part 1 of 3: Make an impression

  1. Take care of yourself. Women are more likely to be attracted to men who try a little to fend for themselves. Hence, it is a good idea to have a daily routine for personal hygiene. Some things to include in this routine are:
    • Bathe every day;
    • Brush your teeth twice a day or after meals.
    • Comb and style the hair;
    • Shave or cut facial hair;
    • Use deodorant;
    • Keep the nails clean and cut;
    • Wear cool clothes that go well with you.
  2. Have good posture. A straight column gives the impression that you are taller and more confident, and shows women that you are reachable. Remember to correct your posture when approaching a woman.
    • To get taller, imagine that there is a rope that extends from your spine to your head and is well stretched. Try to keep your shoulders back and your chest slightly forward.
  3. Grow your beard. Beard is associated with a higher degree of masculinity, so some women find the look attractive. Even a small goatee can attract some women. Try growing your beard for a week and see if it improves women's response to you. Other looks that can also be helpful are:
    • A goatee;
    • A moustache;
    • A full beard.
  4. Do strength training. Men tend to be more muscular than women, and it seems that most of them find at least a little muscle attractive. If you're not very active, start an exercise program that includes weekly strength training sessions.
    • Try doing body weight exercises like pushups, dip, abs, squats, and drops.
    • A good idea is to enroll in a gym for access to professional bodybuilding equipment.
    • You also have the option to work with a personal trainer to improve your results.
  5. Use some red. Studies have shown that wearing red makes men more attractive to women. Always use a little red to take full advantage of this. Some ways to incorporate red into your look are:
    • The tie;
    • A polo shirt or sweater;
    • A red jacket or blazer for going out.
  6. Demonstrate your positive qualities. Showing that you are a good, honest, and generous person works wonders for the opposite sex. One study has shown that women find men more attractive when they can recognize their positive qualities.
    • For example, when you say “please” and “thank you,” you are showing that you are being polite. When you say good things about other people, you show that you are a good man. Offering to help you shows that you show consideration for people.
  7. Show your sensitive side. Vulnerability is a positive trait that can help women decide whether someone is that guy or not. If you are interested in developing a relationship with a woman, open up to her from time to time.
    • For example, you can say something like "I haven't been together in a long time and it scares me a little".
  8. Boost Your Confidence. Confidence is a very sexy trait and it is worth developing if you have problems with it. Take the time to make a list of all the things that you like about yourself. These things can be big or small, from your smile to your sense of humor.
    • Write as many positive things as you can. Try to write at least 15 things that you like about yourself.
    • Keep the list in your wallet and read whenever you need to boost your confidence a little.

Part 2 of 3: Flirting

  1. Introduce yourself. Above all, try to pronounce your name to keep the presentation as simple as possible. For example, you could reach out to a woman you want to chat with and just say, "Hello, my name is ____". Smile and make eye contact while performing. It can also be a good idea to shake her hand. Do not be shy!
  2. Ask a question. This is a great way to start a conversation with a woman you're interested in. Try asking something that will eventually make them talk more about themselves. Who doesn't like to talk about themselves? By putting all your attention on her and showing a real interest in what she is saying, you will reveal her positive traits and possibly even be less anxious.
    • Ask a question that will help you get to know them better. For example, ask "What are you doing in the library today?" or "How's the coffee?"
  3. Say something positive. Positivity is an attractive trait. So try to always keep your comments positive and cheerful. Nothing to be grumpy about! For example, comment on how good the weather is, how delicious the coffee is or how pleasant the atmosphere is.
    • Try saying “The weather has been great lately”, “This is the best coffee I've had in a while”, or “I always enjoy coming to this library. It's so cool here!”.
  4. Praise the woman. Everyone likes to be praised. Praise always improves mood and makes people feel good. Give compliments that are genuine, direct, and not overly personal.
    • For example, say something like "You have a lovely smile!" or "I like your book style!".
  5. Ask to go out with her. After talking for a while, you may already have an idea if this woman is someone you want to get to know better. If so, ask if she would like to do something with you. There are several ways to do this, including:
    • Ask a direct question. For example: “I really enjoy our conversation. Would you like to have coffee or dinner over the weekend to chat a little more? ".
    • Suggest a date. Say "What are you going to do this weekend?" If she replies with something like, "Not much," say, "I was going to go to the art museum. You want to go with me?"

Part 3 of 3: Be successful in the long term

  1. Plan interesting meetings. In the beginning, it's a good option to have a drink in an intimate bar or go to a really cool cafe. But over time, try to discover common interests and vary things up a bit by asking them to take part in more original activities. For example:
    • If you love the outdoors, you can go hiking or camping in a park or reserve.
    • If you love movies, invite them to a local film festival.
    • When the two are adventurous, they go to an amusement park with very intense toys.
  2. Show that you are trustworthy. Don't be late for meetings, get her calls back promptly and keep your promises to show that she can trust you. In time, she will see that you are someone who can be trusted, and that is a very important quality of a partner.
    • If you have to cancel an appointment, please let us know as early as possible.
    • Sorry if you have to change plans and offer an alternative. For example, say, “I'm sorry to cancel. Do you want to go out for dinner instead of lunch? ".
    • Always be honest. Telling lies, even small ones, creates trust issues in your relationship. Always tell the truth
  3. Listen to what she has to say. Be an active listener who shakes your head and makes neutral statements like "hmm" or "know". When the girl finishes speaking, try to summarize what she just said to show that she was paying close attention. If there is something you don't understand or want to know more, ask a question to clear things up.
    • For example, say something like "What did you mean by ___?" or "Tell me more about why you decided to move to this town?"
    • To listen carefully, stop typing, mute the TV, and stop what you do. When trying to do multiple things at once, you may not be paying attention to important aspects that she is trying to communicate.
  4. Make her smile. A good sense of humor is very important in attracting a woman and having a good relationship with time. When they're together, make the occasional little joke, be funny, or do other things that put a smile on their face.
    • It's important to find someone who finds you funny. Don't try to change your sense of humor or personality to please someone as it won't last long.
  5. Sorry if you make a mistake. It's normal to have problems in a relationship and that means sometimes you have to apologize. A good order includes the following items:
    • A summary of what you did wrong. For example, "I'm sorry I lied yesterday because I went out with my friends".
    • An understanding of their feelings, such as "I didn't know you felt cheated".
    • An indication of repentance. For example, "I shouldn't have lied to you".
    • A promise that you won't repeat the mistake like, "From now on, I'll be more honest about where I am."
    • An offer to redeem. Say, "Is there something I can do to make you feel better?"
    • A request for forgiveness. For example, "Will you forgive me for what I did?"


  • Try to be patient. It can take a while to find the perfect woman for you. Keep looking and enjoy the trip.


  • Remember that not all women are attracted to you, just as you are not attracted to all women. If a woman doesn't seem interested, don't waste your time. Find someone who values ​​you for who you are.