What does the sempiternal logo mean

Adidas logo

Adidas is an internationally known shoe company known for its unique sports design. Appeared in August 1949. The hotel is located in the city of Herzogenaurach (Germany). Founded by Adolf Dassler.

Meaning and history

Unlike other global companies that prefer a thoughtful and philosophical approach to the design of their icons, choosing Adidas is very practical and a bit mundane. The fact is that he used an abbreviated version of the owner's first and last name: Adi (Adolf) + Das (sler). However, the graphic picture is still complex and has repeatedly evolved from year to year.

1924 – 1949

The debut emblem was born much earlier than the brand itself. It contains a sign depicting a seagull with a man's boot in its beak against a dark background. The main element is surrounded by a contrasting edge, the remaining parts are made in monochrome. For the text fragment (the word “Dassler”) the Constructivism script, popular in Germany at the time, was used. It resembles the Futura font and the experimental grotesque geometry of the Bauhaus era. It has an uneven distribution of height. Located above the shield and looks like a spontaneous crown.

1949 – 1950

The company's first official logo consists of a harmonious combination of verbal and graphic details. The central element is a studded boot. It's located between the American football goal posts, which are made up of the extended legs of the lowercase “d”. The name is below - at that time the debut of “Adidas” took place, which consists of two bases. Below that is the final link to the direction of sport - the consolidated word “sports shoes”. At the top of the semicircle are the full first and last name of the owner of the company.

1950 – 1971

In the 1950s, the company decided to move away from the graphic component and focus only on the verbal. For the role of the key element, she chose the original name that appeared in the previous version. It is made in a simple sans serif font. Thickened lowercase letters of the same size. The leg at "a" is cut diagonally and pointing upwards.

1967 - today

The logo has been around for 17 years and got a new design: now the background is white and the name itself is black. The point above the “i” and the sides of the “d” coincide in height. Leg “a” is rectangular with no cuts or points.

1971 - today

In the early 1970s, the company decided to develop a more dynamic logo that would characterize it as a manufacturer of a wide variety of sporting goods. The presentation of the final version coincided with the Olympic Games in Munich. The new logo features a shamrock and three horizontal lines.

In order to rule out competition with the Finnish brand Karhu, which also had three stripes on the logo, the German company bought it in advance for $ 1,800 and two bottles of whiskey. The shamrock embodies the continents of the world: the first - North and South America, the second - Europe and Africa, the third - the countries of Asia.

1991 - today

At that time, Adidas introduced a radically changed logo. Clover disappeared from it and the lines were rearranged. Now they form a schematic mountain - as a symbol for overcoming obstacles and the sporty orientation of products. The effect of the hill is achieved by the inclination of wide vertical strips of different heights. Despite a wave of criticism that found the updated logo too boring and too simple, it was recognized as a basic element of corporate identity.

Since 2002

With the transition to the next millennium, a well-known manufacturer decided to revise the logo and make small changes to it. As a result, a black ball with three white stripes appeared on some products. They are tilted horizontally and look like a trail from the claws of a powerful animal. This option is called Adidas Style and it mainly focuses on the fashion industry. Introduces the Y-3 series and SLVR line developed by Eji Yamamoto.

2005 - today

In 2005, the company introduced another logo - in the form of alternating black and white stripes to the left of the classic name. There are three dark and two light lines in the logo, as well as the word "Adidas" in the 1967 spelling.


The legendary three stripes by Adidas made the brand famous. In addition, they come in four versions that have been used equally over the past few decades. The first is a black shamrock with three white lines. The second are three wide diagonal squares sloping to the left. The third is a circle with uneven arcuate gaps. The fourth is thin horizontal stripes. These are all recognizable brand names that differentiate Adidas products from other sports products.

Font and colors

All manufacturer logos contain the name in lower case letters. For the design of the lettering, the designers chose the TeXGyreAdventor font, which was developed by the GUST printing company. It is a typical geometric sans serif font with rounded elements and rectangular bars.

The color palette is limited and is represented by the classic combination of black (for graphic elements and inscriptions) and white (for intra-letter gaps, lines within a circle / shamrock and background).