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What is inductosyn?

In a word, no, but scientists can make educated guesses. The closest living relatives of the dinosaurs are crocodilians and birds, and we can look to the ways they vocalize to give us a hint. Alligators and crocodiles use their larynxes to communicate & mdash; they & rsquo; ll hiss, groan, and yes, roar (here & rsquo; see compilation of their sounds). Dinosaurs might have had larynxes, but since those don & rsquo; t fossilize, it's impossible to know for sure. Birds, meanwhile, use an organ called a syrinx, which seems to have evolved after dinosaurs. That might indicate that dinos couldn't vocalize at all, which would be a bummer.However, there's also a possibility that they evolved a unique way to vocalize. For example, based on studying their skulls and inner ears, some have theorized that hadrosaurs used their crests to bellow at each other.So, they probably didn & rsquo; t roar, but bellowing can be pretty cool too, right?