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Energy, lust for murder, fighting spirit ... As soon as you get these invisible sensations
Willpower turns into a powerful weapon that you can control Haki is called.[2]

The term Haki (jap. 覇 気) denotes a kind of supernatural power.

It represents the manifestation of one's own will and expresses itself as superior mental power. It slumbers in everyone and can be awakened either by shock, by hard training, or by 'natural talent'.[2] Only mentally extremely strong people are able to shape their aura in such a way that they can consciously use it and use it as a weapon. The uses of the Haki are varied and offer users the right means, especially in the fight against devil fruit users[3].

The three colors of the haki

A distinction is made between three types, or the Japanese basic meaning after three "Colours" (色, "shoku") by Haki, which each achieve different effects and thus have different meanings. Depending on the disposition, strengths and weaknesses differ.

Observation shaki - Kenbunshoku

That haki kind, that Kenbunshoku (jap. 見聞 色, "Color of Knowledge") sharpens the five senses and captures auras. It allows you to anticipate foreign attacks before they are carried out and to evade them. This ability gives you enormous advantages, especially in combat. So Boa Sandersonia used them to anticipate Luffy's attacks. As Rayleigh told Luffy during his training, this skill is called "mantra" on Skypia.[4] Loss of concentration interrupts the use of this technique.[5]

The power to feel the presence of others.
- Silver's Rayleigh to Luffy.[4]


Boa Sandersonia knows Luffy's plan

It sharpens the five senses and lets you feel the presence of living beings and their emotional changes. The user can also anticipate and avoid attacks in the blind spot area. The following effects of the observation hook are known:[2]

  • Anticipation of opposing movements: The user senses the opponent's next step and can react in advance.
  • Feel presence: As the Haki flows out in all directions, the user can experience the position of living beings without actually seeing them.
  • Hearing the thoughts: Some can hear people's unspoken words and hidden feelings without them saying anything. If this ability is too great, the user can be influenced by the emotions.


  • In combination with some devil powers you can increase this Haki ability enormously. For example, Enel was able to monitor all of Skypia.[6]
  • Corby was able to kindle his observation haki through an emotional shock from the overwhelming grief on the battlefield.[7]
  • In addition to Aissa, Otohime was also born with this ability.[8][9]

Armor haki - busoushoku

Silvers Rayleigh fighting Kizaru

The Busoushoku (jap. 武装 色, "Color of armor") envelops the body and strengthens attack and defense. It is arguably the most important skill because it amplifies one's own attacks extremely and can bypass the abilities of devil power users.

An attack with a haki hits the body of an opponent in such a way that he cannot avoid the attack by using his devil's power. This fact makes Haki users equal opponents, especially for the so far superior Logian users.[10] The concentration of Haki on body parts can be used not only for attacks but also for defense, so that the otherwise dangerous devil's powers lose their effectiveness.[11] It is also possible to transfer this form of the Haki to objects and by cutting waves.[12][13]

Sentoumaru's tremendous clout

A kind of invisible armor forms, which surrounds the body or the object and thus makes it extremely resistant.[4] For example, it is possible to strengthen weapons in such a way that even the simplest wooden arrows can smash rocks. With the Kuja, a tribe of women living in the Calm Belt, such strengthening of weapons is one of the basic martial skills.[14] As with its use in body parts, the armor haki gives the objects additional power in the fight against devil power users. Thanks to this, the weapons manage to bypass the devil's ability and thus attack the original human body directly.[15]

The ability to use Haki in no way guarantees victory over devil power users. Because although you can hit the real body of the devil's power users, the haki does not rob them of their devil's power.[16][17] You can also evade armor haki attacks by dodging them fast enough, for example.[18] Some devil power users can also use Haki themselves and thus defend themselves. In a haki collision, the stronger haki decides whether an attack is successful or ineffective.[19]

.., stronger armor leads to stronger attacks.
- Silver's Rayleigh to Luffy.[4]

Specially trained fighters also master another type of armor hook, which is based on the concept of "flowing". Instead of enveloping the body and thus intensifying its attacks, the haki flows through and finally out of the body over a short distance. In this way it is possible to carry out an attack without even touching the opponent. A user of this technique is, for example, Sentoumaru, who first used this type of armor hakis on the Sabaody Archipelago against Luffy. Rayleigh also demonstrates it to Luffy during her training on Rusukaina. Luffy hopes to be able to penetrate Kaido's previously insurmountable body, on which all other attacks have not shown much effect.[20] As Hyogoro demonstrates, this form can also be combined with hardening.

Hardening - Coca:

The Busoshoku: coca (武装 色 硬化, "Armor Color: Hardening" or short "Hardening", in the English connotation "Hardening" called, is a general special form of the armor haki. By concentrating the haki particularly strongly on certain parts of the body, so that they take on a shiny black discoloration, they can create enormous hardness and resistance in these areas.

In addition to the typical ability of the armor hakis to bypass the devil's powers, the user generates increased penetration through this technique.[21][22] Objects can also be hardened by concentrating Haki.[23] Swordsmen in particular protect their blades from damage and turn them into "pure blackness".[24]

Conceptually, Oda varies with the so-called "hardening": So far, Buso Koka (武装 硬化 armor: hardening) was literally called by Luffy [25]. Otherwise only the short form "Buso" (武装 armor) is used as the "attack name" when mentioned, and not only by Luffy, but also by Zorro [26] and De Flamingo[27].


  • Strengthening the hair of the Boa sisters is very similar to the Seimei Kikan. It is believed that Haki was used here and that both techniques are similar.
  • Garp's "Fist of Love" is not based on Haki, but actually on "Love".[28]
  • The armor haki is used on Wa no Kuni Ryuo (jap. 流 桜, Ryūō) called, which can literally be translated as "flowing cherry blossoms". The pronunciation is identical to Ryuo (jap. 竜 王, Ryūō), which means "Dragon King".

King shaki - Haoushoku

Silvers Rayleigh uses his haki

The Haoushoku (Japanese 覇王 色, "Color of the king") is the rarest type of Haki, only every millionth person is chosen to own it. It is also called "The King's Disposition".[3]

During use, the user exudes such an intense aura that the mentally weaker cannot withstand it and immediately collapse.[29] In addition to Silvers Rayleigh, Shanks and Boa Hancock, Luffy also carries the haki of a tyrant. Luffy was only able to use this haki purposefully after the time jump.[30]

.. the ability to overwhelm the opponent's will !!
- Silver's Rayleigh to Luffy.[4]


Luffy unconsciously uses the Haoushoku

This ability cannot be improved through training, but only grows with the mind and body of the user.[2]

  • Initial stage: The user is not yet aware of his own strength and activates the king shaki through strong emotional excitement, e.g. anger.
  • Intermediate: The user can now use it consciously and control it at will through their own will. He can control when, where and how much he uses it. In addition, you can now consciously leave friends or allies unaffected.
  • Advanced level: A true conqueror who possesses mind, technique and physical strength can let this haki flow in all directions just by intensifying his mental energy. It is then strong enough to rock ships and knock even more experienced fighters unconscious.


  • Shanks was even able to shake the ship with his king shaki when meeting Whitebeard.[31][29]
  • We only know from stories that Whitebeard and Boa Hancock were able to use Haoushoku.[32][3]
  • Shanks and Rayleigh would have eliminated all 100,000 attackers on the battlefield of Fishman Island with their king shaki alone. It's not the number of enemies.[33]
  • Ace activated his royal shaki when he was 10 years old.[34]
  • Animals also react to king shaki. They can faint as well, but they can also be tamed.[4][30][35]

The users of the haki species


  • Haki is strongly reminiscent of the power from Star Wars and the Qi of Daoism.
  • Haki (覇 気) means "Striving" or "Aspiration". If you read the Kanji individually, the result is "superior mental power".
  • Apparently, all Navy members of Vice Admiral and above can use Haki.[36]
  • Most fighters specialize in using only one type of haki.[4]
  • The ability to use Haki is not tied to one's own body.[37]